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  1. ObiWanMaHomie

    Is Time Trial Redundant?

    From now on I think I’m going to do my own setups and also spend my time practicing against 110% AI. Weirdly I actually agree with every single comment on here, which never happens. I’ve had my question actually answered which is also nice. So thank you to everybody who’s left a comment thus far.
  2. ObiWanMaHomie

    Is Time Trial Redundant?

    Hey everybody! The main use of Time Trial in my view is for bragging rights on the leaderboards but does it make you a better racer, does it translate to race pace? Personally I’m not so sure, I can see it helping in qualifying the most but during a Grand Prix the car feels so vastly different (including managing tyres, ERS, fuel etc) to where I feel Time Trail practice can be redundant, including the setups. I’m fast in Time Trial I can match some of the best online, but is it more beneficial to spend your time practicing under Grand Prix conditions, leaving Time Trial alone? Because after all the race is where it matters.
  3. I was gifted a Logitech G290 as a birthday present, I wasn’t planning on swapping to a wheel as I’m already quite fast on a controller but I thought I’d give it a go as an entry point. After setting up the wheel via the software on my laptop, updating the software, turning off the auto centring and turning down the rotation to 360 I hooked it up to my Xbox. Upon testing the wheel out on Time Trial at China I began to notice the wheel felt weirdly heavy, so I edited the saturation, force feedback, wheel dampener etc and it helped a little bit, but it’s still not perfect and it’s weirdly unresponsive handling wise through sector 1 at COTA. The most pressing matter is that when I accelerate or brake (even lock up) I can’t actually feel or tell what’s going on, whether I’ve braked too hard or accelerated too sharply I cannot find the limit of grip anywhere, not in the wheel or pedals. Is this feature exclusive to more expensive wheels like Fanatec? I’m just extremely surprised by this as on my Xbox Controller I can feel every sensation of my car, braking, accelerating, oversteer, under-steer, tyre wear etc. Any help with settings in-game and or via the software would be mighty helpful. For anyone who helps, thank you
  4. ObiWanMaHomie

    Racing Line Explanation?

    Hey, so in F1 2018 I never turned on the racing line but because F1 2019 is so vastly different I feel like I need to re-learn the tracks. Could somebody explain what the colours on the actual racing line means and is it an accurate representation of when to break and accelerate?
  5. ObiWanMaHomie

    Xbox one F1 2019 - Drivers Wanted!

    Dropped you guys a message on your website ✌
  6. Hey, I’m having a lot of trouble with braking and trail breaking in this game, also with accelerating out of corners. I’m not bad at it but I can definitely get a lot better. At each track I’ve attempted in Time Trial I’ve been losing over half a second just on the brakes and a bit more in accelerating out of the corners to my rival every lap, I know this as I can see where I lose all the time thanks to my rivals ghost/telemetry. I’m using a Xbox One Elite Controller and currently my best time is at China I’m now P12 in the standings on Xbox, but still over half a second down on P1 who’s also using a controller. Can somebody give me some general advice on braking and accelerating or any controller calibration tips that may help? This video is a few days old as I set a new lap time today of 1:31.203 as I used a setup for the first time at China which took me up to P12 from P13. I’m still having the same problems regardless of this marginal improvement. Thank you 03BAB371-3220-4CAC-8314-880AA0AD597F.mp4
  7. ObiWanMaHomie

    F1 2019 Weekly Event Penalty System Punishes Unfairly

  8. ObiWanMaHomie

    F1 2019 Weekly Event Penalty System Punishes Unfairly

    Like I previously said I agree with everything you’ve said, you are right. Yes, what happened to me was out of my control and yes that’s just how life goes sometimes. However, I’m still going to be frustrated by it if I didn’t do anything wrong and I can’t think of anybody who wouldn’t be.
  9. ObiWanMaHomie

    F1 2019 Weekly Event Penalty System Punishes Unfairly

    Your comparisons are completely valid and I agree with everything you’ve said but I actually set a lap time, multiple times.. In real life it’d be like having your lap taken away from you for setting it too early in the session for example, even though you did everything right. A big difference from you messing it up or a red flag etc. Codemasters won’t be able to do anything, yet I think they could of implemented this better like giving you one try every 24 hours or each time you retry it the qualifying session time gets cut down, idk. I just don’t agree with being punished for things that are out of your own control. That’s all.
  10. Hello, today I attempted the weekly event at Austria, after going purple in all of the practice programmes I moved onto qualifying and that’s where the problem begins. I consider myself reasonably good at this game being in the top 50 or top 10 at almost all tracks in time trial. I set a banker lap time of 1:05:080 at Austria and I was reasonably happy with that for the weekly event, before the end of the session leaving the pits for one last run my game froze, leading me to reset my console and incurring my first penalty, so I gave it another go and midsession my flat had a powercut due to line issues nearby so I lost all progress again, so I gave it one more go and set a 1:05:040 and once my time I had been uploaded to the leaderboards it was over 1:06:000... Can somebody please tell me how a penalty system like this is fair? I understand the system if it’s your own fault but when something is out of your own control the same rules shouldn’t apply. Is there some way to reset my time or? My time trial times at Austria on my account will vouch for me also. Thanks
  11. Hello, As you may as well have gathered I have epilepsy and therefore my seizures are tonic-clonic and I take Lamotrigine to keep them under control, but one of my triggers is flashing lights.  Today I was racing online at Canada and throughout the first lap I managed to complete before I had an episode there were massive white lights flashing in front of me on the track, in the grandstand, covering my entire screen as if someone had a flash on their camera the size of the sun.  As far as I’m aware there are no warnings or safety standards when it comes to epilepsy with this game and therefore I thought I’d be able to play it, safely. I’ve been playing Formula 1 games for years and this is the first time anything like this has happened.  Has anybody else experienced this obvious glitch/bug?