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  1. Good suggestion, if anyone is still listening to feedback at this stage...? I imagine most of us would rather see the end of Racenet, but failing that, saving progress locally until a connection can be re-established would still allow leaderboards/progression to be protected from abuse (if that is indeed the main reason CM titles now insist on a connection), but without the negative experiences when there are brief interruptions. Or if it's still a concern, perhaps limit the number of events or similar that can be completed before requiring a connection, and/or perhaps put any rewards on hold, to be unlocked once a connection can be established to log & "confirm" your progress. This has been a problem with various CM titles for some time now, not just DR2.0... often cropping up after new game releases, updates or big sales events (anything with an influx of new players / traffic). But even outside of those kinds of events where Racenet issues have become predictable (where increased capacity should have been planned for those short periods), there can still be outages that players/CM have no control over, regardless of your equipment or stability of your connection, etc. This kind of "local progress until next connect" would help alleviate a lot of the friction players experience.
  2. Good to know, thanks! By "desktop mirror" I was referring to the game's own window which mirrors what you see through the headset. Besides a few low-quality/early VR titles, most other VR games (Steam & Oculus store) have always output just the one "eye" on their desktop windows for me, which is why it's puzzling that DR2.0 shows stereoscopic, especially because it only does it in the "Oculus VR" version on Steam. I assume you're referring to using "Oculus Mirror" by launching the "OculusMirror.exe" myself, and having that output into it's own window, in addition to the game's own desktop window. I've not had to use that for anything else before though. Will have to look into it more next time I try, although it is weird the game's own window is stereoscopic for me & some others... it doesn't seem the sort of thing the devs would do on purpose. Or maybe I need to toggle some setting like you say, through OculusMirror, and perhaps that will "stick" for the game's own mirrored window.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions... Last time I tried though, I did have the desktop mirror set to a small window (I've also seen the problem you mention about squished UI in fullscreen), but regardless of that it was still showing the stereoscopic output (two images, one for each of left + right eye, side-by-side), as per the screenshots in the op's post in this thread. IIRC people reporting the problem are using the native Oculus version of the game that was eventually added to Steam, rather than the native Oculus version from the Oculus store? Note that the SteamVR version on Steam does not have this issue (although it did exhibit worse performance for some people, hence the calls for CM to add a native Oculus version for Steam owners). @Ialyrn are you running the game from the Oculus store, or from Steam? And if on Steam, are you using the SteamVR version or native Oculus version?
  4. Yeah, it's such a shame the Oculus version on Steam still shows the output from both eyes, when this thread reporting the issue has been here for 6 months. I was hopeful a fix could have been slipped in at some point in all that time. It looks a bit amateurish really, reminiscent of the early VR titles. Unfortunately I suspect time is running out on the chances of us ever seeing this fixed in DR2.0, with the final Colin McRae pack DLC imminent. No doubt it'll already be on a to-do list for the next game! Sorry for the moan. It's just depressing when there's always such pressure from the top to move focus onto the next title, rather than make the current one the best it can be & support it for longer, so we end up with niggles that spoil what are otherwise awesome experiences.
  5. YorkyPudsy

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Oh, didn't know that. At least it's consistent I suppose! Yeah, hopefully they can sort it in future for both Oculus Store + Oculus-native on Steam then.
  6. YorkyPudsy

    VR FAQ & Performance

    It's great that we now have a native Oculus version of DR2.0 on Steam, but why is the desktop window stereoscopic / showing both-eyes? Obviously it doesn't affect whoever is wearing the headset, but it's not ideal for hotseat, recording/streaming, or observers in general. Most VR games (including the SteamVR version of DR2.0?) just show a single eye/view in the desktop mirror window. @PJTierney Any news on an official fix? Or perhaps someone knows a workaround in the meantime? Thanks!
  7. @PJTierney Please can you confirm if this "stereoscopic monitor view on native Oculus build" issue reported in this thread has been logged / is being investigated? (I'm on Steam, but OP @raymyburgh is on Oculus Store, so presumably affects both). Also as @cestomano asks above, why does the audio on the Oculus build only output to the default Windows audio device (desktop speakers) rather than to Oculus itself with optional mirroring to default device, as per every other native Oculus app? More details below... I've been away from DR2.0 for a while as I was frustratingly spending all my time with it troubleshooting & reporting issues. I decided to have another quick try yesterday now that we have native Oculus support on Steam, and after I read that the USB-device-related periodic stuttering was finally fixed (which I'm happy to report is indeed the case, for me at least!) But now I find that the native Oculus build on Steam is showing the output from both left & right eyes, side-by-side. As mentioned by others above, this isn't great for hot-seating / local observers / recording / streaming. It's hard to believe it was intentionally set up that way...? Why not just show the output from one eye in the mirrored desktop window, like the SteamVR version does? Also, the Oculus version of the game on Steam doesn't output audio to the Oculus device itself... instead sound is directed to the default audio device (desktop speakers). This leaves us having to switch devices manually, just for this game, because every other native Oculus game directs audio to the Oculus device & then is automatically mirrored to the default device if the user has that setting enabled in the Oculus software. Please can someone look into sorting out these couple of issues with the native Oculus build on Steam? Thanks!
  8. Yeah, thanks again @obo . I'm sure I'm not the only one who appreciates the work you put in (besides DirtFix itself) to investigate the cause & proper way to handle device polling, and then document it all along with suggestions. @PJTierney of course it is unusual for a large dev these days to revisit older titles outside of urgent/critical fixes. But as @Ialyrn suggests, now that the hard work has been done & the solution is a known entity, if someone could at least pass on the request & look into the feasibility of updating DR & D4, that would be greatly appreciated. Presumably future games might benefit from this same knowledge, maybe even GRID (don't have it yet, so dunno if it also has the issue.)
  9. @PJTierney is the quoted part below (from the upcoming v1.10.1 DR2.0 patch notes) referring to these "every-2-second" stutters which some of us are experiencing (unless we unplug/disable certain USB devices or use @obo's DirtFix)? If so, thanks very much! If possible, please can this same fix be retro-fitted into other affected CM titles? Fixing at least DR & D4 would be appreciated, since DirtFix also targets those games. And presumably the issue isn't present in the recent GRID release or has been fixed there too already? Thanks!
  10. Yes, please! If there's already an internal facility for detecting issues, then please adapt it into a public-facing "Service Status" page (assuming there isn't such a thing already?) Also would make sense to include notices of any planned downtime on there, along with any ETA on fixes etc. as more info becomes available. That way everything is in one place, in a consistent location that anyone can check as a first port of call when troubleshooting. It might cut down on the cumulative hours players spend investigating, reporting or trying to resolve connectivity issues that are outside of our control or already known about & being worked on by CM.
  11. Yeah, new CM game releases & discounts on older titles seem to be one common cause of Racenet failing due to increased traffic. And it appears to fail across multiple CM games when it does so. CM, please... invest in extra Racenet capacity increase capacity in advance of planned events which are likely to lead to increased traffic & failure of Racenet (new game releases, discounts, timed events) implement 24/7 monitoring & support for Racenet (players/community suffer needlessly each time it fails over a weekend & doesn't get fixed until UK office hours the following Monday) investigate possibility of Racenet services auto-recovering/restarting when these issues occur (as an alternative/interim arrangement to the above 24/7 support) reduce reliance on Racenet in your current/future games (in particular, allow single-player/career modes to function in their entirety without it) Thanks!
  12. YorkyPudsy

    F1 2019 - Loss of FPS after patch 1.12 [R2]

    Thanks! Any hints as to the actual cause of the problem? And/or if there's any workaround possible in the meantime, eg. via editing config/xml files? On one lower-spec CPU-limited PC I've observed that even lowering all in-game settings to minimum doesn't help performance (now gets 30-45fps on any settings from lowest to high, whereas it used to get constant 60+fps on high). So I'm guessing the bug is causing excess CPU load in some way?
  13. @obo Thanks for doing a detailed analysis of the every-2-seconds stutter caused by input device polling, and you're an absolute star for providing others with a solution. I usually prefer to avoid using anything that modifies or hooks into games, for fear of triggering some form of anti-cheat or similar, and to avoid the risk of malware... that's just me being as cautious as I would be with any other code, so please don't be offended! In any case, I'm sure we'd all rather this was fixed properly... @PJTierney Is there any news regarding CM integrating this input-device-polling fix natively (into at least DR2.0 & D4 hopefully?), so we don't have to rely on 3rd party hacks/workarounds or unplugging/disabling random USB devices? It looks like @obo has narrowed down the cause quite specifically for the devs, along with suggesting a better method of registering to receive a callback when input devices change, rather than continuously polling all devices every 2 seconds. Or perhaps a quicker/interim solution might be to disable the polling during any on-road action, but leave it active in the menus? Thanks! https://github.com/simonowen/dirtfix/#cause
  14. Yep, there seem to be plenty of us reporting this same issue across multiple threads. Please can CM prioritise this a little higher for investigation? Anyone reading this thread with the same problem... please "vote up" this thread using the up arrow to the left of the subject at the top, in case that helps draw attention! For me, it only happens in VR with headset connected, although clearly it's an issue for some people using the standard desktop version, and since a long time before VR support was added. I can tell when the issue is there by the periodic CPU spikes on the "Developer > Advanced Frame Timing" chart in SteamVR every 2 seconds, even when CPU & GPU are under little load on the menu. I posted more details of troubleshooting I'd tried, what worked (sometimes) for me to fix it, along with pictures of the charts on one of the VR bug threads, but they keep getting replaced with new threads for each new update, burying any feedback people put effort into supplying. Sometimes I can resolve it by disconnecting/disabling certain USB devices, sometimes by actually attaching then unplugging an ADDITIONAL device, but the specific devices & USB ports seem to vary day to day, and sometimes I simply can't resolve it even if I unplug everything except my keyboard and/or mouse. Needless to say, I've not had the problem before in any other titles, including original Dirt Rally, even tested immediately before/after having the "every-2-second" stutters in DR2.0 with all the same devices attached.
  15. Same, with Rift CV1 on SteamVR, and I've mentioned it on a couple of other threads before. I'm on the low-end for VR, but easily get 45fps with ASW and Low-to-Med settings. If I turn everything down to the absolute lowest without ASW I think it sometimes hits 90fps, and even then there's this same "lag" on the head-tracking (actually it's perhaps more noticeable then, because I think 45fps with ASW masks it to some extent). It's perhaps a subtle thing, so I could understand it not sticking out to some people. There's something there which isn't present in the original DR for example, or other VR driving titles. And I agree it's more noticeable when the car isn't moving. To me, it looks like the head-tracking is perhaps 1 frame behind... although I think that would be more jarring/sickness inducing, so I actually suspect it's maybe trying to do some sort of "smoothing" or something to the head-tracking that's perhaps introducing a slight delay. In addition, the HUD/overlay/timing info exhibits a similar kind of effect for me, only much worse. It looks like there's some kind of intentional "stabilisation" going on (like springs/damping!) The HUD/timing info kind of floats around semi-independently... rather than tracking 1:1, locked with the cockpit. If I shake my head left/right, the timing info sways over the rear-view mirror area, clearly not "locked" to the car. This is much more noticeable than the more subtle "lag" on the head-tracking related to the rest of the in-game world. I can only assume this is intentional for some reason...? Perhaps to improve readability during the more bumpy drives? Steam / Deluxe / i5-4460 / GTX 970 / Oculus Rift CV1 / 16GB RAM / Win10 Pro 64-bit v1903