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  1. Gussie

    Big changes needed.

    💯 correct. People need to start talking and complaining with their wallet. Not continuing to hand over cash and the. Whinge and whine about it! Once we’ve handed our money over Codemasters DO NOT care!! People need to wake up as I FINALLY have and will not be handing over another cent to Codemasters! I can only hope and prey that they lose their licence to a rival company who will take the “Official Partner with F1 and Fanatec” title a LOT more seriously!
  2. Gussie

    Big changes needed.

    Yes we would hope that we would be heard by my Codemasters in their official forums but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case. Unless you have a clear bug to report that they can come back to you with a clear and easy answer they are nowhere to be seen or heard when it comes to responding to issues from the actual fans who play the game stupidly continue to keep handing over our cash to them. I don’t even care if they don’t agree with us or won’t implement the changes we ask for BUT at least come on and defend yourself and give us reasons for why not?! At the very least a a clear NO would even suffice. Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that all Codemasters is focused on is Career mode. Which really has surprised me since they are the OFFICIAL F1 eSports title and partner!!! Somewhere along the line, that word “official” seems to have been lost in translation otherwise I’m sure we would have had a title with superb multiplayer and online features. Not to mention an “official” wheel that they would allow all the functions to be active on their “Official” title!
  3. @AcidBurn247exactly right!! All these post and complaints and nothing by crickets from Codemasters!! They simply don’t give a ****!! They have these official forums but don’t really address them or listen to us. I said it earlier in the week and all this silence from Codemasters is donr nothing but confirm my thoughts. They will not be receiving another dollar from me. This year will be our 4th season and LAST one with Codemasters. I will be looking to move my league to one of the more serious Sims on PC for Season 5. Be it Assetto Corsa or RaceRoom or something else with mods. I’m don’t with Codemasters! At this point I can only hope and prey that one of the other sims stepup and outbid Codemasters with their tender when Codies licence ends in 2020.