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  1. JanKondler

    1.10+ patch wishes

    Hamilton (94-100 fluctuable) Pérez (88-98) Stroll (85-94) Not single number like now
  2. JanKondler

    1.10+ patch wishes

    Pérez beating Hamilton by 0.3 sec in same car idk
  3. JanKondler

    1.10+ patch wishes

    For me 3 races is not enough to call them rivals
  4. JanKondler

    career F1 2019

    Interviews are more boring than French GP
  5. JanKondler

    1.10+ patch wishes

    I think it is possible if they can make AI pace fluctuable, like not Lewis Hamilton 100 AI level still but (94-100) and for example stroll (85-94) so if they will be teammates there could be some race when they are at same level. Random dnf for you, it is pretty easy to edit, but they dont care Unpredictable weather sometimes AI starts error like random number generator with levels of start (10% chance to mistake like Verstappen in Austria) Make AI more natural off track Mistakes by them, but like in fights, or under pressure Flat spots Better AI pit decissions, broken front wing = pit
  6. JanKondler

    1.10+ patch wishes

    - Fix simulation bug (when time is simulated it is simulated like 1 season, race 1 perfomances) - Better weather transmission (Wet - wet - dry in one lap to > wet wet, some dry lines then dry) - Better questions in interviews (I dont care about 2 story drivers after every race when I´m winning a title) - Better AI track to track balance difficulty (I dont have anything againts fast ai in France but they should be same fast in every sector not S1 same S2 same and S3 0.5 sec faster) - Too strong slipstream, Ai making trains, bad usage of ERS by them. - Better informations by Codemasters about next updates - Fix too strong AI (Peréz.Gasly) 2 strory drivers, but I dont care its better to skip F2 and play without them - Fix too slow AI (Ricciardo.Norris,Sainz) - Give Redbull proper Honda engine not Renault from 2018 ehm - Ai mistakes in wet? - Ai driving in another lanes then 1 all race? - Fix steering in the pitlane? - I dont know you have to tell me
  7. JanKondler

    Interview question

    Codemasters: Hoooohohoh we are going to make the best story: from F2 to F1, 2 drivers are going with you to F1 woow what a great idea... but then 3 silly races and end of story and he is in every Interview question. It will be better without F2 and without interviews because thery are boring and same after 3 races, nearly same place same weird silence between questions, everything is bad about it. I mean it is a good idea from Codemasters bud everything what they add is bad. Same with weird contracts after 4 races.
  8. where they are mensioning safety car fix?
  9. JanKondler

    R O B O T J E F F

    Love your reaction 😄
  10. JanKondler

    TV Screen Driver's faces....... [ZX]

    For me it is happening when I restarted quali or mid session save in quali is loaded, after I went on track and go back to see it, faces are normal
  11. JanKondler

    BUG on AI Qualifying LAPS

    It is bug, try to avoid simulation in career mode
  12. JanKondler

    Online services login error [ZX]

    Same- error code 7 or 3
  13. JanKondler

    Incorrect Career Mode Qualifying Simulation

    When you are out it Is simulated like season 1 race 1 perfomances, it Is here since R&D and they just dont care, to avoid simulation play short quali or just one shot
  14. @Faya Still problem with Ai times simulated, it is bug since R&D is in the game can you look at it with your team please? 🙂 (season 2+) 3:09 When I´m 20th in Q1 and then Ai times get simulated in Q2 and Q3 it is based on season 1 race 1 perfomances why? If you cannot fix it leave us to watch Q2 and Q3 while we are out of quali, bcs even if you have mercedes in 7th place in perf charts and they made it into Q2 while you dont, they are on pole and second We are sadly forced to play one-shot 😞
  15. If you dont know how to fix it let us to join q2 and q3 as a spectators and dont simulate time after end of session when ai is still on track doing flying laps