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  1. cyberexec

    Starting positions always the same (2019)

    That is by default. If you don't hot lap (qualify) you will start near the tail end of the race. Mot all other racing games follow this as well
  2. Is it me or do the graphics seem off with the update
  3. cyberexec

    Grid Fix

    So where is the fix. Bought the pre order. Had fun for a while. Game is unplayable and all there other games are being updated that I play with no issues. Very little response from Dev.
  4. cyberexec

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    good luck on the refund
  5. cyberexec

    Update 1.5, game completely broken PS4

    Same here. Everything was going so well....poof....done.
  6. cyberexec

    first car trophy not recieved

    Thanks. I restarted career and trophy popped as soon as I purchased first car.
  7. I never got trophy for firs car purchase. early release version GRID 2019 PS4 . Anyone else had this issue?