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  1. Gravia is in mainland Greece; northeast of Korinth, the stages in DR 2.0 are in Argolis, a peninsula southwest of Korinth. Hundreds of Ks apart.
  2. Has anyone noticed how in WRC 10, Jon Armstrong is inexplicably always last in the Junior WRC? Not "almost last", but plum last. And like, every time. By a rather large margin. Spite, or ghosts in the algorithm?
  3. Here's an idea. Online two-player split screen, or online if both players have a good connection with no lag - one player is the driver, the other is the co-driver. The co-driver is given the pace notes in symbols like in real life (scrolling across the screen as the driver approaches corners, only visible to the co-driver), and (s)he has to read them out in the microphone for the driver. Maybe a 2 v 2 gamemode, or 2 v 2 v 2 or however many players you can find. The driver/co-driver names and flags on the cars could then also show the co-driver player and their flag. In e-s
  4. Hey fellas, casual player here. I've been playing Dirt Rally for a while now (since, uh, Colin McRae Rally 2.0), but I've only recently dipped my toes into the online clubs mode. I'm glad to report I'm having a blast with the official Dirt Rally club! I'm a massive casual, playing on a keyboard (which I've been doing since 2001, and I've gotten alarmingly good at it), but I'm having so much fun with my first forays into what I guess you could call "simracing" that I'm thinking of investing in a decent rally wheel and pedals. I already asked Jon for some recommendations! XD No, seriously,
  5. Here's how I think it will go. I think the same team made 2015s Dirt Rally, 2017s Dirt 4 and 2019s Dirt Rally 2.0. A release every two years. Then in 2020, developed by an entirely different team, they release a more arcadey game, Dirt 5. I think Dirt Rally 3 in 2021-2022 is entirely possible, made once again by the 2.0 team; and the WRC game in 2023 will be made by the WRC 5 team. The World Rally Championship will probably want the official game to be more accessible.
  6. I'm shedding a literal tear of pure joy right now. This has been my dream for well over a decade. Yes, yes, yeeees!!!
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