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  1. Patch 1.12 Ferrari fastest? completely new myteam save Why?
  2. JanKondler

    Let's see your favourite overtake

    League race battle for first Im in Renault, "Hakkinen move" F1_2020_2020_08.23_-_22_09_50_01.mp4
  3. JanKondler

    Performance Graphs

    @Davidj7077 Is completely right, Carl is showing part of the graph from first 5 races, so this is a bug where Carl is useless. It's not a game breaking bug, but I was rly confused. If it is hard to fix, don't fix it in 2020 focus on another bugs. Thank you @Davidj7077 @BarryBL
  4. JanKondler

    Performance Graphs

    No, compare it, it is weird
  5. Hi, can anybody explain me a difference between these two graphs Or is it just u bug I'm thinking that "Progress history" is without reliability, because I'm last in reliability and mostly second in every other department
  6. JanKondler

    unpossible lap times

    They are cheating.. modding tyre grip and codemasters don't care
  7. JanKondler

    Practice Commentation PC

    Yea and also qualifying, Its weird with some music, maybe they don't have lines from Crofts to that, if Croft don't want to participate in this they should ask another commentator imo
  8. JanKondler

    Driver Perfomances F1 2019

    There was still something like this in f1 games, only hidden, so this is big upgrade and I'm quite sure it will be easily editable
  9. JanKondler

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Once again nothing :((
  10. JanKondler

    Real life driver line up 2021

    There is no way that Stroll will be at Williams
  11. JanKondler

    Driver Perfomances F1 2019

    I´ve had this idea: Hamilton (94-100 fluctuable) Pérez (88-98) Stroll (85-94) Not single number like now
  12. @BarryBL We are able to not sim the session, if you are last who is going for quali lap, but it is hard and too complicated
  13. @BarryBL Platform: Every - mine (PC) Version: Since intruduction of upgrades in career mode - F1 2016 I think Game mode: Career mode Explenation of the issue: After few races and few upgrades to teams when you are fast-forwarding time in quali or when you are out in Q1 or Q2 simulated times are simulated based on S1 R1 perfomances and not by current perfomance of cars in current season. Down below, I´ve attached a picture where you can see extreme situation when williams is 1st in perfomance chart and I´m out in Q1. After Q2 and Q3 Russell in Williams should be in front, but when times are simulated he is in 15th place with time 5 sec slower than us in q1 with clear weather in whole quali. Also Mercedes (7th in perf charts) is on pole So I´m asking for F1 2020 or even 2019 to make times simulated by current perfomance in chart and not by the S1 R1 perfomance.
  14. JanKondler

    Simulated times

    Hi @BarryBL and others I'm just reporting a bug which is here I think since you can upgrade your car in career mode (2015,2016) Everytime when session is simulated or fast forwarded (Out in Q1, DNF in race) results of (Q2,Q3, rest of the race without me) Is simulated like season 1, race 1 perfomances. Example: Mercedes in season 3 is 7th in perfomance charts, far behind top 5 in every aspect, I'm driving for Alfa Romeo (10th perfomance). When I'm out in Q1 for example possition: 17. Mercedes is on 14,15. After simulated Q3 they are in first two rows. Are you guys aware od that problem? I can send you some pictures or videos with this issue Maybe hot fix will be to let us spectate the rest of quali or rest of race I dont know So skipping and fast forwarding (also auto outlap) is an issue I know simulation cannot be 100% perfect but maybe something like :engine upgrade means -0.1 in simulated times +- 0.03 Hopefully its right thread 🙂
  15. JanKondler

    New Developer Liaison

    Yea sorry I already did many times before, but no one ever replied. I'm so happy that somebody like you are finally herec.