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  1. You should have made it clear in the original post that you are using a wheel.... I agree about the handling on the wheel. BUT they need to patch out the assists on pad because even with all assists off it is clear they still have traction control and it has ruined leagues around the world due to advantages/disadvantages of a control device. It is not about the driver anymore which is why there has been a lot of complaints. Have the dumbed down pad handling as the default setting or whatever... but how hard would it have been to have it, so that when they turn assists off.... they actuall
  2. Yep, it definitely looks like the assist stays on even if you turn it off... I sincerely hope it is a bug and not by design, that would be ridiculous.
  3. So much for this new "evaluation system" though... that is what should have determined the end user experience for players. Casual racers with less ability should get the dumbed down handling and they would probably be happy with this as it is very easy to master. On the other hand, the evaluation system should have been able to distinguish skilled users and at least offered them the same experience wheel users get. I agree about the levels or torque on the wheel, you definitely get a level of immersion you don't get with any of the previous games.
  4. Hold on, where have codemasters said anywhere that they are definitely releasing a patch? Just curious because all I have heard so far is silence or denial. The pad handling is a bug by the way because experienced users are getting a dumbed down experience which they cant turn off. If casual gamers want that experience that is what assists are there for. The trouble is that the dumbed down pad experience is miles quicker than what equally experienced users can achieve on a wheel and as a consequence all the major leagues are considering what their next step is... it is that bad.
  5. Pad has better traction in the wet than wheel has in the dry! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4Oj8BR2vr8 Read the description for the sp but in a nutshell, pad is over 2.5 seconds per lap faster than a wheel in the wet comparing relatively paced people on pad vs wheel. On pad, the guy was able to short shift into 3rd and then just floor the throttle and get no wheel spin. The guy on the wheel is getting wheel spin in 6th driving in a straight line. This is unbelievable how it can be this bad.
  6. Aye, its not a level playing field. If it wasn't for this contrast in grip and traction levels between wheel and pad, this would be a great game. As it stands, its ruined online racing. All the major leagues that support this game are contemplating not even running a league on this years game. The reason bugs like this aren't found during beta testing is because codemasters just give out preview builds for publicity.... to people who just upload videos to youtube in order to get views. If they want to iron out these bugs before release, they need to change their beta model. They should put it
  7. The wheel might be faster through fast turn in corners but isn't that the advantage of having a wheel? Its not an artificial assist that is doing that, its just the wheel is a better device for taking those corners. Whilst I agree that the wheel has an advantage in those corners, such corners are sparse.... there are just a handful of such corners. Whereas there are hundreds of traction zones where the pad is just a lot faster, not because it is a better input device... but because it has hidden stealth assists running in the background. At least give the player the option to turn the assists
  8. We have done side by side standing start comparisons between pad and wheel and there is definitely traction control on the pad. Off the line pad is 4 or 5 car lengths faster and its the same out of hairpins and any other slow corner.
  9. The assists are there to dumb it down if people want to dumb it down... If people want to turn assists off, they should get the assists turned off experience. It shouldn't matter whether they choose to race on a wheel or pad. This is effectively 2 different games depending on what controller you use. No assists should be no assists.
  10. The point he is making is that the game is broken if you use a pad. Its not a wheel vs pad is better debate... its that on a wheel the game is working as it should. Hopefully they patch out the broken handling on the pad.
  11. It feels like assists are on because they are... If you are using a pad. Traction control is on whether you want it or not and it doesn't matter if you switch it off. It says it is off but it is not. It must be a bug because throttle application on the wheel is very difficult and not like it is on pad at all. I wouldn't be surprised if braking was messed up too because it does feel very easy without ABS.
  12. In previous games it was quicker to turn traction control off if you had the ability to control your throttle and not spin up the rear tyres. On this game it is much quicker to have traction control on medium and just floor the throttle out of 2nd/3rd gear. The car doesn't bog down at all. All of that applies to wheel users, people on pad have medium traction control whether they turn it off or not... it just doesn't turn off.
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJOTFLiDsFI&list=UUTfnagmCfYlkz0BWKu7sEaw You can see the difference between pad and wheel just in a straight line in this video. From about 2 mins onwards.
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