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  1. On 3/1/2020 at 3:54 PM, Getts0388 said:


    so you are saying that the game is programmed to slow down the steering reaction time when a pad is used??? Which I can believe. It would so hard to catch it when your rear tires are stepping out on you if a pad reacted so fast.  I also have had some trouble with over-heating my tires with my wheel/ car setup. Sorry if I caused anybody to get upset but my mind just got to thinking about how much more time it takes me to turn my wheel compared to pad. Thanks for your input too, it is appreciated. 


    Plug a controller in and do something like maggots and beckets or the esses at suzuka, the change of direction on a pad is very slow, that's literally the main advantage of a wheel... is the ability to have really fast change of direction. If your slow at turning your wheel that's either your settings being wrong e.g degrees of rotation or your just not very good with the wheel.

    Wheel = good at change of direction, tyre wear, tyre temps and easier ers mapping
    Pad = easier traction due to having feedback in the triggers, optimum slip angle through high speed corners.

  2. Let me tell you where you are wrong. Yes the pad may have a 'shorter distance' for switching direction but it doesn't switch instantly, it slowly switches from left to right or right to left. Also the pad at places like Singapore, Monaco, Cota, France all have pretty bad tyre temp problems, which makes the pad on those tracks unfair compared to wheel as we have overheated tyres on the same setups as wheel users.

  3. 3 minutes ago, steviejay69 said:

    Can you do me a favour and set to 'Yes' before you have an incident and see what the result is? Appreciate this may take some time to test.

    Might even be relevant what sector you are in if it doesn't detect a call in Sector 3 but does in Sector 1 or 2. It might also depend on the game mode. Pretty much I find the pitlane is too late from experience, but that would only be on the occasion I haven't set it (which is hardly ever).

    I will test it, just like i've tested a bunch of things in this game, but CM needs to look at it as there is something wrong with the threshold or something

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  4. 2 hours ago, BarryBL said:

    Hi all,

    @steviejay69 is correct on this. "Auto" setting will let the game decide whether an early stop to fix the damage is worth the time lost in the pits. This would be related to the level of damage vs the amount of extra time stationary in the pitlane. For the game to consider that the wing should be replaced under "Auto" settings, there would have to be substantial damage.

    "Yes" is simply to change regardless of level of damage at the next stop, giving the player control.



    Barry, i appreciate the communication from you but on this specific case, what you said is incorrect, there have been plenty of cases in the leagues i've raced in and from my own races where my wing will not get changed with it selected at 'yes'. If you could please get this looked at as it ruins races when you get minor damage at a downforce track, you want the game to fix it but it won't and your race is basically ruined.

  5. Here are some things i wrote down that are more minor and things that i would like to see changed

    1. Customisation/settings for online lobbies
    I would like to see some more settings for online lobbies, Tyre wear scaling/toggle on/off, more damage settings that let you control what can be damaged and whether you can get punctures from debris etc. Safety car and VSC seperate settings for togglability, speeds aswell as probability. Let us actually have consistent rules and penalties by letting us choose each rule and flag and what penalities are possible to receive and please for the love of god stop making us serve our unfair instant penalites, as stop go's in the pits as it messes up our league races.

    Let us give grid penalites in the lobby or pitlane starts perhaps for those who acquired penality points in X league.

    Let us choose whether or not blue flagged cars ghost or not as yes that was a good addition for open lobbies but for league races it's not realistic and just annoying.


    2. Setups/Setup saving
    I do a fair bit of tt and i've recently ran out of setup save slots and it's quite a messy way to find one i'm looking for. One small change would be to only show setups for the current track your at rather than seeing monaco setups at spa for example, also if that mean that we can have 10 setups per track or something that would be great.

    As setups go i don't mind how it is, some people say it's silly and basic but i think it's fine, couple of minor things i would to point out though. The camber is the wrong way round in the setuo screen, 'max camber' is shown as -2.50 whereas min is -3.50, -3.50 is more camber and therefore it's kinda confusing to me and i still am unsure how it translates to ingame. Also i've done some testing and tyre pressures don't seem to make any difference to tyre temps or straight line speed even though the info text suggests it does. Also ride height doesn't affect top speed even though i am unsure if that actuall would affect it.


    3. Spectating/viewer experience
    Alot of the races i do are commentated over and streamed and some small things would improve the experience.

    A track map so commentators can see where cars are on track, this is useful for race and especially qualy. Let spectators somehow view the weather forecast. Maybe add a small 3 sector traffic light system next to each driver on the list, this would be quite helpful for who's improving or going purple in qualy.

    When there's a yellow flag, flash the drivers name or something to easily find what's happening.

    4. Tyres
    Let us have a cutom tyre allocation. It would be nice to have more than 1 medium set. So if we can have balanced, harder, softer and custom where we can have things like 1 hard 2 mediums and 1 soft for example. Maybe let us change this in the garage rather than the loading screen to speed that part up.

    5. Wet weather

    I enjoy wet races in this game, especially as i use no assists, i even had a full wet 50% monaco race last season and won it just... But i must say the chance of rain is a tad high, maybe it's just variance but they happen alot in my experience.

    On the subject of rain i don't think the track should dry nowhere as quick as it does but if it's stopped raining form a line in the road. YOu may not agree with this next suggestion but i think drivers shouldn't be informed as accuratuly about the weather, Jeff should be saying things like "there's a chance" or "the rain might die down" rather than "it will". and also can you make it so the DRS enabled/disbaled message isn't at the same time as the crossover point as it ruins any form of risk or being unknown to the drivers if that makes sense.

    6. Please have push to talk enabled as default PLEASE, open lobbies are just full of people's mic's blasting their games or voices because their mic is just open

    7. Please adjust tyre temps, certain tracks are really bad for tyre temps especially on the pad, regardless of setup chanegs and using no ers in the corners etc it just becomes really annoying especially when other people have less temps with the same setup but they use a wheel instead.


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