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  1. Vicious

    F1 2015 little details

    I think the FIA want it, but Pirelli and the drivers are saying it is unrealistic... http://www.f1fanatic.co.uk/2014/06/19/tyre-warmer-ban-opposed-drivers
  2. Vicious

    helmet cam f1 2015

    Would be cool, Prolly just a novelty though.
  3. Vicious

    F1 2015 little details

    Tyre blankets!! Come on!  B)
  4. Bought it well aware that it was an end of season update game with little new content and minor tweaks.. hopefully 2015 will be a big update onto next gen, Perhaps it'll be even better if they can make a few squid from 2014
  5. Vicious

    Cheater in F1 2014

    Sadact, hope he gets banned
  6. Vicious

    I'm starting to really enjoy playing this game

    Also noticed a decent change in the AI, great to see them being a bit more unpredictable!