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  1. Looking for drivers of all skill levels to race in our PC league. We have 5 seats we are currently looking to fill. We are an North American based league and race weekly on Friday nights at 10 PM EST. Allowed Assists - Racing Line, Medium TC, ABS, Auto Gears If interested join our discord channel with this link https://discord.gg/YpZNbn2 Once in the server message BRL Exia1984 or BRL MavericK
  2. Season 5 New Driver Signups ARE HERE for Breakout Racing League on PC! We are looking for drivers of all skill levels to race in our inaugural F1 PC league. Our F1 PC League will take place on Friday Nights at 10 PM EST. All skill levels and assists are welcome. First race is August 7th! If Interested, use the link to sign up >https://forms.gle/YwJPU6N2QNnU2DAe6
  3. With season 4 coming to an end last night, that means Season 5 New Driver Signups ARE HERE! New things coming in Season 5! - Improved Stewarding System - 5 Total Tiers - F1 2020 PC League - F2 League If Interested, use the link below to sign up >https://forms.gle/2rvyNjCp5SmD6ezb6
  4. @xJackCarlx I just updated the discord link. Sorry about that. Try to join now!
  5. Breakout Racing League is a North American Based Racing League. See image below for dates and times for races next season on F1 2020. *Dates are subject to change based on signup.* To join please follow this discord link here > https://discord.gg/4fTtjAT Once in the server, please read the #server-information chat. You will need to participate in an evaluation race once you have joined the server. Tier placement will be based on time trial qualification on the F1 2020 game. If you have any questions, please DM a league admin.
  6. Add me on discord @BRL Maverick #4131
  7. Add me on Discord BRL MavericK#4131 and I will invite you to the server
  8. Add me on discord and I will get you in our league server. BRL MavericK#4131
  9. Add me on Discord BRL MavericK#4131
  10. At Breakout Racing league we currently have 3 F1 Tiers, and 1 Formula 2 Tier on XBOX. With the release of the F1 2020 game we are looking to expand and add more Tiers for XBOX! We are looking for drivers that are excited to join and be apart of a ever growing community. Drivers from EU, and OCEANIA will be allowed based off of a speed test If you are interested please show interested below and we will get you a link to our league Discord Channel. If you have any questions feel free to reach out via DM.
  11. BRL MavericK

    American driver looking for US based leagues/US Time zone

    Breakout Racing League is an American Based F1 league. We are open to all skill levels and assists. We currently have 3 full Tiers, but we are definitely expanding next season. Let me know if interested and I can get you into the Discord.
  12. BRL MavericK

    Looking for an Xbox league.

    Breakout Racing League is an American F1 League. Open to all skills and assists. Let me know if you want to join for next season! All dates and times are currently up for discussion. We currently have 3 full Tiers, and are looking to expand to even more.