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  1. most leagues have some teams dominating the league mate.
  2. I do not. I just say that last year they never got it right after the whole year. And come on, that ferrari will not have the best engine this year is already obvious for everyone. This will not change in the next months.
  3. yeah i mean thats a "excuse" i can follow. but for what reason did mercedes had the best engine ingame after all performance updates last year? And Ferrari the most stable car? You should adress those things. Also i dont get whats so hard to change the performance Numbers for the engine. Cant be that much of work. At the end it was CM's decision to release the game earlier, which brought us a really bad f1 2019, so when you decide this you should also take to account that you have to adjust performance levels as fast as possible. Excuses to take half of a ye
  4. yup anyway the ferrari was the most stable car ingame and mercedes had the best engine which was totally wrong. hopefully they adjust things this time better and way sooner, otherwise its again far from reality.
  5. we had the same issues with the beta codes last year. maybe you guys at CM should think about the system you are using. 😄 No offense tho. Barry you are doing a great job. im really happy that you are here.
  6. but how is it possible that the revs were so wrong in f1 2019, it totally felt wrong to drive the car at the max as the sound was way to low/deep. I mean most of your effort is worth nothing if such a thing feels so wrong at the end. btw i love that you guys are so open and answering questions here.
  7. the problem is that big advantage of traction out of cornes with pad. You can easily stump on full throttle without losing the back of the car. also it feels like you have less understeer with pad. But still, biggest issue is the traction advantage. (without tc)
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