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  1. Concrete wall would do the damage. Also, stopping you is true to FIA rules. According to the rules, if you have a significantly damaged car that is dangerous you must stop. That's why Nico was reprimanded at Austria in 2016.
  2. I really could not care less. If I hit a wall at 250km, the car isn't going to survive the hit regardless of grey or not. In all honesty, its just a trivial thing.
  3. mceci1

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    Simple answer for the tyre shine, camber. Only the contact patch should be scrubbed, so they've got that part right. The outside if you have camber pointing in should be shiny, not scrubbed
  4. mceci1

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    If you can save a car from a hit with the wall at 200km and not have a wrecked car, you are superman. The way these crashes unfold aren't unreasonable in my opinion
  5. mceci1

    F1 2019 Legends Edition in Australia?

    By the sounds of what JB HI FI and EB are reporting, Australia is going to cop that down under curse we get sometimes where you can't buy what you are looking for here, you'll need to do it online. I hope not, I hate buying digital copies when it comes to movies or games. They suck
  6. mceci1

    F1 Career Mode

    From what I've heard you can elect to skip F2 if you want, but none of us will know for sure until late this month, early next month
  7. mceci1

    hopefully some gameplay soon

    IF, and that's a very uncertain if; they do invite youtubers for the show case, I expect to see career gameplay towards the last week and a half of this month. Usually they allow youtubers to upload some stuff with about a month give or take before release
  8. mceci1

    how about skip f1 2019 game ...

    So my story is the same as yours. Personal opinion based off what we have seen. From my experience, consoles simply don't have the appeal. There is many reasons why the leagues I race in use PC. Graphics, physics, better capabilities, that sort of thing. This sort of thing doesn't have statistical evidence as a rule. What can be argued as fact is based which part of the community you are in if you get what I mean
  9. mceci1

    how about skip f1 2019 game ...

    Want to challenge that. I race just about any sim on PC, I've also raced online for F1. The simple fact of it, people aren't as interested in this type of online compared to others. My country has probably 5-10 leagues using F1 2018, in contrast you'd probably have 5-10 leagues running on games such as automobilista, iracing or rfactor in just a span of 500KM radius. Your idea of 'a lot' isn't the same idea of what I think of as being a lot. While it isn't written as a rule, it's very well known amongst sim racers that console games don't have the online appeal. Probably the only exemption would be Grand Tourismo
  10. mceci1

    how about skip f1 2019 game ...

    That's not what I was referring to. It was more or less the fact that people are too lazy to say "you" for example. That is just irritating
  11. mceci1

    how about skip f1 2019 game ...

    If you could actually use proper words instead of abbreviations it would make things so much easier for everyone. Grammar is key when making an argument.
  12. mceci1

    how about skip f1 2019 game ...

    Career is the biggest and most popular feature. In the grand scheme of things, very few people play online in F1 games. If you want anti lag online, go to iracing, but then again you'd probably be unhappy with the cost of server maintenance and go on a tirade against them sooner or later.
  13. usually an announcement will be made on the day telling us to check our emails. Make sure you double check spam folders though, sometimes it can come through as spam when it's not.
  14. Valid point, however I think a lot of past beta testers and even non testers are probably a bit annoyed when people make wild assumptions without any substance
  15. It was actually only 11 patches Tech, and in case you weren't aware. Most games go through this, it's just part of the normal release phase.