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  1. LSKone

    Happy Birthday Barry!

    Dear @BarryBL, Over the last year a lot has changed within the community and the game itself, thanks to you. Friday-Racing has become a fixed and greatly appreciated constant in some of our weekly routines. During times like these, it has been something I’ve come to appreciate a lot and I am sure many of us enjoy the races just as much as I do. It is the good races that we remember the most and I would not want to miss any chance to make the next one the best race. Not always has everything been perfect, but let’s not dwell on the past and instead look to the future, for the best is yet to come. We’ll have a drink on you and hope that you enjoy your special day! On behalf of the F1/Forum Community, Thank You and Happy Birthday! 🍰🎉 Here are some messages from the community: Yo. We're slowly getting towards two years of knowing each other. Back when I heard that CM had finally gotten a new Developer Liaison, I didn't know what was going to happen or what you were going to be like. Now, year and something in, I can say that you've certainly exceeded my expectations! From improving the forums to the Forum Championship, the difference between pre-Barry forums/community is huge. Thanks for everything so far and Happy Birthday! -UP100 Bazza, Thanks for being the single best thing added to the community since you came. Have a great birthday - Steve It's a simple sentence, but: Barry, Happy birthday. Have a great day -kisuke_CROW Hi Barry, congrats my friend. Funny to see how things develop over the years. Five or six years ago I contacted CM to get free games for our private colleague league. Jenny and Alan responded and a good relationship started. Before I knew it, I was the first to visit CM, got a tour and more new friends. Beta testing started and steps were made to improve forum and customer relations. Your arrival improved things a lot. We met, I became moderator and consider you as a friend. Never pressure, always understanding and not demanding. You’re a great guy. Enjoy your Birthday.  -Marcel
  2. LSKone

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    Last couple races have been awesome (wonder why...) so big respect to you all who took part in those races, very well done! Since Barry will have a day off this Friday, I thought we could still do a no-points race or something like that. Any thoughts or ideas?
  3. So I just did a test race with my friends and we tested the 'corner-cut only' setting. Basically, it becomes Mario Kart but with F1 cars. The things that you can do, especially under V/SC, wow, the potential is limitless (my favourite was brake-testing the SC to a complete halt, good laugh!) ! Maybe it's not such a good idea to use that setting after all.. 😨
  4. Yeah I see where you are going with this and you are right, a system like that must be exploit-proof. But I would advocate that a system does not have to be exploit-proof at all times, especially when talking about unranked lobbies or leagues, where proper race etiquette is still maintained by most and everyone is informed about the used ruleset.
  5. I don't think this is about whether a certain logic is correct or not, but about how a certain aspect is processed and then presented. Difficult to explain in english for me, so I elaborate: Classic: SC comes out again, I brake waay to soon into the corner and you drive into me = 5 seconds for both. You know it. But how about actually controlling the outcome of a race incident to the players liking? Wouldn't it be nice if we could say that penalties under SC are limited to a warning, instead of an instant 5 second punch with a visit to the pitlane for one of the guys (most likely)? Should be no problem in an unranked game no? In my book, that would solve a lot of biggies that you have just identified. Let's face reality for a moment: F1 games have never had a problem with actually adding new stuff to the game, but fixing existing systems, ehh, you know how it is. So adding additional options for your multiplayer lobby seems(!) like the way to go if you ask me. But, generally speaking, I wholeheartedly agree with you: actually fixing the fundamentals is something that should be considered at the very least.
  6. I think discussions like these could easily be avoided entirely by just offering more options to the players, especially to people running a league (with it's own rules most likely) on their own. More options never hurt. So while it's cool to think about different implementations a of given ruleset, why not give the players the power to choose between certain rulesets?
  7. LSKone

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    Nice. It seems the great McLaren Master🅱️lan seems to work just fine .... huehuehueeeehe🤓
  8. LSKone

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    It's alright mate, no harm done. A lot of stuff happened in the first corner as always, just unlucky.
  9. LSKone

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    Man, last race was *****. The McLaren has not been a lucky car thus far, I miss my Alfa 😭 Anyway, Bahrain short @ 50% is a very short one, around 30 minutes. Maybe adding a 25% Sprint race would spice things up a little? Just an idea. Can't wait to see all your beautiful Multiplayer liverys on Friday.
  10. LSKone

    PC Forum Championship | Season 4

    Ooh a very difficult challenge, but a good one nonetheless! Although I noticed a severe lack of Spa-Francorchamps on the Calendar, I'm really liking it so far. You did a good job with it Barry, and you finally added some real good prizes for the winners (and regulars!), very nice!
  11. LSKone

    PC Forum Championship | Season Three

    There has been some good racing this season, and although I was not very successful, I had my fair share of fun. I hope we can improve the situation for the next season though, especially when talking about newcomers and race etiquette. Congratulations again to the winner @UP100, your level of both pace and consistency was insanely good and you have become a very good racer.
  12. LSKone

    Running a League has been hell

    I agree on all this. Setting up your own server on Assetto Corsa Competizione is so good, I'd love to have this for F1 too! Hey @BarryBL, would it be possible to forward this to the Team? I think it's very valuable feedback, thanks.
  13. LSKone

    PC Forum Championship | Season Three

    My Body is physically not able to produce the sweat needed for this amount of racing 😂