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  1. I've seen a lot of posts but nothing answers real issue questions like; Will F1 remain in the hands of the Codemasters staff or will EA overhaul everything? (Are Codemasters staying with F1 but simply under new management?) If EA want to change things will we loose all the amazing years of evolution of the best AI of any game ever? (This is genuinely my biggest fear, every other games AI are awful in comparison and EA especially have terrible arcade racing games like NFS dirty brick AI). Why did Codemasters sell such a successful company? What are the future longterm plans
  2. I had this too, first time was in rain though so assume it wanted me to just try going without changing to the end as the weather nil and voided the need for compound changing. But another race in dry did the same. Only times I've had it but both times were my normal strategy and 2nd option was a blank strategy.
  3. Same for me. Also seems to cap at +5 but is that to do with the department level? (So far I've got all 3 areas of 2nd driver department unlocked 1 level each). Also looking at all the F1 drivers they are all at +5 and mostly +10 after just race 2 so do the AI all just gun for driver programme or is it a glitch? As they already dwarf my F2 driver (also Calderón), 1st race split the Williams up, 2nd race actually cleared both Williams noticeably, then 3rd race onward its back of the grid by 1 or 2 seconds (thats with keeping up with R&D too, went from just ahead of Williams but far off Haas
  4. Anyone up for the Pro Tour? Looks like we need 8 at a time, only ever got 2 or 3 and no timer it just stays in the start screen, unless this area is dead already?
  5. The races for hot hatches wee mostly quite long. Tedious for slow cars but the fun cars like the LMPs (prototypes) and the wild looking Time Attack editions as well as the F1 races are all so short. I see that the best are saved for last. More Hyper cars coming so please throw in a few endurance please or the option to pick lap %? These are the fun races. Powerful and wild. Also big tracks. Most races with powerful cars are on really short tiny tracks. You just don't get to push much. So endurance big circuit power mode please!! 😄 Also maybe more F1 circuits? Or epics l
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