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  1. Hey, think this one is pretty much impossible to platinum now. I contacted codemaster asking if they were going to fix the Haunted trophy and they told me I must not be for-filling the requirement and to check forums for tips. I then sent them a link to this forum and said its not been working for anyone since the last update. They replied saying they are not planning any more updates. Gutted! You can try e-mailing custservice@codemasters.com but think this game is dead.
  2. Anyone fancy boosting the Evil Mastermind trophy while I wait for a patch? PSN tomellis2611 bit of a nightmare waiting for the map to come up but shouldn't take long once it does. I'm on UK time
  3. How can you get the evil mastermind trophy, no one ever goes near the lasers and if I manage to get someone to follow me by stealing the flag/bomb the laser is too weak to kill them? Also Haunted is glitch, I must have don't this 100 times but no trophy. 
  4. Ok so Paramedic is glitched for me. After spending the past 30 levels playing nothing but battles with the ambulance I finally managed to revive 4 while noticing who I revived. I then built up my special and followed the one team mate round the map till he died but when I revived him I didn't get the trophy. After spending so much time trying to get this only to find out I cant get it, I have lost all motivation for playing this game. Can you fix this and make it so I don't have to get lottery winning luck to achieve it and I can start playing again.
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