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  1. Dynosu

    Career mode. (How's everyone getting on)

    im at abu dhabi first season. Started at STR, switched to RB after 12 races. Then Verstappen went to STR, Albon got sacked, Kvyat to Alfa and Weber to STR. Thats all the changes ive seen so far. Good fun tho. RB strongest car all around. Engine is the only weakness so far, tho working on it. Aero im miles ahead. Chassis is getting regulation change, so small changes only there, planning to really focus on that next season.
  2. Dynosu

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    i have noticed the AI speeding up in the wet, which isnt a terrible idea, tho i do believe its overdone. I usually just turn on medium tc in the wet and turn it off once it gets dry. I do feel it rains too much in the game. It doesnt rain nearly as much irl. (and yes i remember germany, that was 1 race (an awesome one tho)). AI doesnt need a major overhaul in the wet, just make the field more level, they do seem to always have perfect traction even in monsoon weather.
  3. Dynosu

    Career mode is now broken!

    i switched from STR to RB and still got the points. Insane amount of upgrades that buys for doing nothing beyond switching really.