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  1. I'm only playing with 25% Race Distance in My Team, but am doing Normal Qualifying Mod. I had to change my first Gearbox after just three races, taking my first penalty. The next racer and first with new Gearbox, I deliberately didn't run any laps in P3 to save the Gearbox. In Q1 of Qualifying, went out did my lap, came in and checked the screen and after doing 1 lap the new Gearbox is at 10% wear. Really??? 10% wear after just one lap? So if I make it through Q3, I'm going to be at what 30% wear on an Engine that needs to do 6 whole weekends?
  2. I was in My Team Career Mode today and observed a very weird event at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. During the race a safety car was triggered, this happened right around the time of the first Pit Stop Window. I was actually in the Pit Lane as the Safety Car was triggered and deployed and when I exited the pits was in the queue behind the lead drivers. The cars proceeded round the track for two laps behind the safety car, then before the start of the 3rd Safety Car lap, many of the drivers peeled out of the Safety Car Queue and went into the Pits. I'm assuming to make their scheduled first pit stop of the race and change tyres. Max Verstappen the leading driver, followed by Hamilton, Vettel, Norris, Perez, Grosjean & Ocon. However seconds later messages came up on screen that all those drivers had been Disqualified. When I checked the Race Director after the race all had been penalised for Speeding Under the Safety Car and Disqualified for Overtaking the Safety Car. Now is this some weird issue because of the Silverstone Pit Lane being one of the few in Formula 1, where it's actually a shorter distance of the lap if you go through the pit lane and also quicker to go through the pit-lane then follow the rest of the track through those final several corners before getting back onto the start and finish line. So the game wrongly saw the drivers who pitted as having travelled faster and overtaken the Safety Car? I just found it strange that half the field would get Disqualified by making a Pit-Stop from the Safety Car Queue.
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