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  1. ozcanuck55

    What you want to see from GRID

    Ability to choose any car/ car class/ track and setup your own events without grinding through a Career Mode to access those cars.  Career mode is fine, but don't make me have to do it to access the cars and tracks I paid to drive!
  2. ozcanuck55

    Beaten by non-participating rival?

    Thanks for that, but my problem is that the Rivals on the PS3 are not the same as the ones listed on Racenet website...very odd... .....anyway I'm getting tired of the smash up online racing and grinding through the carreer mode to access cars. The Demo got me hooked by racing XBows at the Red Bull track...alas, I'll need to grind up to level 16 to access that car in Custom events. I give up.  In Custom Event, you should be able to choose any car and track without having to play the silly career mode. This game has potential which may be revealed in the new Autosport version. Back to Race 07 till then. Thanks all.
  3. ozcanuck55

    Beaten by non-participating rival?

    Still getting last weeks rival showing on PS3, but new Rivals on web and IOS Racenet sites. My lap times are showing up, but on PS3, old rival already has max points. Can I rest the data on the PS3 by logging out of Racenet on the console or purging a cache or something?
  4. ozcanuck55

    Beaten by non-participating rival?

    I also posted in Steam Grid 2 Forums...someone is looking into it.  It seems like I am getting the new rivals score from the week before, instead of his score for this week.  It has happened to others, apparently.
  5. ozcanuck55


    Race 07 on PC...awaesome.
  6. ozcanuck55

    Beaten by non-participating rival?

    No...he had the points before I even started the challenge!
  7. Here's the scene...I check my Grid 2 Global Challenge and find my new auto-generated rival is beating me, so I fire up the Challenges and find all challenges are "not owned"...no one has set a time yet. So I run through all the challenges and set a basic time, sit back and wait for my rival to try and beat them. No action. At the end of the week I have 16,000 XP points ( 2000 x 8 wins) and my rival does not appear on the leader boards for ant event. Amazingly, the rival has 17, 500 points and wins the weekly challenge, without actually racing, it appears. How does that work? I am playing PS3 version..... I assume I ma playing other PS3 players or am I playing a PC gamer with some sort of hack? Takes the fun out out it...I enjoy the weekly Global Challenge...it beats being bashed off the track by Level 99 drivers in the Online races. I have had successful battles with other rivals who actually responded to my times. Is this a problem with Racenet or just cheating?
  8. ozcanuck55

    Colin McRae DiRT

    Dirt is great fun! Got it for $5.