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  1. Neomo

    Highlights feature

    Yes, so boring
  2. Neomo

    Lando Norris streaming F1 2019

    Its just simcade. We cant expect real feedback or car behavior from codies series
  3. Neomo

    Customization (Driver)

    Maybe one day we will have something like this
  4. Neomo

    How is F2 integrated into career mode?

    Compared to MotoGP 19 in terms of customization,historical events or lower series looks F1 like an amateur.
  5. Neomo

    Customization (Driver)

    Codies "customization" is always just a joke. Nothing new.
  6. Neomo

    Helmet editor

    Wow amazing, love that editor
  7. Neomo

    Crazy Shine on Tyres in F1 2019

    Hope they fix it until release
  8. Neomo

    Helmet editor

    No way 😀 f1 series have worst helmet “editor” ever for years
  9. Neomo

    Crazy Shine on Tyres in F1 2019

    I think codies tyre model doesnt included that visible wear. Every gameplay we saw have completely same tires
  10. Neomo

    Crazy Shine on Tyres in F1 2019

    Sometimes i think codies doesnt look on real f1 footage
  11. Neomo

    Helmet editor

    This is how helmet editor should looks like codies.Not yours boring every year same templates on noname helmet brand.So boring.
  12. Neomo

    F1 2019 GAMEPLAY

    To be honest with more gameplay vids iam more dissapointed. It looks like 2018 dlc. Where is that amazing localized weather from 2012? Look at pc2 weather where you trying to find dry spots and avoid the acumulated water. Weather is absolutely boring here. After few laps of rain the track is the whole track wet and after next few laps we see just one drying line. And where is that awesome marbles out of line from 2012? There is almost no progression from 2018 no offense sorry.
  13. Curbs have 300% less grip it doesnt look they have issues with curb grip here
  14. Neomo

    mirror in cockpit view of f1 2019, AGAIN?!

    Ye my bad sorry