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  1. I don't know with what for settings you all play but I have a 24" Monitor Full HD and sitting 1 Meter away so i (must) play with these Camera settings.

    You can clearly see that with these settings a virtual mirror would help  a lot.


    I don't understand people say We dOnT nEeD a ViRtUaL mIrRoR jUsT dOnT cHaNgE yOu'Re FOV or other things like that.

    Or Just bind the look back key and you see the Cars behind you yea but in Monaco it's hard to use these.

    And i don't pay extra 170$ for Headtracking to see my mirror.


    In summary Virtual Mirror would be good adittion to the game for People that don't have VR,Eyetracker or Headtracker.






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