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  1. fraggi

    F1 2019 Telemetry Data

    GGs Grand Prix 4 was much more a simulation than F1 2019 or any other CM-game will ever be. Its an arcade F1 commercial, constrained by its compatibility with consoles. Looks shiny but has the depth of a puddle. So dont get your hopes up to ever see something like this.
  2. fraggi

    F1 2019 debuts at #3, physical sales down 3%

    Should be 100% less. I cant believe people still falling for codies and buy at launch or even preorder. F2 implementation in carrer is a joke, driver transfers result in stupid changes (Hamilton mid season to redbull...), game crashes at every chance it gets when you play in dx12, AI times still differ strongly when you simulate or fast forward, launched the game with the wrong team-performances (Ferrari faster then Mercedes, McLaren to weak etc). And thats just the stuff I read here and on reddit. Welp.. maybe buying it in wintersale when the game is at around 20€ but even that sounds to much. Lets see what they are willing and able to fix this year.