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  1. Why i haven't got the mail in game?
  2. Hi guys: does anyone has the setup for TS-PC on PC? i mean both the software settings and the in-game settings. Thanks.
  3. Ferrari halo update pls. @BarryBL
  4. Robin

    F1 Driver Stats Update | 21/10/2020

    Hi @BarryBL Will this update affected to the exsit My Team Career?
  5. Hi @BarryBL Mercedes livery already updated and will McLaren got updateded as well?
  6. Hi @BarryBL Will Mugello be added in the game? Thanks.
  7. Hi guys: How to unlock this achievement "Set a favourite trophy"?
  8. Robin

    Ferrari Livery 2020

  9. Robin

    Helmets with sponsors in F1 2020

    Maybe licensing is a problem. Licensing means money.😄😄
  10. Robin

    How to adjust HUD?

    Hi guys where i can find an option to customize HUD in F1 2019?
  11. Robin

    How to adjust HUD?

    got it, thanks
  12. Robin

    How to adjust HUD?

    i can't find it i've tried in option→settings→graphics and option→settings→on screen displays
  13. Robin

    How to adjust HUD?

    Hi mate Yep. i know the place to turn on/off the OSD. i mean i wanna adjust the position for on-screen display how i can make this happen?
  14. Robin

    Will DAS be in 2020

    Hope so.😀😎
  15. Bad news!! The 2019 season is over now. Sponsors, car liveries, DRS zones are NOT realistic.(Licensing?) This is the official game, right? Are these issues difficult to be fixed? @BarryBL