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  1. Thats very good quote. Flat spots is very important bcs locking now means nothing
  2. Neomo


    Yes 100% career distance here
  3. Neomo


    Imho this is the problem.If someone here work with photo editor you can take a picture from game and add that fisheye effect.
  4. Neomo


    Look at mirrors for example.Game is stretched because of FOV.They could add real fisheye T-CAM and it will looks correct.
  5. Try to remove that AA ghosting in next patch please.Its pain for eyes if you have some brake points and it leaves that effect.
  6. Neomo

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    Didnt trust that settings but tried yesterday and iam really impressed.I really love that light wheel for counter steering and fast corners but other side i missing that grip feeling especialy if i lost my back end.Tried on PC T300 default settings is overall strenght 75% and rest 100%.
  7. Neomo

    F1 2019 FFB settings? Share

    Do you have any idea what is default base settings on consoles?
  8. Ye iam on nvidia and looks better sharper than taa for me
  9. Thats sharpening taa looks better
  10. Neomo

    Driver Transfers Completely Broken

    There is too much transfers its not real.And midseason please disable it.
  11. Neomo

    Driver Transfers Completely Broken

    Ye this feature is a mistake.They should make it right for next year or something.This whole thing is complete mess.Non sense trasfers, middle season transfers, same sponsors on helmets.To be honest it ruined career for me.I prefer to turn it of.If codies do it right it could be great but for now is really really bad.
  12. Neomo

    Tripple Screem Support 4 Console's

    Stretched triple looks horrible trust me. Thats reason why u need triple support
  13. Neomo

    Tripple Screem Support 4 Console's

    No it doesnt. It just stretch image to three screens (nvidia surround). Triple screen support (render) rendering three separate images. Thats mean you have options in game to set bezel correction and mainly angles between side screens. This is huge different.
  14. -triple screen support ! -laser scanned tracks! Dont expect iR quality but something like ACC could be nice -improve handling,ffb and car physics, more responsive wheel without input delay -improved weather. Track is like mirror too early. -car on wet is extremely sensitive -remove that head micro shakes in cockpit view bcs it feels like 20fps -remove that horrible ghosting from TAA! -no more mid season transfers and overall transfer have to be realistic. -improve overall engine sounds and little bit different engine sound for each team with same engine -proper visual tyre wear please no more neverending shine -sharper graphics -different led dashes for each team inspired by real ones (again acc did awesome job here) -helmet editor like motogp/gran turismo sport