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  1. What should help also is to set the Throttle Linearity to a higher value. Mine is as high as 50. (same with the Brake).
  2. I use the T3pa as well and was thinking to upgrade but since I switched the clutch-spring with the throttle-spring I am really happy with the set again. Throttle application is now 10 times better and I am accustomed to the break so I think the T-LCM wouldnt be such a big step.
  3. Watched the trailer and some of the analysis vids on YT and there ist only one word for me that describes my mood: Underwhelmed. This looks as I feared. Shallow and unfinished. Granted, the driver ratings could not be final and there could be more depth to it than the trailer shows but at first glance this mode will need 1 or 2 more years of development to be a real manager-mode. Its the same thing that happend with F2 last year when we only got the 2018 season and career-mode consisted of three short szenarios. So, I think I will skip this game again until its in winter sale or something for
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