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  1. fraggi

    Patch 1.14 | F2 2020 Update

    here I was getting my hopes up for a big update with fixes and improvement. but in classic codies style its just new bugs. shame, was really hoping I could return to the game to play S3 of My Team but not without changes to the driver market.
  2. fraggi

    Patch 1.12 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    Sooo, nothing about the too easy MyTeam-Mode (Best car in two seasons), extremely rare driver transfers after season 2 etc?
  3. fraggi

    Please help me understand what is going on here?

    Du you use any altered files / mods? Maybe try to repair your gamefiles and test again.
  4. fraggi

    Patch 1.09 | Patch Notes Deep Dive

    Any changes to driver transfer logic in MT? Its the one thing keeping me from progressing to season 3 that there are no transfers after 2 seasons (or unlikely if you dont change teammate yourself)
  5. fraggi

    Driver Transfers Bug?

    Happens to me as well. After the 1st season ist was super nice. RAI and VET retired, many changes in the field. After second season only GRO retired and the only thing that happens is that DeVries comes in to replace him. Thats it. Will simulate some time but it seems no Driver will retire after S3 and I bet there will be no transfers at all from now on.
  6. fraggi

    Thrustmaster pedals

    What should help also is to set the Throttle Linearity to a higher value. Mine is as high as 50. (same with the Brake).
  7. fraggi

    Thrustmaster pedals

    I use the T3pa as well and was thinking to upgrade but since I switched the clutch-spring with the throttle-spring I am really happy with the set again. Throttle application is now 10 times better and I am accustomed to the break so I think the T-LCM wouldnt be such a big step.
  8. I would add things like more realistic contracts (1 to 3 years maybe instead of negotiations every 6 month), driver age as a stat, driver potential (so that not every driver maxes out after 5 years), pre season testing to develop the car and many more. This mode has so much potential, I really hope they invest some more time in it. Oh and I really wish you could watch sessions you are not part of (any more) as a spectator. Like Q2/Q3 when in a bottom team or the rest of a race after crashing out.
  9. btw: With some testing I found a way to make things a bit more... lets say... how I like it. When I came to the end of a season I backed up the savegame and then proceeded with the transfers. There was a transfer that I didnt like once again (Leclerc to Williams I think). What I did was: Going back to the old save, loading the game and before I made my driver an offer I made a bid for Leclerc and just let Ferrari beat me. It seems that this stops the driver from changing team because after I proceeded Leclerc was still at Ferrari and Williams had enlisted another driver.
  10. fraggi

    2 or 3 stop races again

    AI starts on softs nearly every time, even if they qualified outside the Top10. That leads to them making 2 Stops because they could not finish on medium or hard. There is no variation. If they start on softs everyone is pitting in the same two laps, no undercuts, no overcuts etc. Exeption beeing the Top10 starters that have to come in 2 Laps earlier because of the used tyres. That leads to them falling back in the field and losing a ton of time
  11. fraggi

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    lol, in my save Merc won like 6 out of the first 7 and then Ferrari won 5 in a row with Vettel getting 4 of them. But they started so bad that HAM still has a 49 Points lead over him. It promises to get really interesting till the end. And Vettel will retire after the season so its his last shot.
  12. fraggi

    Cash/Monies in MyTeam

    Small update to this. Russel became champion. And that after I decided to stop developing the car mid season.
  13. fraggi

    Driver Number.

    lol, same
  14. fraggi

    Cash/Monies in MyTeam

    MyTeam Economy really needs some tweaks. I "simulated" 2 seasons in myteam now, meaning I did not drive a single session, just simulating practice, skipping quali, simulating race and back to HQ. My Car is 4th best in development, I have nearly everything upgraded to the second stage in facilities and hired Russel for season 3. If that continues, by season 4 or 5 i will max out with the best car and didnt turn a wheel once. That shows to me that this mode is way to superficial and easy. btw: I wish there was a "Simulate Weekend" button. This would make that kind of test way faster :)
  15. fraggi

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    was there an update for performance in the last patch? When choosing an engine for season 2 Ferrari is listet more realistic.