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  1. I dont agree with mentality: It is just 2 weeks out, it is not a new game. It is somehow upgraded/downgraded game from last year. You are paying 75 euros to something what is not finished and it looks like they have never played it
  2. Sadly to inform them you have to write each of them in separate report, which is anoying, but it looks like they are not playing this game
  3. EA on this game have 0 influence, maybe marketing
  4. Codemasters are not good as you think, you are influenced by youtbers who are paid to say only good things about the game. I hope that EA are able to fire half of them and replace them with better developers.
  5. This game should have been released when season starts in march, especially when cars are pretty much the same, tracks should be built before and liveries are done in 2 days. How they are able to repeat same bugs every year even though they were somehow fixed in 2020 amaze me.
  6. A small suggestion for all of you guys. I have seen so many bugs but none of them reported, I would love to make a bug report, but everytime I do it gets ignored, maybe cause it's not well written. We can create discord group where we can make report together on every single topic and post it separately into reports, if we are at least 10, we should be able to make it visible for them. @AlexTT @FTBuzzard@MisterJes
  7. Allegedly they have 2 seperate teams working in 2 years cycle (one 16,18,20, second 17,19,21) That is why there are bugs from 2019. From my experience second team is worse. But there is also problem due to game engine, still files for alpine named lotus, it is just more textures every year not optimalized.
  8. And now Imagine you are admin in league racing, with 100+ people, and you have this to work with, fun right? :))
  9. • Multiplayer - more bugs, unplayable • MyTeam - worse r&d system, ugly car, ugly liveries, nothing new • Solo features - less • Story mode - Wish version of Drive to Survive (and I don't even like DtS) • Menu style - worse (white, more click's to access things) • Graphics - Pretty much same, but running 2 times worse Pretty much everybody should be fired for this game at Codemasters, they just don't care about the game, about the sport, shame.
  10. Give us some informations about what are you doing right now, when do you expect tracks, car perfomance changes etc. We are not asking for exact day but something like- 1 week till perfomance update, 2 weeks till new tracks. It will be great. Now it looks like you are doing nothing.
  11. Hopefully it will be, I can post another videos if it is needed, I can try to apply some fix, but every player in our league (120 people) had this bug and it's pretty common. So if there is anything that I can do I will do it
  12. I mean every issue should be fixable, at least it would be nice to send this to developers, I've never seen it marked as "with developers" not in F1 2021 or F1 2020
  13. I don't think it is the case, we are usually playing in same country and everybody's internet is tested and working fine but still happening, please Investigate it
  14. It is ruining their esport/celebrity stream, ruining league racing, but they just don't care it looks like hah @MisterJes
  15. I've tried to spectate 10 races since that post, but still in 8/10 races there was this RPM bug. @BarryBL Please look into it.
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