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  1. Damn, one of the best joke in simracing i ever heard 😄 thanks man
  2. Neomo

    Camera Mod

    There is one camera mod for download which is absolutely important for cockpit driving.It removes that stupid unrealistic car shaking and it finally looks much smoother.So codies please download that mod and do it same way.I dont know what that car shaking should mean? Especially visible during tyre lock.It isnt real and it isnt part of any regular sim.
  3. Neomo

    Mercedes on iR

    Yes it looks totally amazing just like real life
  4. Neomo

    Mercedes on iR

    I dont know man but i just cant compare these two.In codies F1 i just feel center spring and understeery car.
  5. Neomo

    Mercedes on iR

    And by the way, it has real tire wear, which means that after two fast corners, they no longer shine. But for codies its problem for two years.
  6. Neomo

    Mercedes on iR

    Are you sure? But to be honest much much more close to real and complex than codies
  7. Neomo

    Mercedes on iR

    Finally we can try how F1 car feel and manage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XzUVtfrT4M
  8. They are good in downgrading their games.
  9. They need to do proper F2 career and real progression system to F1 first, not that joke we have now.
  10. How you guys do that? I never ever reach atleas 100 degrees on tyres even when i wanted 😂
  11. Is there any modder who knows is there any chance to add triple sceen angles? Or codies do it pls at least via config filer or something
  12. It eats FPS on triple screen 😄
  13. Wow that netcode is insanely good 😄 God thanks for iracing
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