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  1. The leader boards have been recently combined on f12020, f12021 has the separate boards for now. It appears that they combine the leaderboards when the new version comes out, they are for sure combined now with some tracks having over 200k entries, prior to the combining, the PS track entries was around 80-100k. The leader boards should also be separated between assists on or off besides platform but I doubt that will happen. The whole TT Leaderboards are a mess anyway, from what I understand it is very easy to cheat with a PC and post totally unrealistic times. I guess you can cheat with
  2. The secret to driving with no assists, good pedals, T3PA's or similar, and set your throttle delay to 50.
  3. It was working yesterday on my PS4, today it won't download TT times, say I am not connected, everything else works fine, even signed in to PSN. Have the TCP/UDP ports been changed in the last 24 hrs? Because this is what happened when I did not have a DMZ and forward ports.
  4. Qualified for pole, replaced engine before race got a 127 point grip penalty, not the first time it has messed up in similar fashion, it does stuff like that frequently. At the start of the race, it announced I was on pole too. Lots of strange things happen with this game from time to time, I have learned to live with it, it may be fixed but doubtful, higher priority issues, plus this is the old version now.
  5. If you have a wheel, pedals and have driven a car before, no it is not hard on the easy levels and assists on, you can adjust it all in game to suit your needs If you use a controller, I do not know, never played with one before someone else will will have to comment on that. A basic understanding of F1's basic rules and flow of a race weekend helps too but not necessary. Rage does not help in this game either, calm and smooth wins races.
  6. Deleted Wrong forum
  7. Try the Firmware update for the T300 https://support.thrustmaster.com/en/product/t300rsgtedition-en/
  8. Thanks. Sony updated PS4 SW after I had posted this and everything is finally working the way it should and has been stable since. The ports that I am using are TCP 80, TCP 3478, UDP 3478, UDP 3479, TCP 3480 That is with my PS in a Network DMZ and using Google DNS. So with the Sony SW change I have no clue what worked because once it was working I was not going to try and recreate the problem to figure out exactly what was causing the problem. If any one is on Xfinity/Comcast and are having issues with your PS staying connected, PM me for what I did.
  9. Just because some think the sky is not blue, does not mean it is not blue, nor is it factually correct to claim the sky is not blue.
  10. I see it this way, either all countries flags are included or have none at all. Personally, nationalism, especially concerning flags, is 100% BS and causes nothing but problems. Folks is folks all over the world, governments are the problems, get rid of the flags, get rid of the borders, let people live where and how they want.
  11. What is the CORRECT Port Forwarding for F1 2020, I have seen both on this site as being correct, so which is it? Version 1: 80(TCP), 443(TCP), 3478(TCP and UDP), 3479(TCP and UDP), 3480(TCP) Version 2: TCP: 1935,3478-3480 UDP: 3074,3478-3479 I have also tried both with the same negative result. Thanks
  12. Turning F1 into a simulation would be nice and from what I understand from reviews F1 2021 has improvements in tire wear that are more realistic and damage to the car . From the last few updates it appears they are slowly heading in that direction, EA may or may not continue in that direction, we shall see. Like Barry said up thread the game is for a worldwide audience playing on multiple platforms so change is slow. I also agree that tracks should be upgraded faster, which is do able, but totally depends on how tracks are implemented in the code, if the code was not written from the beginn
  13. The ability to use any tire and select any condition in TT, would be very useful.
  14. Been playing F1 since F12017, The issues predate 1.18, f12020 has been more connection sensitive than other versions for some reason. Yes, I am aware of the ongoing PS4 issues too. I had no issues with he game until recently so CM did something to the code, maybe they will fix it before F12021 is released, which I will not get until around Xmas, so all the bugs can be worked out.
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