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    GRID Autosport Feedback

    Been a Codie fan since the original Dirt, and I really enjoy GAS, so thank you Codemasters!!!  The more realistic handling is a nice improvement over Grid 2, and the online starting position based on accrued points is probably the most diplomatic option (aside from having a qualifying session before every race, which would make the game feel too slow).  The  tuning options are great, and I'm sure it saves development time by letting the fine tuning be done by the user.  It's nice that there's enough tuning available to affect car handling, without being overwhelming.  That being said, I find there's not enough tuning available for AWD vehicles.  Either in a GAS patch or in future games, it would be nice if front and rear differentials could be tuned separately.  A cherry on top would be to be able to adjust the front and rear power bias :-)     One last thing, it would be excellent if there were an option to save multiple tuning setups for a single car since some tracks work better with different setups.   Thanks for another great game!