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  1. How can i upload picture pls? I have some kind of error when uploading pic
  2. U need calculator friend
  3. Good for replays thanks. Could you do it also for F2?
  4. No one? Can any admin make a suggestion to dev team about this please?
  5. No it doesnt work perfectly bcs your side monitors are stretched and it looks horrible.You should set your distance to screen, side monitor angles and bezel thickness then it works perfectly.
  6. Damn that pictures are amazing i want that sharpness in movement too.
  7. This thing should be patch asap atleast they could add function to turnt it off like in 2020. It is really hard to add it omg
  8. One small effect totally change immersion of onboard replays. Maybe its hard to implement. Fun fact: on PC is reshade for this effect 😂
  9. Absolutly agree in fact understeer enhance in F1 loose your ffb when you understeer but it feels very weird. In AC you can feel almost same effect on cold tires for example (best example is F2 by rss) but it feels more gradual and there is still some effects im ffb. F1 completely turn off your ffb. Tracks effects o F1 feels like that cars doesnt have suspension. Tyres in F1 is almost imposible to overheat. Overall F1 tyres model is very basic in fact it feels like wheel on spring 😁
  10. Finally someone else than me 🙂 i did couple of threads about triple support here but still nothing. PS: funny thing is that small studio like SCS did triple support for Truck simulator long ago
  11. Totally read my mind man i just end race and wanna make new topic about more AA options espcially when Dirt 2 have it on same engine. Totally hate TAA i have same problem in ACC. How could we tag some dev or admin pls?
  12. So we are still in beta...
  13. 2012 had good weather. On some parts of track could start raining sooner, drying race line etc.
  14. Ye this could help guys whos made fov calculators..
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