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  1. paff33

    Improving split-screen mode

    I think the first and fifth suggestion could be done for this game. The others need more development. Would be great. @BarryBL
  2. paff33

    F1 2020 Split Screen

    You could also add the possibility to save the game
  3. paff33

    Split screen necessities

    I just wanted to say a few things that could enhance the experience of split screen: - Ability to save a championship. It is very annoying to play a normal championship if you have to write down the results every race. - Having the gaps to the car in front and in the back. - Enabling safety car. - A central camera that shows better the car (like in f1 2011) . In much cases you don't even know what tyres are you wearing.
  4. paff33

    Split screen HUD

    Hi, I would like to know whether you can add a possibility to have the gap to the car in front and the car behind when we are using split screen mode. I also suggest if you can enable the full timing list as in single player as a possibility, not compulsory. In my view people with very big TV's can afford to have the full timing without disturbing the gameplay. Besides, if we could have the radio it would be a great addition. Only enabling one radio simultaneously, and maximum 3 times per lap per person. Otherwise, it is quite complex to have a full experience on split screen without the timings or the radio info.