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  1. Hi guys: How to unlock this achievement "Set a favourite trophy"?
  2. Robin

    Ferrari Livery 2020

  3. Robin

    Helmets with sponsors in F1 2020

    Maybe licensing is a problem. Licensing means money.😄😄
  4. Robin

    How to adjust HUD?

    Hi guys where i can find an option to customize HUD in F1 2019?
  5. Robin

    How to adjust HUD?

    got it, thanks
  6. Robin

    How to adjust HUD?

    i can't find it i've tried in option→settings→graphics and option→settings→on screen displays
  7. Robin

    How to adjust HUD?

    Hi mate Yep. i know the place to turn on/off the OSD. i mean i wanna adjust the position for on-screen display how i can make this happen?
  8. Robin

    Will DAS be in 2020

    Hope so.😀😎
  9. Bad news!! The 2019 season is over now. Sponsors, car liveries, DRS zones are NOT realistic.(Licensing?) This is the official game, right? Are these issues difficult to be fixed? @BarryBL
  10. Robin

    Classic Seasons/Game remaster

    Good idea, but licensing may be a problem.
  11. Robin

    Will we see a final 2019 Update?

    this is what i expeced as well. @BarryBL,could u pls give us an answer?
  12. Hi @BarryBL: could u pls tell us any further updates or the plan u r gonna to work on for the game? Just like Patch 1.05 Notes: Post patch 1.05, we are working through a number of updates which are a little further off, but these should all be made available over the next couple of months: Paul Ricard Pit Lane Update – July/August Visual Car Updates – August. You will be delighted to hear that we will be adding the Ferrari 90 Anniversary logo onto the engine cover as part of this update! F2 2019 Season – September
  13. Robin

    Any further updates for F1 2019?

    Hi @BarryBL Great. Hope u update the car livery and DRS zones as real.
  14. Hi @BarryBL Will the car model and livery be updated again? we need to update Mercedes, RedBull, Williams, Haas and Toro Rosso.
  15. Hi @BarryBL It's ok now, thanks
  16. DX11 is OK but DX12 isn't.
  17. hi @BarryBL i've tried everything, restarted steam, re-downloaded the game and Nothing change.
  18. can NOT launch the game with DX12 after patching 1.18. F1 2019 Executable has stop working.
  19. Robin

    What is your driver number?

    38. Because i was born on March 8th. But now i am a double World Champion, i take No. 1 as my car number.
  20. After updating to patch 1.15, i mean where i can find this option in career mode?
  21. Does it affected to the exist saves?
  22. Robin

    DRS zones Germany, Singapore and Mexico

    As an offical licensed game, CM should has it fixed.
  23. Robin

    About patch 1.10

    Hi CM: Patch 1.10 is now on live. What we can see are car liveries, driver suits and gloves. I wonder where is the F2 update? Could u pls update car models and liveries for Mecedes, Red Bull, Haas, williams? Could u pls update driver suits for Ferrari? Put the 90 Years logos on both suits and helmets. Could u pls update driver suit for McLaren? @Faya
  24. Hi Faya: Patch 1.09 has been released so will car livery continue to be updated? Like Mercedes, Red Bull etc. Ferrari and McLaren driver suit. @Faya
  25. Not all cars got updated, will the rest of the cars got update? @Faya