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  1. CompLex1986

    Patch Notes for 1.06 – Discussion Thread

    Has the glitch where no grid penalty is applied when switching gearboxes between qualifying and race been fixed?
  2. CompLex1986

    Post Qualifying Engine Penalty Bug [R2]

    Just watched Aarava's Abu Dhabi race and he had the glitch as well. He changed gearboxes between quali and the race.
  3. CompLex1986

    Team performance order after patch

    To be honest, the differences are very minimal and after Spain the cars have been upgraded anyway.
  4. CompLex1986

    Team performance order after patch

    Check this video out. Racing Point is the fastest car on the straight and Mercedes is faster than Ferrari on the straight. I know that that should not be the case.
  5. CompLex1986

    Team performance order after patch

    No, I was giving you a counterexample on what you said " IRL Ferrari don't have the best engine on race day as they cannot maintain their qualifying advantage over a race distance " They are certainly capable of doing so. Not every weekend of course due to different track characteristics that have different effects on the tires, but that wasn't the point. Also, what the source of that Mercedes couldn't get the tires to work? I watched the videos on Youtube, including the Pure Pitwall and never did they mention they had a problem with their tires compared to Ferrari. I mean, Bahrain is very hard on the tires due to its characteristics, but that counts for all teams.
  6. CompLex1986

    Team performance order after patch

    Have you watched the Bahrain GP and seen how Leclerc performed before he got the problem?
  7. The patch could modify the current performance levels.
  8. They definitely had different personalities last year. The most obvious ones were Magnussen and Grosjean, who were a tad more aggressive than the others. That was also linked to the interview afterwards, were you could say that you were an idiot magnet if there was contact between you and them.
  9. Maybe the different driver behaviours will be included in this patch.
  10. I agree. Now it's like there is fog everywhere that is being lit up by the lights.
  11. CompLex1986

    Rain drops louder than the engine

    I actually like being able to hear the crowd.
  12. CompLex1986

    Day one patch?

    No, the never do that (summer break performance). The career mode should always start with the Australian GP performance. But that is not my point. My point is is that F1 2019 has been released with the F1 2018 performance. That is very apparent, because Ferrari is better than Mercedes and Williams can fight with the midfield while we all know that that is not true. Williams cannot fight with the midfield and Mercedes is the overall better car. The only advantage that the Ferrari has, over Mercedes, is their power train.
  13. CompLex1986

    Day one patch?

    No, with every release the performance was as they thought it should be for that season and they only made small modifications when they thought it was necessary. This year the game has been released with the performance of last year. This year's performance still has to come with a future patch.
  14. CompLex1986

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    2017. Toro Rosso ended with different drivers than that they started with.
  15. CompLex1986

    Silly mid-season driver transfers..

    I think the current concept is okay, but that it should be refined much more, such as with a check as whether a mid-season change will be beneficial to the WDC position of a driver or not.