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  1. Wouldn't be surprised to see Ostberg rock up at Hyundai sharing the 3rd seat with Sordo
  2. word is Paddon and Breen will both be joining M-Sport now. Good if true although surprised Ostberg isn't joining considering he brings some £££ as well as experience and speed
  3. its a shame Ypres cannot be on there! Imagine the crowd for Neuville!
  4. Not been confirmed yet but think Lappi to Citroen deal has already been done.
  5. think most likely line up now is: Toyota - Tanak, JML, Meeke Hyundai - Neuville, Mikklesen, Sordo/Padden Citroen - Ogier, Lappi, Breen M-Sport - Sunninen, Evans and probably Ostberg
  6. Don't blame him, if Ford couldn't commit properly now then they never will in the WRC again. Just a shame M-Sport cannot find another manufacturer to work with who are more serious about Rallying.
  7. FIA are already on board with game via WRX...but perhaps they will be with WRC too ?
  8. Agree these are all the things im hoping for too, just don’t want the actual driving physics to change much as they say if ain’t broke.......
  9. I actually hope they don’t change too much from dirt rally, yes at least 2 more locations are a must and some more cars too but the first game got so much right in so many ways. it really had something special about it that I fear may be lost if they change too much. But I can still remember how great Colin McRae Rally 2.0 was after the first version so I have faith ?
  10. I think it’s a safe bet it includes the WRC license personally 
  11. Still no news....at least it means next week there will definitely be an announcement 
  12. Realistically I would think the quickest DLC locations to implement would be Finland, Germany, Monte and Greece - would happily pay to have these added to D4
  13. Am I right in thinking that my stage doesn't include the option for surroundings I.e forests, mountains, hills etc ? 
  14. Am I right in thinking the actual stages from Germany, monte, Finland and Greece from dirt rally cannot be transferred to dirt 4 as they are real life stages and now require licensing? it would be great if the locations could still be added so we could then use stage creator on them. orherwise agree location DLC's are a must, maybe some left field choices like ypres, valais, Manx, African safari - these could really set it apart from the other rally titles 
  15. I'm hoping to create enough Tarmac stages to create an offline all tarmac custom championship, is this possible? Guess the only thing is locations will all look quite samey 
  16. The AI pace in the wet is so ridiculous I've now decided that if rain is forecast I'll exit to the menu so I can drop the difficulty down a notch so it's realistic again and put it back when it's dry
  17. It's really quite frustrating now driving for a top team where your car is over a second slower than your teammate, by the time I get all the upgrades the season will be over! 
  18. It's not easily visible, just use the search tool and you will find it though 
  19. Got a bit further in career and it's not going bad but because my car is underdeveloped I'm finding that every race now is just a trulli train with me holding up the whole pack, it's not so fun really I want fair even racing 
  20. I always liked the idea of trying to build a small team up over 5 seasons, shame 
  21. I think it's fair to say there won't be any patches of any kind for this game, all efforts are likely already on F1 2015 now 
  22. A different question and it's for F1 2013 too as I never touched career mode on that, can you take a lower team like Marussia and if you stick with them for the whole 5 seasons can you get to the brink of winning or is they performance always pegged back? 
  23. As we know you can choose any team in season one, is this still the same in season 2 or is it just offers based on your performance?
  24. I returned to my career to find a completely different r & d task, for tyre wear which was very easy so it's a mystery really! 
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