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  1. You're right about that; I'm a junior funder of pCARS and it was a necessary (!) decision to delay the game's release since a lot of core stuff (such as AI) is not ready to go at this point.
  2. Kyle Bosman of Gametrailers nailed it in today's episode. Watch those ten minutes; the word "legacy" will come up at which point I had to think of all the F1 games having the same old bugs TO THIS DAY and never getting fixed... this video explains why. http://www.gametrailers.com/videos/3owakr/the-final-bosman-hakuna-matata--shmakuna-shmatata It is what it is, people :(
  3. MadMax1998

    Patch confirmation?

    Well... Steam just sent an 8 MB update to my copy of F1 2014. Is this a patch?
  4. MadMax1998

    How to avoid/prevent/recover from a save corruption

    It's simple: Go to your Steam installation folder (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam) and pick out the subfolder "userdata". It will have another subfolder with a number; that is your Steam user ID. Note that if several users are running Steam on your machine, there will be multiple folders there. You need to know which ID is yours. The Steam AppID for F1 2014 is 226580. Look for the appropriate folder inside your ID folder. So, the path will be something like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<userID>\226580 You will want to back up the 226580 folder completely so you can restore it in case you experience a corrupt savegame. I simply copy the folder and name the copy 226580_b1 (backup 1) after every one session with the game. I make another copy named 226580_b2 (backup 2) after every other session. This ensures that I have two backups so in case the savegame is effed up *on exit* and I happen to make a copy of the *broken* savegame, I will still have a second (obviously older) backup. Should keep data loss to a minimum. You might want to turn off cloud sync for F1 2014 in the Steam client, but so far it hasn't hindered me from restoring backups. Oh and one word of warning: NEVER EVER exit F1 and relaunch the game *before* Steam has finished synching the savegame. If you do that you *will* break your savegame right there! (I wonder how many people experience broken savegames because of this.) You HAVE to wait for Steam to finish synching every time you exit F1 (or disable cloud sync). Hope it helps.
  5. After playing the career for a few races I have warmed up to the game somewhat. I do enjoy the turbo tipping out the rear if you're not carefully applying throttle, and after setting brake saturation at 20% (formerly 0%) I can actually lock up slightly (albeit without smoke) if I press them too hard. Still it's amazing how hard you can brake and get away with ridiculously short braking distance. It does seem to be necessary though as the AI is pretty quick (playing on "professional" after "expert" turned out to be way too fast for me). Some situations I had with AI cars were actually quite believable and it seems they are passing more cleanly and also don't stop dead in corners anymore. The occasional unexpected rear bump is still there, though :/ I'm driving for Williams for the first time in any F1 game and in some races I can't go beyond the top 10 while I placed my car on the podium in Bahrain. So it seems like Williams are as much of a "semi-strong" team as in real life, even though the tier is wrong. Also I had some nice fights with Massa which seems to be much better than last year, where my team mate was always lightyears ahead of me. I also have to partially correct myself about the "pit cameras" option: it *does* work properly when you are making a pit stop in the race. However, the option is supposed to keep you in the car when off *also* when you are wheeled back to the garage in practice. Right now this does *not* work. Rain AI is laughably quick, though... as others have pointed out.
  6. Hey there Codies community. I've been buying and playing the F1 series since 2010 and have been pretty critical of the game in general, but with every step Codemasters took, they seemed to up their game. F1 2013 was the first F1 game that (except for graphics) was a really good all-round package. I greatly enjoyed learning the new handling with finer throttle control and tyre wear during the Young Drivers Test. Then I went on to career racing (although I rarely do more than one season in total) and enjoyed every bit of it. I'm coming from a simracing background, running the F1 games on PC, maxed out graphics, with my trusty G25 wheel and modified pedals. I know we can't compare F1 to iRacing or other more "serious sims", but I can look past that if the game provides a believable experience of being an F1 driver and follows the rules of the sport. Handling with no assist was pretty good in F1 2013 and gave me something to do while not being too complex. So with that said, I just got into F1 2014 and... wow... it's the same game with new sounds, underwhelming handling and the same old bugs that were never fixed in 2013. Here goes: 1) The menus are really exact replicas. This means we get the same problematic settings that were there last year. What does the setting "pit lane assist" do? Nothing! Why can't we still set race length at 10% steps (like in F1 2010)? Why do I have to press button 3 on my wheel to start up the game in "wheel mode"? The new "car on track" backdrop doesn't give me a feeling of "home" as in a garage or in my driver's trailer, plus it's easy to spot the background being just a skybox texture (you can see artifacts all around the "edges"). 2) This is really annoying: the "pit cameras" option (under "difficulty"... where it should not be) has completely stopped working this year. It worked intermittently in F1 2013 with some later patch breaking it, and it IS STILL BROKEN IN 2014. *headdesk* I hate the pit cameras with a passion. I want to remain in my cockpit seat when I go to the pits, not be dragged out by an external camera. The option is there. People reported the bug in 2013. Why has this still not been fixed?! 3) The engine sounds aren't great (except maybe the Ferrari), but they do seem to be close to what we hear on TV. The "off throttle" sound though is basically the engine cutting all power. This could have sounded way better. The turbo is audible but misses all the punch. Shifting sounds, once Codemasters' forté, are weak if even there. The music in the menus has once again be changed to a new style, only this time it sounds more at home in a Deus Ex game than an F1 game. No "glory", "rock" or "pompousness" is in the music; definitely the weakest soundtrack of all the F1 games. 4) The handling... I was eager to see how Codies would replicate the real life difficulties of the new cars in a game that is supposed to be accessible. I'm pleased we have to be even more careful on the throttle now, but braking distance is practically halved from last year, with practically no lockup. Russia last week showed us that locking up and flatspotting is in fact very prominent in F1, so it should be in this game too. The handling feels too simple even for a Codemasters game... cars seem to be gripping the track better than the real life "drifters" we have now. And these are world-class drivers battling these cars! But what I'm most disappointed in are the graphics. I know, the next game is in the works and it will (hopefully?) have a new engine, or at least an updated EGO version (I'm not holding my breath). But seriously, the graphics haven't changed one bit since F1 2011. Even with the same engine for three years, a few upgrades to texture resolution (the steering wheel displays!), texture filtering and LIGHTING could have been made. The latter is so bad at times, especially when running under cloudy weather, that it looks like there isn't any lighting at all, just a fullbright track with all elements at same brightness and color intensity. I really, *really* hope for an upgrade next year that will improve on this. And finally, why the hell did you take out the Young Drivers Test this year? I don't need it per se, but with the new handling model I'd have loved to collect some medals while learning how to properly apply throttle, use the shorter braking distance etc. all over again. Instead we get a lame one-lap evaluation. There was no reason to take this feature out; it actually made you feel like you were testing for a team before entering F1 (yeah I know, they don't do beginners tests in real life, but you get what I'm saying). Since all the other "live the life" stuff has been replaced by boring and repetitive e-mails and press clippings, the current game doesn't make you feel a lot like an F1 driver outside the cockpit. I wonder if the AI has seen improvements. I still have to do my first race. All in all I'm pretty disappointed this year and I can't understand what Codemasters is charging FIFTY EUROS for. This game feels much more like an add-on to F1 2013 than a standalone game. Maybe it should have been.
  7. MadMax1998

    Bahrain track

    If the EGO engine actually had a proper dynamic light engine (as Codemasters claims), setting the time of day to dusk at race start shouldn't produce any overhead whatsoever. Project CARS can do it, among others. However, I don't think that Codies really have that tech in their game.