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  1. Monza Update: Track is fine. Perfectly doable and no problems with fuel whatsoever. Did at least 2 race weekends on it in the past months now. It a high-speed track with minimal shifting, maybe that is helping.
  2. @steviejay69At this point I am fairly certain that this year's version is some kind of 'Schrödingers Game'. One day it seems to work fine but if you're looking at it from a bad spot than it suddenly becomes broken beyond belief for some reason. Yesterdays race wasn't without issues too but mostly fine from my pov. Anyway, Happy Holidays everyone, see you on track next year!☃️ 🎄✨
  3. Not sure how many of us ran the game on the beta patch but from my pov the race was alright, did not see any major problems. Also, many thanks for the pitcoin reward from the last season @BarryBL ! 😃
  4. After last week's F2 race in Mexico, I can add that track to the list. During wet conditions there is no problem for me, but as soon as it got dry, the fuel went down like crazy. Barely survived. During the shorter sprint race, I had to short shift the whole race because the auto shifting would drive the gears to the max and beyond, only upshifting in the last possible moment. At this point I can safely say that automatic shifting is one possible cause here, but not the only one! My friends, on the other hand, had absolutely no problems and in fact were gaining fuel on the mfd. They
  5. Technically we never finished the race but up until the last 2 corners I can at least confirm the first 3 positions are accurate.
  6. Yeah I think so, though it's probably for the best if our statistacs master @UP100 could double-check 😉 Yeah alright, could be that I miss some of the races in the future but that's ok. Thanks again Barry, much appreciated!
  7. Also, your monthly reminder: - we still did not have any 'End of Season' celebrations for last season; - we still need to discuss whether we want to reschedule our current race times/day. Thanks.
  8. Next one will be F2? Nice then, can't wait to not finish the race again due to low fuel. 🙃
  9. Put me and @UP100 in the Alfa please - thanks! Also, can we negotiate a different time(/day) for future races maybe, as we kinda planned to do? Or is that off the table atm?
  10. Hello everyone, as you already might know, Barry will not be there tomorrow, thus I will be hosting the race. 😅🏎️🏁 So if you want to take part, make sure to: - join the forum and answer to this post if you are new here; - If you want to drive a specific car, please make sure to mention that; - join the steam chat -> https://s.team/chat/co1WjXTI; - you can add me on Steam, find my gamertag in the steam group chat; - join the race tomorrow at 4pm BST Looking forward to see all your fancy new Multiplayer Car Liveries!
  11. I imagine how Barry sneaks into your house, "steals" 60$ and leaves a copy of F1 2021 there for you 🤣 Jokes aside, do we really need to talk about how ALL of us bought the game by ourselves?
  12. I'm still stuck using my good ol' Radeon RX590, so no Raytraced goodness for me sadly, sorry. Also experiencing this problem since I got my 144hz Monitor back with F1 2020 still going. Still thinking it's the main menu pushing lots of frames and my gpu thinking "yo...***".
  13. I experience the same 'problem' but I always thought it was due to there simply being no fps limiter for the main menu, thus the game rendering as many frames as possible. Not sure how this is a user/user's hardware problem at all...
  14. Yo put me in that Alpine for now, Marcin said is ok. 😏
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