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  1. After playing these games since like F1 2010 I tried to play with TCS OFF for a couple of hours in F1 2019, but I find it very difficult to manage. I haven't completed 2 laps in a row without crashing or spinning. It surely is very frustrating playing with a controller. Definitely not something I could learn or master within a couple of hours. But I'll try again, not because I want to though. I can understand that people don't want drivers who are using assists to be faster than the one who don't use assists, but yeezuz christ the nerf on the medium TCS Option is really extreme this time around. Also, the elitism and general hate towards players who want to use assists and be competitive is freaking insane here. 🤮
  2. LSKone

    F1 2019 A disaster.

    Those pre-release reviews are ridiculous. The reviews were always very positive in recent years but the multiplayer mode was always a wreck. Are the Servers even up yet?
  3. LSKone

    Worst pre release ever!

    That's a very optimistic way of looking at it, and I admire you for that! And judging games before release is always kinda lame, but it's our pals at codemasters we're still talking about, so please enjoy this list of things that will happen before they fix all the bugs: - Alonso comes back to F1 - The planets form a line and codemasters employees actually answer to questions in this forum - A Nintendo Switch port of F1 mobile is released in 2020 - Sebastian Vettel wins a race in 2019 (😥) - F1 2024 finally supports VR (but only on playstation) - Formula 2 cars are taken away from F1 2020 - Formula 2 cars are added back in F1 2022 - A dedicated server app is added but it's highly experimental and doesn't really work at all - Lando Norris wins the F1 esports championship - Codemasters develops a new engine but for some reason it has all the old bugs again - Formula 3 is added to the game - Aliens visit the Earth and Lewis Hamilton is like they are the best fans - sjsharp2010 pre-orders an F1 game /s
  4. LSKone

    Worst pre release ever!

    I would like to add that Codemasters also haven't talked about any improvements on the Multiplayer problems (seemingly bad netcode, safety car issues, no dedicated servers, ...). They never really do that pre-release though, so it is expected. Sure, there are many new Features like the implementation of Leagues (which I welcome!), but have they fixed the long list of problems from the last games? Should you not fix your existing stuff before you add more? So in conclusion, I really wouldn't say it's the worst pre-release ever, because for me and some others it always kinda suck'd. Cheers 🍻
  5. LSKone

    Will F1 2019 use Denuvo?

    I'm not sure about that. When they removed Denuvo from Doom (2016) for example many people, including me, got a small boost in performance. Game companies are trying to justify the use of things like Denuvo and tell us that it doesn't affect performance and doesn't collect personal data and so on, but I tend to not believe them. Either way, drm sucks and should not be defended in any way.
  6. LSKone

    Real F1 penalty against Vettel Kanada GP

    I think they should have let them race like they *often* did in the past. What we saw was a third party deciding the race for trivial reasons. Here's a pretty spot on analysis of the incident. Not only a sad day for Seb, but for the whole sport imo.
  7. LSKone

    how about skip f1 2019 game ...

    Maybe we consider this: F1 2019 will be the tenth (10) game in the series made by codies. I've played pretty much every game in the series aside from 2015 online, and all of them had their share of problems in multiplayer mode. Some problems have been existing for years now and they were never fixed. I don't think that 2 years of development time means anything at this point. I am not very optimistic about the future of the online modes, but the new game sold me on the Senna/Prost content, so I think that F1 2019 has a high chance of being one of the better entries in the series.
  8. @Faya Will we be able to create our own custom liveries or can we only choose from a set of pre-made liveries? Nice Trailer, I welcome the addition of F2 into the game!
  9. LSKone

    f1 2018 slippery cars

    - Use a more balanced setup - Try changing the Ballast to a lower number like 5 - Adjust the Traction-Control setting
  10. If F1 2019 could finally have a working Multiplayer mode, that would surely be a nice surprise to me.
  11. LSKone

    Question regarding damage settings.

    I agree on that. You make a little mistake and break your little Front-Wing Endplate and all of a sudden the whole car becomes undriveable. Doesn't seem very realistic to me, seeing that many drivers can still drive a good race in the real sports even with damaged front wings, bargeboards and many other damaged aero components. In our league we used to play with Simulation damage, but we switched to Full and it was a good decision.
  12. LSKone

    What if the F1 games had historic tracks

    I'd love to see that. F1 2013 already had a couple of older tracks and sadly they never returned. But I wouldn't count on that happening, as 2013 was the last F1 game to receive any form of dlc. Just for the record: I would pay good money to race on the old version of Hockenheim.