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  1. I have stopped playing games from CM. I am bored of this crap.  They are kidding us.... I am sure they lough every day about people who are buying this..... Were are the games with pure racing? Without leveling, cash, points, tuning? Only fun with fair races and comparing lap time? Is this so difficult? Who really cares about Level? That only shows how many time you spend with this game,  nothing about your speed. I often play with friends,  which visit me, and they are racing with my account....And our personell speed is much different.......... 
  2. Sorry, but i have to lough about this..... Same joke as grid2.... Unbeleavable this guys... I wait for project cars and will never ever buy a cm game in the Future. And i have preorderd many games in the past... But i dont want to support this behavior and politics... For me it felt like that the only thing that they are interested is money... Easy money....
  3. And i always enjoy international Lobby.... We all love motorsports.... Only thing thats count 
  4. Unfortunatly there are many dumb people out there, who have no competitive AND sporty behavior and..... I dont care if i am first or last.... Doesnt effect my live Really. If the race was funny and with fair wheel on wheel action i am happy. And with my skill there is most of the time a faster guy on track :-D thats my motivation... One day racing this guy.  And hard fighting with others every turn is only one thing......very slow 
  5. Set on spa a 1.55 with 787b with default Setup and without aids and that was not perfekt because i Run only three laps.  Can you Set a time in spa? Ps3
  6. No bad idea... I have a g25 and dont use the shiftstick. Most of time i am shifting with paddels. 
  7. I dont like ABS and traction controlls in race cars.... Boring for me. And i dont care if this slows me down a little bit.. Makes more fun.
  8. Skill is everything at everything ;-) 
  9. I will.....  For sure...I dont Know... I always turn it off... I am very interrested if its really no difference....for online this is very fair, if its the case........ 
  10. No difference?  Hard to believe....... 
  11. What do you think is the time difference without using ABS? 
  12. For some guys braking is the most difficult thing in the World ;-) always remind this. Go always your own Speed,  dont Hunt faster guys... So you dont makes the same failures as the guy in Front. Missing the apex.  
  13. GAS stand for German Austria Switzerland..... But we are only three active members... 
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