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  1. wenjunyang1990

    How to limit driver transfer to off-season?

    Does it affected to the exist saves?
  2. After updating to patch 1.15, i mean where i can find this option in career mode?
  3. wenjunyang1990

    DRS zones Germany, Singapore and Mexico

    As an offical licensed game, CM should has it fixed.
  4. wenjunyang1990

    About patch 1.10

    Hi CM: Patch 1.10 is now on live. What we can see are car liveries, driver suits and gloves. I wonder where is the F2 update? Could u pls update car models and liveries for Mecedes, Red Bull, Haas, williams? Could u pls update driver suits for Ferrari? Put the 90 Years logos on both suits and helmets. Could u pls update driver suit for McLaren? @Faya
  5. Hi Faya: Patch 1.09 has been released so will car livery continue to be updated? Like Mercedes, Red Bull etc. Ferrari and McLaren driver suit. @Faya
  6. wenjunyang1990

    Patch Notes for 1.08 – Discussion Thread

    Not all cars got updated, will the rest of the cars got update? @Faya
  7. wenjunyang1990

    best offline settings

  8. wenjunyang1990

    Patch 1.06 game crash in DX12 mode

    Same problem From Patch 1.03 to 1.06, CM did not fixed.
  9. wenjunyang1990

    Mission Winnow

    Hi CM: I wonder could u pls add Mission Winnow on 2019 Ferrari cars?