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  1. I'm 34 mate, not a spoilt kid! If it's unplayable it shouldn't be allowed to be played online then should it!?
  2. No, my first account was banned on friday for complaining about Alex Gillon who referred to people who bought this game 2014 as 'SAD F**KERS', not to bash the game, ok!?
  3. I've got a great idea for 2015, take the contract away from CM and give it to another developer that will produce a bug free game with the things that the public have been asking for since the beginning of time!
  4. It didn't happen with 2010, 2011 or 2012........ Online was ok before, not now! Look at this fine piece of programming!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG5gjiWKkf0&index=2&list=UU-46hTnlyW3aCwjHs2acDzg
  5. Agree mate, but you could have saved a lot of time and just written 'This game is S**T!!' 
  6. Yes this game is a joke!!! My copy's in the bin!!
  7. I've just slung my copy of 2014 in the bin, and i'm not joking!!!!!!
  8. Clearly because you DO have those stupid assists, even when you disabled all of them. Yeah, you are having fun of course, nice to hear. But what if we both race online in the same lobby with assists banned? You will have full traction control, ABS and so on. I really hope Codemasters will make sure that only visible assists count and that the remove that hidden cheat function. Exactly!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. It's deja vu!! You said exactly the same thing in my other post just now lol!!! But if you were using a wheel you would be saying something else i assure you!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Glad to hear you are enjoying it mate but another example of this game being catered for pad users!!! 
  11. Need  i say more? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPB-jUv0izE&list=UU-46hTnlyW3aCwjHs2acDzg
  12. Yes, and possible to keep up with the AI in the rain without assists using a wheel on the higher difficulty settings..........it's impossible at the mo!!!
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