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  1. nkc1989hkjc

    F1 2014 Wheel Spin with Little Throttle

    totally agree!! it is too much wheel spin!! for me i enjoy the speed father than real, so i turned on Traction Control at MID when i played F1 2013, but in 2014 it is just too spin that i cannot control it.... however i turn TC to FULL is too stupid.... it become never spin, can codemasters please make a change at TC MID setting?? for pro racer of cause they can turn it all off, but for those like me want a bit of speed n real, i would like the 2013 TC MID settting back!!
  2. fucking fix this shit codemasters!!!
  3. i bought the pc dvd verson F1 2014 in Hong Kong, i put the dvd in, follow the step, using my exiting steam account, type the cd key in, then steam just went to download a 96mb update, once it finish then it said install complete, but of cause the game won't start because it never install anything from the dvd, all i have in the steam folder is some file with 98mb, i clicked the check game file button in steam, and it also just check the 98mb file, someone please help me fix the problem, i think is the steam bug?? or the dvd programme problem?? or at least answer me, i tried everything said in the support page, it wont help, i spend money to buy the game, and it just not working, so next time i should just BT download the game and play it happily??!! im  extremely angry right now...someone please help...