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  1. Hey guys, welcome all. Just to be clear here, as kimirai already said, we have drivers from all skill levels. We allow all assists aside from the pit entry which was usually off, but no big deal really. We intended those races to be a fun time on Friday afternoons, so we value clean and fair driving above all else. So yeah, welcome again to all new people and have fun!
  2. Big thank you to all the regulars who were here from the beginning of Season 4. It think it's safe to assume that this might have been our best season yet. I also believe that we can improve some things, but we should take our time with it. I do have some ideas for next season though. Congratulations to the winner @UP100 ,even among all these talented drivers, still the best one to come out at the top. Now, how should we vote on these? @BarryBL Most Improved Driver Community Spirit Award
  3. I would agree that codies need to invest significantly into its online/multiplayer code, because other games have long surpassed the F1 games in terms of Quality. Iracing and ACC are actually good examples on how online should be done, while both of them are not perfect, they are a far better overall experience than F1. But the main problem here seems to be that, while I do think codies are aware, the online features just don't seem to be a high priority for them (for whatever reason). F1's Multiplayer has improved over the years though. (League mode did not improve, yes that has been
  4. Doesn't look so bad this controller. I wonder how it compares to the xbox elite controller, since it's a lot cheaper.
  5. Lewandor hasn't shown up for the last 4 races so we could probably put you in the Racing Point.
  6. Dear @BarryBL, Over the last year a lot has changed within the community and the game itself, thanks to you. Friday-Racing has become a fixed and greatly appreciated constant in some of our weekly routines. During times like these, it has been something I’ve come to appreciate a lot and I am sure many of us enjoy the races just as much as I do. It is the good races that we remember the most and I would not want to miss any chance to make the next one the best race. Not always has everything been perfect, but let’s not dwell on the past and instead look to the future, for th
  7. Last couple races have been awesome (wonder why...) so big respect to you all who took part in those races, very well done! Since Barry will have a day off this Friday, I thought we could still do a no-points race or something like that. Any thoughts or ideas?
  8. So I just did a test race with my friends and we tested the 'corner-cut only' setting. Basically, it becomes Mario Kart but with F1 cars. The things that you can do, especially under V/SC, wow, the potential is limitless (my favourite was brake-testing the SC to a complete halt, good laugh!) ! Maybe it's not such a good idea to use that setting after all.. 😨
  9. Yeah I see where you are going with this and you are right, a system like that must be exploit-proof. But I would advocate that a system does not have to be exploit-proof at all times, especially when talking about unranked lobbies or leagues, where proper race etiquette is still maintained by most and everyone is informed about the used ruleset.
  10. I don't think this is about whether a certain logic is correct or not, but about how a certain aspect is processed and then presented. Difficult to explain in english for me, so I elaborate: Classic: SC comes out again, I brake waay to soon into the corner and you drive into me = 5 seconds for both. You know it. But how about actually controlling the outcome of a race incident to the players liking? Wouldn't it be nice if we could say that penalties under SC are limited to a warning, instead of an instant 5 second punch with a visit to the pitlane for one of the guys (most likely)? Shoul
  11. I think discussions like these could easily be avoided entirely by just offering more options to the players, especially to people running a league (with it's own rules most likely) on their own. More options never hurt. So while it's cool to think about different implementations a of given ruleset, why not give the players the power to choose between certain rulesets?
  12. Nice. It seems the great McLaren Master🅱️lan seems to work just fine .... huehuehueeeehe🤓
  13. It's alright mate, no harm done. A lot of stuff happened in the first corner as always, just unlucky.
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