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  1. RaymondSmits

    F1 2020 WISH LIST.

    if I remember correctly, Grand Prix 4 already had that… so if they could do that, it can be done now!
  2. Would be great to get a livery editor like Gran Turismo has! This would be so great for only competitions!!!!
  3. That's great!!!! Then it's a must buy for me 🙂
  4. I am planning to buy the ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2. But I can't find any info if all the buttons (also the little wheels) work on the PS4?
  5. We where racing in our own league yesterday. In free practice in Australia, I spinned of the track. One AI racer crashed into me, and after the crash I got a penalty for causing a collision?? What is this for a stupid bug? Same issue when I was in my fast lap, I needed to overtake the AI, he didn't let me overtake, and craches into me, I get another penalty When is this going to be fixed???
  6. In our first race online yesterday, we noticed that there aren't any pitsop light in the multiplayer session. This is realy hard when you have a manual pitstop. Is this a known bug and will it be fixed?
  7. RaymondSmits

    Didn't get the "Around the World Trophy" on PS4 [ZX]

    Yes I have a valid lap on every track. I checked it twice….
  8. Hello, I have been busy this day to post a time trial entry on every track today. I did all the normal and the short tracks. But I still haven't got this PS4 trophie as a reward!!!! I checked every track, and I'm in the leaderboards of all tracks!!! Does somebody have this same problem? Or am I missing something??
  9. RaymondSmits

    Helmet editor

    The Gran Turismo editor is even better then this one! They should "buy" it from Sony, instead of creating it from nothing! Especially because of the F1 Online competitions, an editor where you can place personal sponsors on the helmet and cars would be an enormous added value.
  10. RaymondSmits

    F1 2020 Features — Suggestions and Ideas

    They have the F1 license for alot of years now. Why not build a F1 game with the last 20 years cobined? Like EA Sports F1 Career? Race in the seaon you want, a careermode that change every year. That's what I want!
  11. RaymondSmits

    Beta F1 2019 selection

    I would realy like to BETA test the game for the PS4. So If I could join, I would be happy! Was also BETA tester for Gran Turismo, and did alot of testdrives then...
  12. RaymondSmits

    F1 2019 | Uploading own logo's like Gran Turismo?

    I hope not. they want to have custom skins for online competitions. Normaly they all design a car with, at minimun, thier teamlogo on it. So it would be very strange to announce custom liveries, and you can't do anything with it.... Me 2. I still design every car I own with my own race design of my company. Would love to make a F1 car with my company colors… Custom helmets would be perfect! I was a helmet designer voor GP2, GP3 and GP4. So helmet design is sort of my sweet spot 😉
  13. With the custom liveries coming to F1 2019 (wich I'm realy looking forward to), I'm realy curious how they are going to do this ingame. Will it be like Grand Turismo on the PS4? With a website where you can upload your own logo's? Ow will it be completly restricted? Anyone that know more about it?