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  1. When I said a month or so ago that this game would be a buggy mess just like all the previous ones I got nothing but dislikes from people. I guess I wasn't far off after all but, hey, those who pre-ordered have to defend their decision now.
  2. MrMorpheus

    Why does Codemasters leave the games unfinished?

    Because there will always be sheeple buying things because want, want, want! Every single Codemasters F1 game had bugs and most of them didn't get fixed before the next release (if ever) yet everyone forgets about that and rushes out to buy legendary editions just to get a 3 day early access. Unfortunately, people will never learn and companies like Codemasters will keep praying on them. I wish someone else finally got the license for the franchise...
  3. MrMorpheus


    Lol, this has been asked for since Codemasters released the first game. They've never did it and they never will.
  4. MrMorpheus

    Why pre-order?

    There is absolutely no reason unless you're impatient or don't learn from previous mistakes. They are the same people that will come here ranting on the release day and they are the same people that said "I will never pre-order" when 2018 (and 2017 and 2016, etc.) came out. Pre-orders and micro-transactions are the cancer of the modern gaming. There are plenty of people supporting it just because they think getting a virtual outfit is worth taking the risk of buying something that's incomplete and paying more than they would in a few weeks time.