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  1. Hi Friends, I know it sounds a tad too late to put this topic up but I love the F1 2017 game so much, especially the career, still playing it over the F1 2018 which I had bought last year. So I've always played at 85% difficulty but I realized it's not right. For eg; started a new career with Sauber at 85% again. I was able to qualify in 7th. Didn't like it. I started a new career again with 90% AI difficulty & qualified in 15th. I was about 1.3 seconds faster than Wehrlein. Was about 2.3/2.5 seconds behind Vettel in 1st. 19th was the set goal for my qualy. What would be the best gauge to ascertain AI difficulty in career? 1. Since I always start with Sauber, should the AI difficulty be set so high that I finish in 15th - 20th? 2. At 90%, I'm still able to maintain 1.3 seconds to Wehrlein. Should I set the difficulty to where teammate is much closer to my time? Hopefully I find an ideal solution from Someone who's tried & tested this. Experience is the best thing.