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  1. I have been a member of LNR for about a month. Impressive, professional but above all, extremely friendly. Come on board!
  2. This is a great welcoming post for all racers, regardless of ability.
  3. Have you got enough commentators? I'm more of a statto guy who could give some information to those watching the races. Think OptaStats..
  4. Hi Ultra3142 - thanks for posting, really appreciate it AMD Ryzen 9 4900-H Nvidia RTX 2060
  5. Hi everyone, Considering purchasing F1 2020 for my laptop this year. Normally buy for PS4 but I bought a new laptop recently so want to make use of the graphics/processor etc. Does anyone here play it on the PC who also have experience of playing it on a console? Would be interested to hear your thoughts. Also, can I use my PS4 controllers to play F1 2020 on PC (if I buy via steam)? I don't want to fork out for the game and find I cannot work out how to play the game! Cheers
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