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  1. when rain drops, i can hardly see anything.😬
  2. where i can find this option in career mode?
  3. Yep. i agree. this year's pole was 1:14.411 by Hamilton. AI difficulty at 35 on Grand Prix Mode, pole was 1:16.112. at 50 was 1:12.875 Even faster than Hamilton in real life.
  4. usually codemasters will update car liveries during the season. barry what about this year? @BarryBL
  5. yep. they'll update car liveries once a year.
  6. CM will update the car liveries as usual.
  7. when Perez is ahead of you selecting Car Ahead in the MFD, Jeff may say:"the redbull driver ahead. Perez ahead" but other drivers jeff will say:"Hamilton ahead", "Alonso ahead" is this a bug?
  8. Hi guys where i can enable DLSS? i can't find in game settings. Thanks.
  9. That's cool. How to turn it out?
  10. Hi: 1、A detailed description of the issue: i can't connect to the serves and can't get my rewards 2、Report Code: i played for 2 Hours last night it occurred twice, ERROR CODE pls see the screenshot. 3、Platform: PC (Steam) 4、Game-mode: Braking Point (but i think this may occur any time when the game needs serve communication) 5、What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried. i just retried to connect to the serve
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