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  1. LSKone

    Forum Championship & Unranked Lobbies.

    Ah yes, the Ferrari-powered Alfa Romeo! Very cool!🏎️ 🏁
  2. LSKone

    F1 2020 Motor Sound

    Some of the engines have very unique sound attributes in reality, like the Williams car was always the loudest in the last couple of years, or the Toro Rosso Honda Engine always had the deepest growl sound in slow corners. Those things are just missing from the game, or they are not as nuanced/highlighted. Nonetheless I always thought the sound was quite alright in the F1 games though, nothing game breaking.
  3. LSKone

    Hello Codemasters,here is the World

    That race was just so painful to watch. Lando was so ready to get into the race and then the game crashes, twice. But, as I would consider myself to be a very positive thinking person here are my Top 3 good things to come out of yesterdays race (Warning: Could contain traces of sarcasm): #3: Attention! A lot of people got to see the game and maybe will buy it now. I guess that's a good thing. #2: Lando calling people on the phone! Lando Norris calling so many F1 guys on the phone was just pure comedy gold. All thanks to F1 2019 crashing! #1: Video Proof! We now have so much more video proof with bugs to see, so that Codemasters QA can finally start reproducing and hopefully fixing those.
  4. LSKone

    The Worst Formula 1 game you played

    Hey, nothing wrong with that mate!
  5. LSKone

    Tired of F1 games online bugs

    I get it, steam is nice and all but where dat dedicated servers tho? If codies want to step up their (online) game, this is the very first step they should take and I fully agree with OP. I'm not a (good) programmer myself, but seeing as so many other racing games have good and working online components, this is just embarrassing.
  6. LSKone

    Where's Barry - Forum Unranked Lobbies

    Yeah, sadly Friday was pure carnage and I had to stop early. I wish I would have recorded this, because it was and absolute festival of desyncs and dirty drivers.
  7. LSKone

    Handicap in multiplayer

    Ah yes, we have one of those in our group too 😁 Maybe some of these hints work for ya: Make him use a fixed setup, preferably a bad one, like using a downforce setup on a high speed track and so on; Tell him to bring less fuel, so he can not use the high/rich engine mode; Make him start at the back of the grid (through dsq in quali maybe) and make him not use drs, that way his overtake game will get more difficult; He could only use the slowest tyre; Tell him to use automatic ers mode;
  8. LSKone

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    Aww sorry I think I wanted to write rFactor2 😂 I don't play any of those so I mix them up!
  9. LSKone

    What Did You All Think About #NotTheAusGP ?

    I very much enjoyed watching both of the races, I thought they were very entertaining! The iRacing stuff looked way more professional and kind of cooler than the F1 2019 stuff though, which shows that Codies still have some work to do in order to make their games truly eSports-ready.
  10. LSKone

    The Worst Formula 1 game you played

    That doesn't make any sense to me at all. In racing, no matter if digital or in the real world, a good driver always strives to be the very best using the tools he has. If the game offers me the option to be a better driver, I will use it and I proudly use t-cam. I always did. If you choose to not use an available aid that has the potential to make you better, you are artificially limiting yourself. Lando Norris participated in an e-sports race last Sunday, they were playing F1 2019. Someone asked him why he uses the t-cam, and he simply answered: 'Because it is faster'. To me, he basically sainted the use of t-cam that day, and I will continue to use it, no matter what. Also: Is only a gaem, so take it easy! Back to topic. Without a doubt: F1 2015. That shiz was horrible, nothing worked and it was very small in terms of content. An absolute scam of a game.
  11. Haha! I can confirm that a simple "Restart your xxx" does solve a surprising amount of problems though! 😁
  12. I have been working as an IT-Specialist for a couple of years now and I have also been doing a lot of support tasks. From experience I can say that in easily over 50% of the cases I got, the Problem was sitting in front of the computer. People these days are used to easy-to-use operating systems on computers and mobile phones, so my guess is that actual problem solving skills have kind of disappeared in the last years. So as soon as a problem appears, people don't know what to do. While I do feel you @steviejay69, I don't think we can do anything about it.
  13. LSKone

    Where's Barry - Forum Unranked Lobbies

    I too would prefer a private race as every time I race with some of you it was really fun with yall! I'd also like to add this: In the fighting-game genre it is common to check the players network connection before letting him play online (ranked) matches. My suggestion is to implement some sort of filter option for the host to determine a minimum connection quality requirement, so that people who are using potato network can't join (and potentially ruin) your game. Speaking of that, dedicated servers would be a nice thing too you know 😉
  14. You're right, again. It's just so frustrating seeing this game is struggling with multiplayer so much compared to other racing games which offer a smoother online experience.