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  1. LSKone

    Add Codemasters Racenet/codemasters/CMgames as sponsors

    Yeah I would really like to get the new Dirt5 game as a Sponsor!
  2. Let's just wait for the official start of the season. Give the players some time to learn the new handling and such, and then we can start the season. But I am all in for some "pre-season testing" 🙂
  3. LSKone

    Save colour presets

    I consider this an absolute must, really. If you have your colors and want to apply them to your car ad driver, you have to replicate the original colors like 4 times (car, helmet, gloves and suit) and everytime it looks a bit different. Please add HEX codes to the colors or, even better, let us save some color presets.
  4. LSKone

    Forum Update | Thoughts & Suggestions

    Also, please be more transparent about the current state of the game. If we know what you are working on (within reason of course) we can just help better. What do you prioritize? Where do you need the most help? What is not on your list?
  5. We should test the League mode and if that's okay, we should go with it. If not, back to custom races I guess.
  6. So ridiculous how fast you were @Wiidesire, I hope I didn't slowed you too much in the feature race. I wish I could have been in the Sprint Race too, but the game sadly decided to desync or something and I was not able to rejoin.
  7. Alright guys, I've spent the whole weekend figuring out how codies came up with those scores. It was not easy but I did the math, it all works out and this must be the way.
  8. Yeah that sounds fishy. As I mentioned, it doesn't happen for me so I really don't know what you guys might be experiencing. @CardConvict mentioned that a Driver reinstall with DDU did help him, so maybe it is a driver thing in the end after all.
  9. What you are describing sound a lot like Frametime issues to me. So, if you run the game at a locked 60 fps, in a best case scenario, every single frame out of those 60 is display for 16,6667ms (1sec = 100ms | 100ms/60fps = 16,667ms) In some cases, like yours I presume, the frame time of some frames could be off. It happens when the gpu has difficulties reaching 60fps and then it ends up showing one frame for longer than usual because it has to wait longer for the next frame. As to why it is caused, that could be anything and I'm afraid I can't help you there a lot mate, you know I have an AMD gpu that runs fine. It's weird though that it only happens in Multiplayer. Maybe Multiplayer is more demanding on the Hardware? But I would at least try the following: - reduce your graphics settings and see if it helps (especially try lowering the resolution); - turn off v-sync AND g-sync and then see if it helps, - try one of those good ol' clean driver re-installs.
  10. LSKone

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    Winning the Constructor's Championship is a Team effort! Big shoutouts to the whole Team, all the Engineers, the social medias and my boi Jeff, without whom we could not have done it. Oh yeah and @Flash224 also kinda did a decent job. 😉
  11. LSKone

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    Hello my friends, so I will probably not be able to attend tomorrows Race, as we have yet another emergency at work that needs my attention. 😭 I am not 100% sure though, so I will update you tomorrow on the steam chat, so you can give my car to someone else if need be (but only if he is good enough for the seat lol).
  12. LSKone

    The return of the scenario mode - Request

    The old N64 F1-Games did have a very cool Scenario mode. The Player was given a bit of story on what happened in the real world scenario and then he had to recreate it. It was really cool and I wish it would make a comeback one day.
  13. LSKone

    Esports F1 Barcelona Yesterday Simply Brilliant!!

    @BarryBL Do you happen to know what's up with Lando and/or his PC? He seems to suffer the most from problems with this game.
  14. LSKone

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    Alright, let's do this. Tomorrow, Friday at 4pm bst.