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  1. We're going to need another trailer. I personally want to see gameplay of the career mode. We still know nothing about what you're doing with R&D this year or if you have done something different with the interviews compared to last year. The release is just a month away from now.
  2. CompLex1986


    I only want that kind of HUD in replay.
  3. CompLex1986

    F1 2019 AI still not good enough

    I absolutely agree. Below are the onboards of the Singapore 2017 start crash. It would be so cool and exciting to be in the position of Hulkenberg (1:45 onwards).
  4. I have seen some gameplay footage and I have noticed that the AI is still not where it kinda is supposed to be for it to mimic real life driving to a certain, somewhat realistic degree. Below are two Youtube videos. One is F1 2019 gameplay footage of Paul Ricard of Aarava and the other is the race highlights of the 2018 real life race. The only thing you have to watch is the start of the race. Check the start of the replay footage of the game from 8:20 onwards and compare that to the start of the real life 2018 race. You'll notice how "train-y" the AI still is and how much the cars flail around in real life. I hope the AI is still being tweaked at this point in development. Aarava gameplay footage: The 2018 real life race highlights:
  5. CompLex1986

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    There is definitely a difference in the engine sounds between the game and real life onboard. Also, the shining eyes remind me of this:
  6. I am wondering where all that fog comes from. Do they use one climate model for all tracks? I get the use of that amount of fog for the Red Bull Ring and Spa, but also for the street circuits? Or is it used to hide the low-detail models of distant objects? Check the videos for comparison: Game Real-Life F1 The same for Baku. Game: Real-Life F1
  7. CompLex1986

    F1 2019 wishlist

    The game is coming out earlier than last year. The release is only 3 months away. That means that none of our ideas are in this year's game because of us suggesting them. Any of our ideas that will end up in this game will be purely coincidental. For example, a user may have suggested to also have F2 in the game, but they were probably already working on that anyway. At this stage they are only focusing on smoothing out the features, bug fixes, etc. I.e. just getting the game ready for release.
  8. CompLex1986

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    Here are some ideas from Aarava:
  9. CompLex1986

    F1 2019 Game Ideas

    I think the R&D AI should be much harder. I also think there should be much more action during the races. The aggression is okay, but they should be "dirtier". They are still racing too cleanly and too robotic. They should be brought to a point where things like the crash at Spa 1998 could happen or smaller ones like the start at Singapore 2017.