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  1. Finally settling and happy with performance. But, not sure if it is related with using the alternative dlss file or something else, but the game was working fine untill I just joined a weekly event, managed to start the race just fine, but after a few corners, out of nowhere the game freezes and at the same time I see a windows 11 message popping up showing 'are you having problems with sound? (sound works fine btw..) and a after that I needed to quit the game by ending the process in task manager. Tried restarting, than got a message to check games files integrity. Doing that, 20000 (- som
  2. Excuse the poor quality video (OBS didn't work for me with HDR on), but it shows the difference enough I think... Mercedes on the left is without raytracing shadows on and the Ferrari on the right with raytracing shadows on High RT quality. Most difference I see with raytracing shadows on, are in how shadows are cast through the leaves of the trees (smoother, more realistic). OVerall, I do agree it looks more realistic. However, performance is almost 25 FPS less using a RTX 3080. And (not visible in this video due to quality and being filmed with phone...) than there is that bit of g
  3. Thanks, it was on my agenda to try the White Collie 2 experimental DLSS .dll file instead of the one that comes with the game. And I just did. I must say, it makes a huge difference on reducing ghosting indeed. Almost no ghosting using DLSS with that While Collie 2 file. Still a little bit left at some points though (tires cars ahead), but not enough to be really bothered by it anymore. FSR still has less ghosting in my perception, but DLSS with the White Collie 2 .dll definitely gives a better image quality as you stated as well, so thanks. Performance is very good too (DLSS mode on qual
  4. Do you have raytracing shadows on? Personally I find FSR an improvement over DLSS in F1 2021, why? Benchmarking on Monza (which is one of the most demanding tracks for FPS testing somehow), using a RTX 3080, AMD 3900XT CPU, 144hz 3440x1440 Gsync monitor, framerate locked at 141 FPS in Nvidia control panel. I don't use vsync in either control panel or in game. All other settings Ultra/maxed. Using CACAO for ambient occlussion (not sure yet how this differs from HBAO+, not noticing much difference): - Using TAA for AA gives me the best quality graphics wise, but not the best performanc
  5. Same issue since today. also using Bitdefender. You do not need to uninstall bitdefender, you can add \SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\F1 2021\F1_2021_dx12 to exceptions in Bitdefender in the ' manage exceptions' section. I've added the directory/exe file to be excluded from scans for antivirus, advanced threat defense and online threat prevention. The game launches again after that. Apparantly there is something in the behaviour of F1_2021_dx12 Bitdefender finds suspicious after one of the latest updates of either Bitdefender and/or F1 2021. I just hope it really is a false positive...Nev
  6. You are probably right, but it generally works for me that way. An AI engineer helping to get me the best setup each time during a practice session and advicing me on what to change, would be my preference though 🙂
  7. I get them mostly by going into a time trial and copy/test the ones from certain other players which have set the best results nowadays, because I'm finding it to difficult to make changes and feel differences. The default setups are always much slower than the setups I find over there. But it kind of feels like cheating that way.
  8. I am having the same issue, using LG 34GN850-B monitor on PC as well: aspect ratio changes, black bars appear on sides suddenly in a next race. Aspect ratio was set to auto before, I than manually set it to 21:9, but the black bars remained. Restarting the game solves the issue, but the issue returns (it seems random to me, but I will check if it only occurs after watching replays as suggested earlier in this thread to see if I can reproduce the issue that way). Not sure if this might be related, but I also get random crashes to desktop, but I have only had these since today after patch 1
  9. It would be a nice feature I think, if in next version there would be something implemented to help and find better setups by using an AI engineer during practice sessions, instead of just trying out different setup settings completely by trial and error or by copying them from others. I mean an interactive thing where the engineer works together with the driver, using feedback to make suggestions on what to change in the setups. That way practice sessions would become much more interesting I think.
  10. On PC, version 1.05 , I get a lot of ghosting on tires of cars ahead when using DLSS as well. I've tried changing to a newer version of nvngx_dls.dll as some people have suggested, but I still find the ghosting unbearable which effectively makes DLSS obsolete in F1 2021. So I reverted back to TAA, which does cost me quite a lot of FPS, but there is no more ghosting, which I prefer over ghosting and higher FPS. Also, even with TAA, with Raytracing Shadows enabled I still see some ghosting around the tires, although less than with DLSS. Which also makes Raytracing shadows obsolete for me, so I t
  11. Ok, so at least I know it has nothing to do with my hardware or settings, glad I can stop searching...so thanks for confirming you can see the same thing happening on a PS5. And yes, some tracks it is less apparent (on bahrein alsmost not at all, baku very much so). I hope they will improve the tracks in a patch then. Would be great if DLSS get's to be improved as well to make the tires ghosting dissapear completely, although I can live without using DLSS with the FPS I receive on TAA. The white pixels / dots next to the line / markers I find to be much more annoying.
  12. - A detailed description of the issue: Weird ' white dots' appear on some points on the tracks, especially next to lines. see attachment. The issue, as I experience it is more prominent on certain tracks than others. It is very apparent on Baku if you drive and have a look at the right outer line on track, white dots appear and they seem to be ' static' (they appear at the same spots every lap), so it almost seems as if the textures of the track its self are wrong. - Report Code: any session - Platform: PC / Steam - Game-mode: Any - DXdiag info attached, using Asu
  13. I still see a great amount of ghosting, especially on the tires of a car directly ahead, especially noticable when a car drives through shadows/darker sides of a track (same thing happens every time in benchmark mode). If I turn of raytracing shadows, it get's a bit less, but the only way to make ghosting dissapear completely is by using TAA and without raytracing shadows. I'm not sure if I find raytracing a big deal in this game anyway, reflections are not that impressive (at least imo) ... even on ultra setting it creates some weird artifacts (like the red line of tire reflecting all over th
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