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  1. 22 minutes ago, sjsharp2010 said:

    Wel that game is 4 years old now you can' t expect them to keep patching them up for ever not if they're on a yearly cycle of having to produce a new game every year even EA can't do that.

    come on, you should understand what he mean its not that hard.

    They stop patching games which are still not working right, this is the problem.

  2. 11 hours ago, NigelWeber said:

    Guys I'm curious.. Where does this game rank compared to all the previous games in terms of the state of the game upon release?

    The last F1 game I played before this one was F1 2012. I don't remember it being too bad other than the usual latency issues etc. I remember car setups were broken cos the league I was in forced everyone to not use any higher springs than 6-6 or something for a while... I think I remember F1 2010 having some very annoying 'going slower than limiter' pit lane bug that never got fixed?


    had no issues with 2018, besides that bugs that ever existed. But it was a stable game. Now in my league there are ~10 disconnects in every race and its only luck if you can rejoin or not.


    When i compare it to 2018 its a desaster at nearly every point.

  3. 36 minutes ago, Bicarda said:

    Well it's not like we're personally attacking anyone. Just asking questions. over and over. Until someone answers them.
    They obviously don't take us seriously enough but we can only hope in time they will.

    more and more developer changing their way and talk to the community, even EA does it. The time will come when CM realise this, maybe its too late then.

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  4. 1 minute ago, sjsharp2010 said:

    Haven't tried the new patch yet but the fact they've given wet AI a tweak sounds good. Hopefully it'll make the wet sessions better. Need to download and try it first though

    they plan to do that over the next "couple of patches". Nothing yet my friend. lol

  5. 2 minutes ago, massa88 said:

    you guys making such a scene,like Codemasters are only one with this

    Not Just EA also others are

    I have no problems with that

    but we are in the CM Forum for f1, not at the other ones. So what is this for a ******** post?

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  6. 18 hours ago, Hoo said:

    I've merged two threads that are asking the same question.

    In terms of SC/VSC triggering, this depends on a range of factors, the first being race length and damage settings. The session must be 25% or greater for the SC option to be available and damage must be enabled.

    If you are seeing extended periods of play where no SC / VSC is being triggered then please confirm your settings and let us know what platform and game mode you are playing on and we will take a look. 


    you cant be serious really asking if we have the damage on?


    The SC is just not working. Thats a fact. And in multiplayer if it comes out, which is a 100% totally random thing its buggy as hell.



  7. On 9/3/2019 at 6:39 AM, senna94f1 said:

    T300/racing rig 

    league owner ,

    on a pad or wheel as most pad users are not noticing the problems wheel users are having,

    i am a good clean sim racer on a wheel and at start of our league latest season for f12019 pad vs wheel was equal ,

    couple of weeks ago at silverstone I had to race in qualy mode lap after lap just to stay on same lap as pad users ,

    now we all know that a pad user has suddenly  not got 1 to 3 seconds per lap faster depending on track over 4 weeks ,

    so I do think it's very important to understand pad vs wheel is not equal,

    hence we have a wheel user now swapped over to his pad  because he's 3 seconds faster on pad ,

    ive tried on my other account on the pad and I can almost match my wheel lap times in 2 laps on time trial ,

    yes it still takes skill on either pad or wheel ,but for anyone to win against any pad using a wheel ,you have to be alien super fast lol

    is this a real thing? What exactly makes pad that much faster?

    it seems weird.

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  8. 10 hours ago, breezyskells22 said:

    1st things 1st people have you forgot 1st the sad events at Spa, B it also need to pass Microsoft and Sony eyes plus might be talking to the people of said sad events so it might be a little bit longer than you thought

    what? pls..

  9. for me this game is the biggest dissapointment since years, especially as they told us with proud that they worked for 2 years on it.


    The result is

    - No working Safety Car (It comes out totally random and if its there its buggy as hell which leads to that every league should turn it off.

    - Cars feel totally off at downforce compared to how the real cars are looking

    - A League System, which is by far the biggest ******** ive seen for a long (did they just thought only 5 minutes about that? I doubt it)

    - Missing features like driving a real championship with a friend


    - More crashes as in 2018 and 2017

    - More disconnects as in 2018 and 2017

    - Formation lap is still buggy, (Green flag the whole Race Bug) since ******* years.


    And so much more.


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