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  1. Gussie

    Big changes needed.

    💯 correct. People need to start talking and complaining with their wallet. Not continuing to hand over cash and the. Whinge and whine about it! Once we’ve handed our money over Codemasters DO NOT care!! People need to wake up as I FINALLY have and will not be handing over another cent to Codemasters! I can only hope and prey that they lose their licence to a rival company who will take the “Official Partner with F1 and Fanatec” title a LOT more seriously!
  2. Hahaha.....I’ve never noticed more grip and traction in T-Cam vs cockpit. I love cockpit mode and in TT’s can match my times (i’m normally a top 10% runner) in either view in elite mode. However when racing in my league I find that it’s a lot harder to actually race in a crowd in cockpit mode without any mirrors and since Codemasters refuses to add a virtual mirror I race in T-Cam mode more often than not in the league. Yes, I know you’re gonna say, do you see virtual mirrors on real F1 cars?? but they can at least see their wing mirrors at a glance. With us, unless you are using triple screens you have no hope! I think it’s just a lot fairer for everyone and cleaner racing when you use T-Cam in a crowded lobby. Yes, it probably is that little easier too as the spacial awareness is a lot more. You’re a little higher and it’s easier to spot the apex’ etc. Not to mention the mirrors can also be used. However it’s not quicker with more traction and grip. I would also love for an option like yourself to be included that forces Cockpit view but I think to promote good clean racing with that they would have to also include a virtual mirror toggle.
  3. Gussie

    Big changes needed.

    Yes we would hope that we would be heard by my Codemasters in their official forums but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be the case. Unless you have a clear bug to report that they can come back to you with a clear and easy answer they are nowhere to be seen or heard when it comes to responding to issues from the actual fans who play the game stupidly continue to keep handing over our cash to them. I don’t even care if they don’t agree with us or won’t implement the changes we ask for BUT at least come on and defend yourself and give us reasons for why not?! At the very least a a clear NO would even suffice. Personally, I’ve come to the conclusion that all Codemasters is focused on is Career mode. Which really has surprised me since they are the OFFICIAL F1 eSports title and partner!!! Somewhere along the line, that word “official” seems to have been lost in translation otherwise I’m sure we would have had a title with superb multiplayer and online features. Not to mention an “official” wheel that they would allow all the functions to be active on their “Official” title!
  4. Ok, well first of all, the Fanatec issue IS a Codemasters issue and no one else! They have everything from Fanatec and Sony but couldn’t be bothered to code it in. So please at least have your facts right before you put your sunnies on and roll your eyes and throw in your very important 2cents worth into a discussion. I actually have correspondence from Fanatec saying as much. Which is why I have brought it up and am totally annoyed with codemasters for disregarding and giving the “Official Partner” title such little regard. The questions were asked over and over leading up to the release of the game in regards to if the wheel and all the encoders were going to 100% compatible but they never had the balls to answer. Just as they have show that they have no balls to answer or defend themselves in these forums which they own. As for the League shortcomings being discussed numerous times before. Last time I checked this was my thread and I didn’t make any rules or certainly haven’t forced you to comment or discuss on anything. So thankyou so much for your useless input and keeping my thread active and prominent. 😎🤙
  5. Haha....This topic comes up every year. Codemasters doesn’t really give a **** about online multiplayer all though they wish to appear as if they do. They’re main concern is career mode and catering for the thousands of people who sit back in their couch with controller in hand. Before you jump on me, that’s all good. Each to their own. But for those of us who love F1 and want to race it like a sim as much as possible rather than just a game. The virtual mirror is a MUST that they continue ignore year in year out. Yes the argument goes with the people who say it’s just another assist that is not needed and everyone just wants to make it easier than it is blah blah. Well, that’s not true. I run with NO assists and am comfortably in the top 10% sometimes within the 5% of the worldwide leaderboards. I don’t need the virtual mirror to make it easier to drive, I need it because with a single screen it’s impractical and impossible to see your wing mirrors in Cockpit mode. To race fairly and more realistically using cockpit mode in an online League would much fairer with a virtual mirror. As it stands you are forced to use T-Cam mode or if you want to be a purist and use cockpit mode you are a bit of a hazard and come across like selfish ***** because you can’t fairly race with the people behind you. Yes the proximity markers are there and I use the mini map basically as a rear view mirror but they are both very different to being able to car behind you that you are fighting with and defending against.
  6. Gussie

    enhanced understeer on or off?

    I have it OFF For me, I found that it wasn’t necessarily the sudden drop in force, it was more when it bit back that I didn’t like. It wasn’t causing me far too many silly spins. The best thing I did was turn it off early in 2018. I think it’s a lot more consistent and reliable and even easier to catch slides and spins.
  7. So, let’s stick to all the stuff under the ☀️
  8. @Bobino12 okéy then... 😂 For you to make such a comment leads me to believe you have never raced iRacing or any other real sim. Maybe you’re only able to compare to GtSport or Forza but in any any case that really is beside the point. Where in my post did you read that I complained or brought up the physics of the game?
  9. @AcidBurn247exactly right!! All these post and complaints and nothing by crickets from Codemasters!! They simply don’t give a ****!! They have these official forums but don’t really address them or listen to us. I said it earlier in the week and all this silence from Codemasters is donr nothing but confirm my thoughts. They will not be receiving another dollar from me. This year will be our 4th season and LAST one with Codemasters. I will be looking to move my league to one of the more serious Sims on PC for Season 5. Be it Assetto Corsa or RaceRoom or something else with mods. I’m don’t with Codemasters! At this point I can only hope and prey that one of the other sims stepup and outbid Codemasters with their tender when Codies licence ends in 2020.
  10. @AcidBurn247 Exactly. Because that setting which is off is more than likely the one to have them not appear in the Championship tables. Further down, where we a supposed to be able to turn Ai OFF I bet you find it’s greyed our and set to Yes.
  11. 100 percent correct. @Faya or anyone else from Codemasters, can you please give us a definitive answer on this? The point about reserve drivers is spot on. We should have an option to be able to bring in drivers at any given point through the season. Unfortunately we are not paid millions to turn up and as we know real life does get in the way from time to time or some drivers have a falling out and leave the league. For this new system to be viable and used by eSports leagues we need to be able to remove and install drivers at the Owners will to fill the grid NOT with Ai. Otherwise there’s a good chance that some leagues will be decimated within a few races. This was/is the MAJOR flaw of the league/championship system within Slightly Mad Studios Project Cars 2.
  12. @ZenRazo Exactly as you say. As a League we want to use 2019 cars. In our league we live stream with commentary we don’t want to use Multicars and look like a bunch of misfits have a run around on a Friday night. However, for me the biggest oversight which you have also confirmed with your screen shots is that the “Substitute Ai” is unable to be turned off in either scenario. So if I set my League for 20 drivers and only 17 turn up this week, we are forced to race with 3 Ai on the track. This could be a major issue. No matter how good the Ai is, at the end of the day it’s NOT controlled by a human and there’s massive potential there for it to influence results in a competitive League. Not to mention arguments and headaches post race 🤯 #PleaseMakeCodemasterGreatAgain
  13. That is true, I really wished that they would take it to the next step and sort out the cambers and suspension too. Considering they haven’t changed anything in the setup menus other take away the weight balance. I would have like then to refine what we have a lot more and make it a lot more realistic. I understand their need to appeal to wider market with a lot of kids and casual and later on controllers so I’m not asking for full on in-depth setup menus like iRacing all though I would love that. At the end of the day they are the only OFFICIAL partner and game of Formula 1. So make it true to life is all I’m saying. Not Cambers all the way to the right and Toes all the way to the left for every track. Just look at the TT boards already and you can see that this is the case.
  14. 🤔🤔You guys that are saying you can turn it off, have you actually done it or just going off what you’ve read? We tried every option, as in toggling between 2019 and multi cars, switching the room from public to private etc. We couldn’t turn the Ai off. It seemed like the option was possibly there but it was greyed our and no matter what we did, it wouldn’t light up to toggle. It’s like if you set up a League with 20drivers and 2spectators which is what we have but with such a league you can never guarantee everyone will turn up for every race of a 21 race season. Real life just seems to always get in the way of of our fun. This is the occasions, as the league owner I DON’T want or need Ai to fill the grid 🤪 I HOPE you guys are right and somehow I just missed something. I’ll try again tonight and get back to you.
  15. I finally got a chance to log into this years version yesterday. I was SO excited to jump in and set my league up! That excitement quickly turned to frustration and down right anger! I think Codemasters is turning into a joke and just taking us loyal F1 loving fans for a ride now. As long as we keep paying they continue to develop and produce their game with absolute disregard for US and our requests! -The Fanatec F1 Wheel with Podium incompatibilities is just a Joke to begin with. Official F1 wheel, Official F1 Game yet half the functions don’t work. Tell me that’s not a joke! -The setups are STILL a joke and completely unrealistic. -The League options and dedicated servers to host sounded like they FINALLY nailed “something”. Only to find that it’s NOTHING like it sounded or looks. You can’t set dates into the calendar for your league unless you race like clockwork in a regular format. Well Codemasters.....we follow the real calendar and sometimes they have double headers. Sometimes they have 3week break between races!!! How can the OFFICIAL game not recognise this and at least give us an option to manually set the calendar?? So the the Calendar is a JOKE and useless! -The Ai can’t be turned off! Why do we want to race with Ai in our League?? That’s for career mode or single players!! What the hell was Codemasters thinking when they thought it was a wise decision to not give us the option to turn Ai on or Off!! What a fricking Joke! Well, I just checked the Calendar and we are nowhere near April Fools day so i’m afraid these Jokes are real and I for one am not seeing the funny side. It’s a real shame! Codemasters has such an oportunity here to make the ultimate F1 game/sim with their exclusive and Official partnerships with Fanatec and Formula 1! How can Codemasters hold their head high and be proud to be associated with the Official eSports series?? How is Formula 1 and Liberty not embarrassed?? This is a joke that has turned really sour now and gone on for far too long with no remorse or regard for the real fans of the sport and franchise. I know I’m only 1 grain of sand on a massive beach but Codemasters will not be taking anymore of my hard earned money from here on! If everyone else who feels jibbed and frustrated with this rubbish did the same, eventually they will start to notice as the erosion on the beach gets bigger and bigger. #StopJokingWithUsCodemasters