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  1. Yes, it's probably related but not exactly the same on PC.
  2. No, there is an option to display the delta below that and it's not solved. It's on again everytime I launch a game but not in global options.
  3. Hello, Sorry but I deleted useless thinghs from the report model 😞 My friend and I have the same problem. 1) You turn off the display of the delta time in global display options. 2) You go in time attack and delta time display is on. I also have this behavior in championship for qualifications. Many thanks.
  4. Delta time display turn on all the time. I must disable it in sessions. When I launch the game, it's disabled in global settings. If I lauch time attack, it's turned on again. PC Any mode
  5. My subwoofer makes a "big" bass sound when enabling or disabling DRS. No beep but it's also a known issue. Report Code : Not relevant PC Any mode I have the sound through a home cinema receiver with HDMI.
  6. Hello, I also have the same problem on PC. I also have a big "bass" sound from my subwoofer when it turns on and off. Thanks.
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