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  1. "You’ll see the ‘Connectivity Issues’ icon displayed if you are connected to less than 67% of the players in the game." That means if you have 30% of players with X because they are not connected to you its ok?
  2. Not bad. I'm little scared by "General stability improvements" as always. But looks good, now maybe focus on some multiplayer fixes when we have these "warnings"
  3. It is only some warning for multiplayer (no fix) and AI fixed where they were fast and some F2
  4. Thank you for creating new track Imola in Portugal. Maybe same person did multiplayer in this game and his idea was Braking Point. Thank you
  5. Its not about server, they don't have any server. Multiplayer is just broken in 50% of online experience. Fix is nowhere, time to play some other licensed F1 games, oh wait.
  6. Is the latest update the final one? I understand that you are now focusing on 2022 game, but this game is still not finished. Are you planning on fixing some multiplayer issues/AI issues? Playing this game since 2009 PSP version and this was never a case
  7. This game is bad. Try to tell your league racers: 1. No Alt-Tab (for pc, if there is something similar on PS don't do it) 2. No leaving lobby (in quali) 3. Host with really good pc/internet with open internet (not much security) 4. Monaco is bugged don't race there (pit lane) 5. Clicking ready on every loading thing
  8. When you have joined after the quali start later(short or on 3 part quali), you have your individual quali time limit. For example short 18 minutes has started at 20:00 and when somebody join idk 20:10 his time limit to complete quali ends at 20:28, when for others it ends at 20:18. Happening since 1.13. still in 1.14 It's not something huge, there are bigger issuess in game (safetycar teleporting, cars teleporting from pitlane to main straight in Monaco or DeSync) @BarryBL
  9. This issue happens when driver joins lobby after start of quali (picking driver from spectator menu)
  10. I think online is done for this year. It would be great if they can say that they don't care and nothing will be done with it so we don't have false hope.
  11. What can we expect from this, or what these betas are supposed to do? Can you tell us or is it a secret? Maybe "We've added multiplayer"?
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