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  1. One thing is that this year IA seems often totally unaware of what the player is doing, and another one is that they can't even keep the control of the car in a straight line ! How is it possible to see F1 drivers losing the car with no reason in the middle of a straight at lv107 ? This makes me think that this game is totally scripted, the game "decides" that a driver must have an accident (as like as it decides when a driver has a failure) in that very moment and makes the driver lose the car regardless of where the driver is on the track. And then another mistery is why on Earth the other IA drivers deliberately try to hit opponents instead of trying to avoid them... up to last year IA wasn't so much stupid...
  2. I am about to finish my 2nd season at 100% race lenght and 107 difficulty (110 in Austria, Canada and Mexico) and I can't figure out why IA drivers can't even control the car in a straight line: they just decide to swerve towards walls/rails for no reason while they are at 300+kmh in a straight line, how is it possible that IA drivers can't control their cars on a straight line at level 107 ? The worst thing is that it often happens that these drivers bounce back in the middle of the track after hitting the wall, and other IA drivers do NOTHING to avoid them ! Sometimes I have the feeling that IA drivers try deliberately to hit drivers, because 90% of times they don't even brake and sometimes they even change their line to hit them. Just see minutes 13:10 to 14:58 of this video: you can clearly see Sainz deliberately losing the car in the main straight and other drivers deliberately hitting him. F1 2019 didn't have this problem, in 5 full season at 100% race lenght on F1 2019 I never experienced this absurd IA behaviour, while here on F1 2020 it happens about once every 3-4 races.
  3. Coyote93

    Formula 2 (2020) is Amazing !!! But ...

    2019 season is the same, I made a whole championship with 100% race lenght and there were only 13 points between the real F2 2019 champion De Vries (who only scored 36 points) and... Raghunathan... who scored 23 points and WON THE MONACO SPRINT RACE ! They took 5 months to release the 2020 season and they didn't solve one single problem between F2 2019 and F2 2020...
  4. Coyote93

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    In my career (100% race lenght) he scores more poles than Hamilton and he's a God at overtaking: he recovered from 12th to 1st in Spain overtaking all the drivers in front of him one after another and he made at least 6-7 overtakes during the Monaco Gp (!)... this must be a joke...
  5. I am forced to run the game using the "Low" graphic preset because I record while playing, and the gams still looks very good, except for the personal liveries of my own car. See the picture: the Williams livery looks perfect (and its the same for every other official 2020 car), but the livery of my car is incredibly blurry, it looks like a Playstation 1 texture. I've tried that specific livery because it contains texts and a design that makes very easy to ralize that the livery is not displaying correctly, but literally EVERY livery I try looks this blurry. Why is there such a difference between my car and the official teams liveries ? All the cars should look equal at all level of details, if the "low" preset is able to render all official team's liveries at a good resolution why does it render my livery in such a ridicolous way ? The last time I saw such an huge graphic detail difference between 2 cars featured in the same screen was in Gran Turismo 5, which features both premium cars with ps3 textures and old cars with ps2 textures...
  6. Coyote93

    ok....but F2 2020???

    Could you please tell us if the new F2 drivers (the ones who were NOT in the 2019 season, like Armstrong, Schwartzman etc.) are going to be implemented as "free agents" in the "My Team" career mode ? And if so, will this apply to already existing "My team" savegames ? And will you update the ratings of the F2 drivers who participated both in the 2019 season and in the 2020 season ? For example Schumacher and Ilott may need a little tweak because of their good result in 2020
  7. You can't use free practice tires in races (there is only ONE set of tires which is specifically for practice, and it is the only one you can use if you don't want to race with already worn tires) but as you can see by the attached screens you can use the "race 2" set of hard tires during free practice. The first attached screen shows the tires you can use in free practice (in Fp you also have the set for race 2 available, and that's the problem with the IA) and the second one shows the tires you can use in qualy. You can see that there is one set of tires which is ALWAYS available to use, both in free practice and in qualy, but that set is the one that should be used for race 2, so if IA drivers use 2 sets of hard tires during Fp it is 100% sure that they used the set that they should have used in race 2. If the expected life of that set only exceeds the number of laps of race2 by 3-4 laps it is very likable that in the moment of starting the race 2 that set has not enough life left to cover the full distance of race 2 because IA drivers wasted that set during free practice. As for the soft compounds, one is for qualy and the other one is for race 1, there are no soft tires for race 2, so IA drivers who select that compound for race 2 are using the same one they used in qualy, so during race 2 they don't make a single lap with fresh tires, because they don't have any set of new tires left. The fact that IA drivers start race 2 with an already worn set is easily noticeable if you "spy" their tires while they are on the grid just before the start through the race replay. From the screen below you can see the difference between my set of new hard tires and the tires used by IA drivers... in some cases the tires they use are already "devastated", and they are incredibly slow even with 110 difficulty. You can see one of the races in which this bug screwed up the results in this video (it is in italian, but you can clearly see how slow IA drivers are through the race, so slow that I was about to hit them multiple times)
  8. Coyote93

    AI Difficulty Calculator

    Looks very interesting, I think I will try this calculator in my "my team" career mode on youtube as soon as possible, I had a lot of IA balancing problems in F1 2019, I hope this calculator will help me
  9. I'm talking about the drivers who made their debut in F2 in 2020 and are not present in the 2019 season, i.e. Schwartzman, Ticktum, NIssany, Sato, Armstrong, Lundgaard, Samaia (the new Raghunathan xD), Drugovich, Daruvala, Tsunoda, Markelov and Pedro Piquet: will these drivers be also added in My Team career mode and thus be available for the player and for other F1 teams to hire ? And if so, will this apply to My Team careers which have already started ? And will other F2 drivers stats be adjusted according to their 2020 achievements ?
  10. Coyote93

    F2 pit stop Sprintrace

    I have the very same problem and I reported it in the bug section of this forum. The cause of IA drivers making a pit stop in race 2 is that they waste all their sets of Hard tires during free practice, so in Race 2 they don't have any new set of Hard tires to use, and the used tires they use in race two don't have enough life to cover the full race distance. I suggest you to try to disable the free practice session (i.e. play your championship only with qualifying and the two races), so if there is no free practice IA won't waste all their tires.
  11. I am playing a full F2 season with 100% race lenght and race results are usually screwed up by IA drivers making a pit stop in race2, which does not require any pit stop at all. The cause of this problem can be the fact that IA drivers are using 2-3 set of hard tires during free practice, so this means that they use in free practice the sets of Hard tires which are supposed to be used in race 1 and race 2: as a result of this, IA drivers don't have any new set of Hard tires to use in race 2, so they are forced to make a pit stop. I think that if you prevent IA drivers from using more than 1 set of tires in the free practice session the problem would be solved, because they would have fresh tires for race 2 and they wouldn't need any pit stop.