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  1. yes that's exactly what it should look like
  2. Acc will have triple support after all that problems with ue. Ppl here saying for that for years without one answer. So ye someone just listen their community
  3. Neomo

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    Are they kidding? This is patch? This is really ridiculous.
  4. Neomo

    Q1 Medium tyres

    Whats that mean?Why AI use medium tyres in Q1 instead of Q2??!!
  5. Big numbers on steering led during changing could be very useful
  6. Neomo

    Codemasters F1 licence

    Agree with you PC2 is garbage except of great graphics and amazing dynamic weather/track but kunos made very good job with acc in my opinion
  7. Neomo

    Q1 Medium tyres

    I think i never saw it in real qualy and i have it in every qualy
  8. Neomo

    Codemasters F1 licence

    What do you mean usable mirrors? If you cant see mirrors on one screen it isnt they fault. PS: laser scanned tracks at acc level is minimum what we need
  9. Just take codies career style and mix it with acc tire model, ffb, sound and rest and i will be happy 😊
  10. Neomo

    Codemasters F1 licence

    What? Tell me one sim you played and is less fun please?
  11. Neomo

    F1 Esports 0 Points

    I have this bug too. *** is this?
  12. Neomo

    I can't accept graphics

    Yes i have DR2 and is also blured
  13. Neomo

    I can't accept graphics

    They should use madness engine like Automobilista 2 do. I love thath sharp graphics in PC2, good for triple/vr support and that weather and live track. I dont have say more i think
  14. Neomo

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Throttle saturation around 50 helps me in wet
  15. Neomo

    1.10+ patch wishes

    Remove terrible ghosting pls
  16. Neomo

    Just do it like ACC

    Played ACC after long F1 2019 marathon and damn that ffb and car feeling is insane.I know GT3 car and F1 car is very different but if codies could take inspiration from ACC it could be very good.In ACC you perfectly feel what car doing every weight transfer bumps on track is huge difference.You can really feel there is bumps on track and not only random vibrations.I love that very strong forces on long turns but very light wheel for countersteering.The steering wheel just do exactly same shakes over bumbs what you can see on real onboard vids.
  17. Neomo

    Just do it like ACC

    I understand that ACC wont share they know how to codies but if you feel something from wheel in one game you could try to replicate it on your game. But ofc it isnt easy and i could be completely wrong. Maybe codies still afraid to make more sim bcs there is much gamepad players but ACC is playable on gamepad too.I believe rF2 is very good but i didnt play it for long time.
  18. Neomo

    Just do it like ACC

    You have to try it.It is different from AC.Overall ffb is really stiff but in tight corners or shikanes is light for fast direction changes.Compared to AC you have feel you really drive on tyres.AC is good but i feel like there is no tyres its feel very stiff.ACC feels more natural for me.But thats only my opinion you have to try it.But best feel is over bumps for me.I love how the steering wheel "swing" there. EDIT:Best example of nonsense vibration on F1 is SPA.Through eau rouge and chicane your wheel motor almost jump out of your base.Its fee like you just crash and lost your wheels instead of bump effect.
  19. Thats very good quote. Flat spots is very important bcs locking now means nothing
  20. Neomo


    Yes 100% career distance here
  21. Neomo


    Imho this is the problem.If someone here work with photo editor you can take a picture from game and add that fisheye effect.
  22. Neomo


    Look at mirrors for example.Game is stretched because of FOV.They could add real fisheye T-CAM and it will looks correct.
  23. Try to remove that AA ghosting in next patch please.Its pain for eyes if you have some brake points and it leaves that effect.