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  1. FYI guys. Dirt Rally has the typical Codemasters problem where it will only work with wheels that it recognizes. At the moment that is only Fanatec, Logitech and Thrustmaster. I have engineered a work around for those of your who have high end wheels. I still haven't got my DSD pedals going but that is my next step. After this fix the Accuforce feels really good in Dirt Rally once you turn on the SimXperience FFB, miles better than the stock FFB and the cars feel so alive. This is a perfect example of when telemetry based FFB is better than canned in game FFB (No offence Codemasters and they are working on the FFB but at the moment your FFB sucks) Guide to getting the Accuforce (Or any non-supported wheel) running in Dirt Rally First up before I get in to the settings files I will give you a little primer on how I got this going for any of you who want to get another type of wheel going (Bodnar, OSW, ECCI etc) Dirt Rally addresses controllers by their hardware ID For the Accuforce it is shown like this {804C1FC9-0000-0000-0000-504944564944} The last -0000-0000-0000-504944564944 is the same for all controllers so it is really the 804C1FC9 part which is unique to each wheel. You can get this number from the registry in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\CurrentControlSet\Control \MediaProperties\PrivateProperties\Joystick\OEM\ then find your wheel in there. You want to find the Vendor ID and the Product ID, you enter it as {"PID""VID"-0000-0000-0000-504944564944} This number will be how the codemaster config files recognizes your wheel. So on to how to get the Accuforce going. In ..\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\input create a file called SX_Accuforce.xml Enter this text in to that XML file <!-- Action map for the Accuforce--> <ActionMap name="Accuforce" device_type="{804C1FC9-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" priority="0">   <!-- In Game Actions -->   <Action id="Handbrake">     <Axis id="di_button_12" />   </Action>   <Action id="Steer Left">     <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirLower" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" />   </Action>   <Action id="Steer Right">     <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirUpper" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" />   </Action>   <Action id="Change View">     <Axis id="di_button_6" />   </Action>   <Action id="Gear Up">     <Axis id="di_button_10" />   </Action>   <Action id="Gear Down">     <Axis id="di_button_5" />   </Action>   <Action id="Look Left">     <Axis id="di_button_2" />   </Action>   <Action id="Look Right">     <Axis id="di_button_1" />   </Action>   <Action id="Look Up">     <Axis id="di_button_3" />   </Action>   <Action id="Look Down">     <Axis id="di_button_4" />   </Action>   <Action id="Look Back">     <Axis id="di_button_14" />   </Action>   <Action id="Pause">     <Axis id="di_button_79" />     <Axis id="vk_code_0x1B" />   </Action>   <Action id="Instant Replay">     <Axis id="" />   </Action>   <Action id="Boost">     <Axis id="" />   </Action>   <Action id="Reset Vehicle">     <Axis id="di_button_6" />   </Action>   <!-- FE Actions -->   <Action id="Menu Left">     <Axis id="di_button_2" />   </Action>   <Action id="Menu Right">     <Axis id="di_button_1" />   </Action>   <Action id="Menu Up">     <Axis id="di_button_3" />   </Action>   <Action id="Menu Down">     <Axis id="di_button_4" />   </Action>   <Action id="Menu Select">     <Axis id="di_button_6" />   </Action>   <Action id="Menu Back">     <Axis id="di_button_7" />   </Action>   <Action id="Menu Button3">     <Axis id="di_button_9" />   </Action>   <Action id="Menu Button4">     <Axis id="di_button_8" />   </Action>   <Action id="Menu Start Button">     <Axis id="di_button_13" />   </Action>   <Action id="Menu Left Shoulder">     <Axis id="di_button_12" />   </Action>   <Action id="Menu Right Shoulder">     <Axis id="di_button_11" />   </Action>   <Action id="Fe View Tweak Left">     <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirLower" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" />   </Action>   <Action id="Fe View Tweak Right">     <Axis id="di_x_axis" type="biDirUpper" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" />   </Action>   <Action id="Fe View Tweak In">     <Axis id="di_y_axis"          type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" />   </Action>   <Action id="Fe View Tweak Out">     <Axis id="di_z_axis_rotation" type="uniDirNeg" deadzone="0.0" saturation="1.0" />   </Action> </ActionMap> Next open the paths.xml in that same folder add this text above <!-- Various configuration xml's --> <xmlreader processor="Input" filename="input/SX_Accuforce.xml"          map="UPDATE" pool="UPDATE_TEMPORARY" userdata="presets" /> Go to ..\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\DiRT Rally\forcefeedback Open devicesetup.xml Add this above </FFBDevices>  <FFBDevice name="{804C1FC9-0000-0000-0000-504944564944}" scaleForce="2.0"  scaleFriction="1.0"  baseFriction="25.0" maxFriction="100.0"  scaleEffects="1.0" delay="0.0"/> Next go in to the game and goto the controllers menu. then go to presets. Pick the (LNG_ACCUFORCE) preset. This will set up your wheel and remove the deadzones. I have also bound all the buttons except the pedals. Menu navigation and look around are on the bottom left pod and Okay and Cancel are on the top left. Because these is a non-standard wheel it looks like it won't save the changes you make so you might have to bind your pedals each time you start (This is a common and old problem with Codemasters games) Next you want to do the Sim Commander side of things. The in game FFB is horrible but the good news is that the SimXperience FFB works great, the car feels really alive with heaps of that counter steering force. Also turn on road bumps because they are truly amazing. It is so bumpy and the shocks are so violent that it feels just like the rocky roads you are driving on (Try the Greece rally because those roads are crazy bumpy, it reminds me of rallying on the gravel roads here in New Zealand) For now you will have to use the Dirt 2 plugin and manually change some settings and fool Sim Commander a little it. First up go to ..documents/My Games/Dirt Rally/Hardwaresettings folder and edit the hardware_settings_config.xml Change this line to: <motion enabled="true" extradata="3" delay="1" port="10001" ip=""/> if you don't have Dirt 2 you will need to create the config files so Sim Commander can modify them. You need to create ../documents/My Games/Dirt2/Hardwaresettings/hardware_settings_config.xml Just copy the one from documents/My Games/Dirt Rally/Hardwaresettings This is how you need to set up your game profile. Next I set up my game profile. I pretty much used the stock settings except I turned off the game FFB and turned on the SimXperience FFB (I highly recommend that because the game FFB just feels like a whole bunch of friction) I found this worked best at around 400 degrees of rotation but you could go as low as 360 I turned on road bumps, this makes a massive difference. I just left that pretty much stock but increase the intensity to 100% I increased the SimXperience FFB to 150%. the Auto tune put me at about 225% but I felt that was too much. That pretty much controls how much pull you get on the counter steer etc so just tune that to your liking. I was thinking of adding some dynamic oscillation control but I didn't have enough time to test it. I think that would probably work pretty well in this game. Auto tuning does work in this game. It works really well for the GS-4, out of the box the bumps are a bit extreme on the GS-4 so either turn them down a bit or auto tune just the GS-4. I don't have my Sim Vibe hooked up atm so I can't test those but they should work fine. This is only a base setup and I will tweak it more once I get my pedals going (I was using the paddles for gas and brake which was a pain) I hope this helps some of you.