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  1. jeffreytz

    No ffb on thrustmaster wheels

    Just realized I never followed up on this - I upgraded my Thrustmaster TX to the latest firmware, force feedback is unchanged (meaning non-existent). I was hopeful when I saw the 1.1 patch come out but the release notes don't mention anything about FFB and I've read the comments on the other technical board posts and seems like nothing has changed. Still surprising to me given how perfect the FFB is in F1 2019. Oh well.
  2. jeffreytz

    No ffb on thrustmaster wheels

    Hmm I did a full calibration on the wheel and it had settings in edit for the shifter gears, but I didn't think to actually do a run through in edit mode. I'll see if that makes a difference. Also I haven't installed the 2019 firmware update and I see its sole purpose was to fix an issue with Dirt Rally 2.0 (also a Codemasters game) so I'll give that a shot as well. Thanks!
  3. jeffreytz

    Undrivable with Fanatec CSL Elite

    Did you run the calibration setup? I had to do that with my Thrustmaster TX - it now is accurately reporting steering position but there is almost no force-feedback, just a little center spring, no road-feel or anything.
  4. jeffreytz

    No ffb on thrustmaster wheels

    I played through about half of the touring campaign last night and am really surprised at the lack of FF effects on my Thrustmaster TX, considering how great out of the box the FFB is in the F1 games. I agree the only thing I can feel is the centering affect, and jacking the settings up to 150 did ever-so-slightly increase that, moving the other sliders had zero effect. There is no road-feel at all here. The steering is accurate in terms of reacting to wheel rotation/input, but that's about it. Additionally, the TH8a shifter is poorly implemented, about 80% of all shifts result in the game registering "N" (neutral) and I have to re-select the gear to get it to register. Have disconnected the shifter from the wheel and am using the paddle shifters. So like new games that are released in this day and age we got the "beta" version where not all functions are baked in. I get that FFB would be on the low priority for launch punch list and its disappointing, but it will no doubt be fixed in an upcoming release. At least the game isn't crashing and losing save files like F1 2018 did 😜