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  1. KiLLu12258

    F1 2019 Beta Testing Information/Sign-Up

    sign ups are closed and if you wanna attend next time you have to do it in your profil.
  2. Hello, since i made the update my sound ingame is crackling as ****. I dont know what i can do, i tryed some things out but nothing helped.
  3. maybe its not final. Its a bit of time left to do some tweaks.
  4. @Faya it would be nice again, if you tell us when you are leaving the office. Then we know that we have to wait at least for monday till we get access to the beta forums. :)
  5. hope that this is not all. Im still dreaming of a full online coop career.
  6. Faya is online again. So F5 spamming starting now. 😄
  7. Thanks for the infos! Looking forward to help you. 🙂
  8. KiLLu12258

    Beta F1 2019 selection

    Its not possible. Sorry.
  9. Im in too! Thanks Codies. 🙂
  10. Im sure exactly these guys are crying at the forum when some bugs are not fixed.
  11. Maybe they started with ps4 or consoles in general. Anyone with pc beta invite here?
  12. congratz to everyone. Pls give you best for the game.
  13. i think they will be send out over the next hour(s). So hopefully we still have a chance. 🙂
  14. KiLLu12258

    F1 2019 Images

    ah im so hyped. give us the infos cm pls. 🙂