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  1. Good work on patch 1.05, but looking at the realease notes, I am dissapointed that the 'new strategy available - bug' is not fixed with this patch. Where the engineer is supposed to propose a new strategy at some point, instead the MFD just shows the current strategy and the alternative strategy is not shown/called at all (0 -stops/full race update is shown instead). I noticed multiple reports (cross platform) of players who have the same issue, someone even reported it was spotted during beta-testing already. Apparently no priority was given for some reason over the other issues fixed now. I'm sure developers had there reasons for this, but it has been my primary concern so far. Some people suggest that the ' workaround' is to determine your own alternative strategy during the race, but that is not realistic: it is hard for the driver to decide on a new strategy during a 100% race without proper feedback from the team. The team should have most of the data necessary to calculate an alternative strategy during a race ; especially the data involving what the teams are doing, what would be the best lap to stop and what tires to set because of that. It is not just about weather changes and damage repairs, it is the complete picture. The team knows better than the driver except when a tire is finished already, or is undrivable already due to rain, before the planned stop, than the driver should make the call to come in early. That is how it should be, I think at least. Driving 100% races on higher AI difficulty levels, strategy is a very important part of being able to get a good finishing result in this game. It is a big part of F1 in real life as well. That is why I am suprised no priority was given on fixing this bug. On the other hand, if most players tend to drive more arcade style, only drive 5 multiplayer sessions, where pit stops and strategy play no part at all (just banging each other of the road apparantly, which is a shame, because this game has much more to offer...), than I can imagine developers making the choice not to prioritise this issue. But if it stays like this and most players don't care, you might as well remove the feature completely... Hope a new patch fixing this issue will be released very soon...
  2. Same here, was reported several times already. Basically, ' suggested new strategies' do not appear at all, without any exception as far as I have noticed. I have already finished more than 1 season in ' My Team' mode using 25 % distance, and are currently busy on 100% distance settings. The issue happened every time a 'new strategy is available' was announced. However I did notice developers have picked up on this issue already, so I really hope we can expect this to be fixed with the upcoming patch (announced by developers under the ' tire change DSQ bug thread').
  3. Similar issue on PC with v1.03, there are lot of reports around bugs with suggested strategies, tires and rules around tires (disqualifications). Glad to see developers have picked this up, but really surprised these issue have not been noticed and fixed during beta testing. Or are the ones that pre-ordered the game the real beta-testers for this game, paying Codemasters to beta-test...?
  4. in addition, might be helpfull to further look at the issue: I did finish the race: kept strategy (because I was not able to choose the weird 'full race update' - strategy anyway).... Some AI cars started pitting just after the engineer suggested the new strategy to me. The all stayed on dry tires but switched to another compound. The rain never really pulled through. I pitted in lap 9 and changed from medium to soft tires, so kept to the original strategy. I wonder what would have happened if I did not change tires and without a pit stop at all (would I have been able to finish the race without receiving a penalty, due to it being a ' rain race' ?). Still, the suggested ' full race update- strategy' seems like a small bug to me.
  5. When driving, it started raining (PC version 1.03, my team, China, 25% distance race) and the engineer suggests a new strategy is available to choose from. In F1 2019, when such a thing occurred, you could push the ' voice button' and either choose to keep the current strategy or choose the ' newly suggested' strategy, by using the up/down/right MFD keys to choose and confirm either one or the other strategy. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or not, but in F1 2020, there seems to be an issue. I saved the game so I could reproduce the issue and I attached a screenshot: it shows the options I get after the engineer announces that a new strategy is available. As you can see the only options to choose from are now: ' keep current' and ' full race update' (the second options does not making any sense to me...). I think the second option should maybe state the newly suggested strategy? Or should I read this newly suggested strategy as a suggestion to have '0 stops' without changing tires instead of having ' 1 stop' and change to the red soft tires? Besides the choice not being very clear (to me at least, having 0 stops, while driving medium/dry tires while it starts raining, seems to be wrong to me... because it would result in a penalty for not changing tires, or will lead to a very bad result due to not choosing wet or intermediate tires? ). Besides that, I can't even seem to confirm the second option if I want to, I can only confirm to keep the current strategy. If I choose/highlight the second strategy and move to the right to confirm (or confirm using voice control), the first option to 'keep current' highlights in green, after which the option box dissapears and the engineer just announces 'confirmed'. Am I misinterpreting something or doing something wrong?
  6. Ralph14

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    Update: seems to be all fixed with Simhub 7.07 and new available (custom) dashes. Did not manage to find a good setting for wheels lock effect in shakeit bass shakers profile though. Just got the game unlocked yesterday after pre-ordering, was exciting to set up like I'm used to with F1 2019, using 4 bass shakers and a dash, using Simhub. Unfortunately it seems the changes made to the Telemetry are not working well with Simhub as of yet: 1. Using in game F1 2020 telemetry setting: - Shakeit bass shakers act completely ' wrong' . Everything just starts ' shaking' and the effects keep on going even when entering menu's or quiting the game. Completely unusable this way. - Dash Studio dash I used with F1 2019 gives weird and wrong data 2. So after finding out Telemetry has changed in F1 2020, I tried the in game F1 2019 setting, hoping everything worked as it used to with F1 2019. However: - Shakeit bass shakers kind of act as they did with F1 2019, but there are effects missing suddenly, like I'm suddenly missing the feedback/effect when driving over kerbs. I did not manage to find a good setting and decided it is not usable for me in the current state. So for now, to bad, but no more bass shakers (which is a big loss if you are used to them). - Dash Studio dash works, kind of, but I'm pretty sure it needs some adjustments. However it is usable showing basic information needed, without making any adjustments for me. I really hoped Codemasters and Simhub worked together during beta testing to sort out the changes made in Telemetry in F1 2020, but it seems they did not, or they did not manage to get everything working at the point of releasing the game. I guess I will just need to wait for a new version of Simhub or a F1 2020 update, unless someone has a suggestion on how to fix the problems within the current releases changing certain settings?