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  1. You're right about that; I'm a junior funder of pCARS and it was a necessary (!) decision to delay the game's release since a lot of core stuff (such as AI) is not ready to go at this point.
  2. Kyle Bosman of Gametrailers nailed it in today's episode. Watch those ten minutes; the word "legacy" will come up at which point I had to think of all the F1 games having the same old bugs TO THIS DAY and never getting fixed... this video explains why. http://www.gametrailers.com/videos/3owakr/the-final-bosman-hakuna-matata--shmakuna-shmatata It is what it is, people :(
  3. Well... Steam just sent an 8 MB update to my copy of F1 2014. Is this a patch?
  4. It's simple: Go to your Steam installation folder (default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam) and pick out the subfolder "userdata". It will have another subfolder with a number; that is your Steam user ID. Note that if several users are running Steam on your machine, there will be multiple folders there. You need to know which ID is yours. The Steam AppID for F1 2014 is 226580. Look for the appropriate folder inside your ID folder. So, the path will be something like this: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\<userID>\226580 You will want to back up the 226580 folder completely so you
  5. After playing the career for a few races I have warmed up to the game somewhat. I do enjoy the turbo tipping out the rear if you're not carefully applying throttle, and after setting brake saturation at 20% (formerly 0%) I can actually lock up slightly (albeit without smoke) if I press them too hard. Still it's amazing how hard you can brake and get away with ridiculously short braking distance. It does seem to be necessary though as the AI is pretty quick (playing on "professional" after "expert" turned out to be way too fast for me). Some situations I had with AI cars were actually quite bel
  6. Hey there Codies community. I've been buying and playing the F1 series since 2010 and have been pretty critical of the game in general, but with every step Codemasters took, they seemed to up their game. F1 2013 was the first F1 game that (except for graphics) was a really good all-round package. I greatly enjoyed learning the new handling with finer throttle control and tyre wear during the Young Drivers Test. Then I went on to career racing (although I rarely do more than one season in total) and enjoyed every bit of it. I'm coming from a simracing background, running the F1 games on PC, ma
  7. If the EGO engine actually had a proper dynamic light engine (as Codemasters claims), setting the time of day to dusk at race start shouldn't produce any overhead whatsoever. Project CARS can do it, among others. However, I don't think that Codies really have that tech in their game.
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