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  1. LSKone

    how about skip f1 2019 game ...

    Maybe we consider this: F1 2019 will be the tenth (10) game in the series made by codies. I've played pretty much every game in the series aside from 2015 online, and all of them had their share of problems in multiplayer mode. Some problems have been existing for years now and they were never fixed. I don't think that 2 years of development time means anything at this point. I am not very optimistic about the future of the online modes, but the new game sold me on the Senna/Prost content, so I think that F1 2019 has a high chance of being one of the better entries in the series.
  2. @Faya Will we be able to create our own custom liveries or can we only choose from a set of pre-made liveries? Nice Trailer, I welcome the addition of F2 into the game!
  3. LSKone

    f1 2018 slippery cars

    - Use a more balanced setup - Try changing the Ballast to a lower number like 5 - Adjust the Traction-Control setting
  4. If F1 2019 could finally have a working Multiplayer mode, that would surely be a nice surprise to me.
  5. LSKone

    Question regarding damage settings.

    I agree on that. You make a little mistake and break your little Front-Wing Endplate and all of a sudden the whole car becomes undriveable. Doesn't seem very realistic to me, seeing that many drivers can still drive a good race in the real sports even with damaged front wings, bargeboards and many other damaged aero components. In our league we used to play with Simulation damage, but we switched to Full and it was a good decision.
  6. LSKone

    What if the F1 games had historic tracks

    I'd love to see that. F1 2013 already had a couple of older tracks and sadly they never returned. But I wouldn't count on that happening, as 2013 was the last F1 game to receive any form of dlc. Just for the record: I would pay good money to race on the old version of Hockenheim.
  7. LSKone

    What happend here?

    I've seen this in a couple of videos on YouTube, so I assume it's a known bug. Also, the game is using peer to peer networking, there is no server aside from the steam/xbox/psn networks.
  8. LSKone

    Why pre-order?

    The PC Version of 2018 is actually quite good and well optimized. It's the complete opposite to the state of the Multiplayer mode.
  9. Many Problems have been known for years now and they still haven't been fixed, so I don't think you can blame the few beta testers for anything.
  10. LSKone

    Mission Winnow

    I'd like to see the 90th Anniversary Livery instead!
  11. LSKone


    Will F1 2019 run on DX12? If yes, will there be any advantages over DX11 and the older games?
  12. LSKone


    Please have a working Multiplayer...
  13. LSKone

    No power during multiplayer race.

    It's a Red Bull, it happened to them quite often last year 😂 Jokes aside, Multiplayer is known for being very broken, but that's a new one for me.
  14. LSKone

    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    The biggest problem that I personally have with Codemasters always releasing broken (F1) games is that I still continue to buy them. It's the only official F1 game and I haven't found a suitable alternative, simply because there is none. My guess is that Codemasters is aware of that and therefore simply don't care about the unfinished or broken parts of their games. The game still sells well enough and gets solid reviews.