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  1. Wow, really. Okay well at least we go an answer. That really sucks, I am getting really disillusioned by codemasters lately. It just seems that they don't care about people with unusual setups. I had the hardest time getting my Accuforce going with Dirt Rally, I ended up having to create custom XML files for it. I have posted my fix on tons of forums and written quite a few XML files to get peoples pedals etc going. This is really strange because my Accuforce works fine in every other codemasters game. They just need to let me override the controller type like you can in the F1 games. I h
  2. Just buy an Accuforce, then turn off the game FFB and turn on the SimXperience FFB and it works great. Tons of FFB then. Problem solved  :p
  3. Hi. I have an Accuforce also. I have created a workaround that removes the deadzone and gets the wheel going. You need to use the SimXperience FFB because the game FFB is so bad. The good thing is that the SimXperience FFB uses telemetry so you don't have any of this weak canned FFB that others are complaining about. Make sure you turn on road bumps also because it really makes the game come alive. It is a pretty long winded guide but it will get you going. Give me a PM either here or on ISRtv if you have any problems getting your Accuforce going. Here is the link http://www.isrtv.com
  4. It is a known bug with the motion support in Dirt 3. Are you using any for of motion or gauges or Sim Vibe? See my post here for more info. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/183/dirt-3-telemetry-and-motion-simulator-bug Check your settings in the hardware_settings_config.xml file in your \Documents\My Games\DiRT3\hardwaresettings folder and make sure this line is set like this. <motion enabled="false" ip="dbox" port="20777" delay="1" extradata="0" />
  5. I think Grid has stolen Dirt's thunder because it seems pretty dead here. Maybe this weekends Codemasters steam sale will bring people in to Dirt 3. I am still keen to see another Dirt Rally championship but at the moment it seems like it is only a handful of us hardcore DiRTies left. 
  6. I don't think a company has any liability to fix bugs in games. I know of many games with much worse bugs that never got patched.  Sometimes companies even do the exact opposite with bugs. A perfect example was Tribes and ski jumping, the physics were so broken that you could fly across the map at ridiculous speeds, but instead of fixing this they made it a feature and now every tribes game since has included it. Tribes 2 had probably a dozen bugs that you could exploit in multiplayer. Most of them were never fixed. I remember me and a friend completely dominating a server just by using a
  7. I really like the new Fanatec stuff although I am slowly replacing all my Fanatec gear. I have replaced my CSP V2's for some DSD Wilwood breaks and I will be replacing my wheel with the Accuforce when it comes out. I like your sparco wheel. I will be doing the same when I get the Accuforce. These are my new pedals. Here is a video of them in action. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3axqNvgwcjw
  8. RIP Colin.  It is very sad that all 3 of my rally hero's (Richard Burns, Colin McRae and Possum Bourne) all passed before their times.  To quote the movie Bladerunner "The light that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you have burned so very very brightly"
  9. Thanks @justbiglee‌  That description is much better.
  10. Yup, The old ones are still very playable and don't need a remake yet.
  11. Yeah, I play Dirt 2 & 3 at 5898x1080p on my triple monitors at around 90 fps. Still looks pretty sweet. On the console it is only 720p 30 FPS upscaled to 1080p so it is pretty bad on console.
  12. I would want them to do it for PC also since PC's are way more powerful than the consoles.
  13. I agree with the rest of it but FYI, Corsica in the new Colin McRae Rally was France stages in the old CMR 2.0 I am guessing they changed the name because in 2010 the rally moved for Corsica to Alsace. So Tour de Corse is the old stages that CMR 2 was based on and Rallye de France is the new rally in Alsace, so if they left it as France then people might get confused. I am guessing they didn't want people to expect it was set in the Alsace region when it is set in the historic Island of Corsica 
  14. I do motorsport photography and I agree that is one of the best parts, hearing the cars coming through the forest. The anti-lag and backfires are so awesome.
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