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  1. Good to know, thanks! By "desktop mirror" I was referring to the game's own window which mirrors what you see through the headset. Besides a few low-quality/early VR titles, most other VR games (Steam & Oculus store) have always output just the one "eye" on their desktop windows for me, which is why it's puzzling that DR2.0 shows stereoscopic, especially because it only does it in the "Oculus VR" version on Steam. I assume you're referring to using "Oculus Mirror" by launching the "OculusMirror.exe" myself, and having that output into it's own window, in addition to the game's ow
  2. Thanks for the suggestions... Last time I tried though, I did have the desktop mirror set to a small window (I've also seen the problem you mention about squished UI in fullscreen), but regardless of that it was still showing the stereoscopic output (two images, one for each of left + right eye, side-by-side), as per the screenshots in the op's post in this thread. IIRC people reporting the problem are using the native Oculus version of the game that was eventually added to Steam, rather than the native Oculus version from the Oculus store? Note that the SteamVR version on Steam does
  3. Yeah, it's such a shame the Oculus version on Steam still shows the output from both eyes, when this thread reporting the issue has been here for 6 months. I was hopeful a fix could have been slipped in at some point in all that time. It looks a bit amateurish really, reminiscent of the early VR titles. Unfortunately I suspect time is running out on the chances of us ever seeing this fixed in DR2.0, with the final Colin McRae pack DLC imminent. No doubt it'll already be on a to-do list for the next game! Sorry for the moan. It's just depressing when there's always such pressure from
  4. Oh, didn't know that. At least it's consistent I suppose! Yeah, hopefully they can sort it in future for both Oculus Store + Oculus-native on Steam then.
  5. It's great that we now have a native Oculus version of DR2.0 on Steam, but why is the desktop window stereoscopic / showing both-eyes? Obviously it doesn't affect whoever is wearing the headset, but it's not ideal for hotseat, recording/streaming, or observers in general. Most VR games (including the SteamVR version of DR2.0?) just show a single eye/view in the desktop mirror window. @PJTierney Any news on an official fix? Or perhaps someone knows a workaround in the meantime? Thanks!
  6. @PJTierney Please can you confirm if this "stereoscopic monitor view on native Oculus build" issue reported in this thread has been logged / is being investigated? (I'm on Steam, but OP @raymyburgh is on Oculus Store, so presumably affects both). Also as @cestomano asks above, why does the audio on the Oculus build only output to the default Windows audio device (desktop speakers) rather than to Oculus itself with optional mirroring to default device, as per every other native Oculus app? More details below... I've been away from DR2.0 for a while as I was frustratingly spending all my ti
  7. Yeah, thanks again @obo . I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates the work you put in (besides DirtFix itself) to investigate the cause & proper way to handle device polling, and then document it all along with suggestions. @PJTierney of course it is unusual for a large dev these days to revisit older titles outside of urgent/critical fixes. But as @Ialyrn suggests, now that the hard work has been done & the solution is a known entity, if someone could at least pass on the request & look into the feasibility of updating DR & D4, that would be greatly appreciated. Pre
  8. @PJTierney is the quoted part below (from the upcoming v1.10.1 DR2.0 patch notes) referring to these "every-2-second" stutters which some of us are experiencing (unless we unplug/disable certain USB devices or use @obo's DirtFix)? If so, thanks very much! If possible, please can this same fix be retro-fitted into other affected CM titles? Fixing at least DR & D4 would be appreciated, since DirtFix also targets those games. And presumably the issue isn't present in the recent GRID release or has been fixed there too already? Thanks!
  9. @obo Thanks for doing a detailed analysis of the every-2-seconds stutter caused by input device polling, and you're an absolute star for providing others with a solution. I usually prefer to avoid using anything that modifies or hooks into games, for fear of triggering some form of anti-cheat or similar, and to avoid the risk of malware... that's just me being as cautious as I would be with any other code, so please don't be offended! In any case, I'm sure we'd all rather this was fixed properly... @PJTierney Is there any news regarding CM integrating this input-device-polling fix nativel
  10. ( EDIT: I just wanted to make clear, I had no noticeable stuttering when playing on a monitor before the VR update. My comments below are specific to me using the SteamVR version of the game after the VR update. I notice the "non-VR" in the topic title, so please feel free to move my post to the VR bug thread if it's more appropriate. However, a number of people have suggested that USB devices/polling could be the cause of the periodic stutters certain players are getting every 2 seconds, some on much more powerful hardware than me, so my comments seemed appropriate in light of these additiona
  11. Is there any news/progress on analog handbrakes? Whether it's being considered or prioritised...? Besides the requests in this thread, there seem to be plenty of other threads, but I've seen no official statement anywhere yet. Or at the very least, for those of us with an analog axis mapped to this binary input, please can we have some way of configuring a basic deadzone? Otherwise the in-game handbrake keeps engaging for fractions of a second due to vibrations or movement of the wheel/cockpit/whatever the input device might be attached to, which will obviously affect the control &am
  12. Great news! Big thanks to the team for that.
  13. Input setup/mapping is certainly improved over the original DiRT Rally. It's the first CM game in recent memory I haven't needed to manually edit XML files and/or use 3rd party input mapping tools. One thing off the top of my head, it's good we can now map an action to multiple inputs & across multiple devices... eg. this allows shift up/down to be assigned both to shifter paddles on a wheel AND to a sequential shifter, so players can chop & change depending on their preference/the car being driven/whatever, without having to pause & dig into the menus, or without using extern
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