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  1. Hi I play F1 2020 on PS4 Pro and since the last update I get a lot of flickering on the screen, I first thought it was my TV but this only happens playing this game. It is present during races but a bit less noticeable as there is flickering from cameras etc. But this is a different flickering, like its struggling, lagging. Its almost like a turning off an old TV type flicker. If you can check into this it would be greatly appreciated, it definitely affects my eyes after a while.
  2. Carystus

    Aggressive backmarkers?!?!

    The AI are the very best to race wheel to wheel, BUT their weakness..? The dreaded back markers, dithering and brake testing on fast corners.. No understanding of the pit exit area.. 😂 All this is standard. Its something that can't be avoided either, say if you are the one exiting the pit and therefore unable to move over and the lane goes right onto the racing line like France, you are basically screwed unless you can brake in time and passively just let the AI take priority to save a crash. Its a rarity but its something that may not get fixed if EA take over the running of the game in a rebuild. Though I've never had the blue flag not appearing issue, I use PS4, if its a more regular thing for you then likely you found a bug. So report using the form, hopefully they can sort it out for you.
  3. Carystus

    F1 2021

    EA new track purchase option, pay for each track separately.. Its only official if you CC.. One of my worst fears.. And hearing "rebuild", if EA make F1 like NFS I'm committing myself to a mental asylum.. Everyone buy the F1 2020 disc and look after it like its your baby.. 2021 if Codies are able to complete this themselves. It will be the last of its kind.. I want so badly to be wrong on all my EA takeover fears.
  4. Carystus

    Ea sports it’s in the game

    I've seen a lot of posts but nothing answers real issue questions like; Will F1 remain in the hands of the Codemasters staff or will EA overhaul everything? (Are Codemasters staying with F1 but simply under new management?) If EA want to change things will we loose all the amazing years of evolution of the best AI of any game ever? (This is genuinely my biggest fear, every other games AI are awful in comparison and EA especially have terrible arcade racing games like NFS dirty brick AI). Why did Codemasters sell such a successful company? What are the future longterm plans for the F1 game? If any of these actually HAVE been answered previously I apologise as I must have missed them. I have hoped EAs takeover would only be a management thing, simply a change of name but lately some articles have hinted differently hence my desire to know a few extra details, hopefully by an official Codemasters member please (to prevent hearsay)..
  5. Carystus

    Yuki Tsunoda

    Will Yuki Tsunoda be added to the My Team roster soon please? Now that he's in the game and even now an F1 driver it would be great to have him in the roster to pick as 2nd driver, unless I need to restart a career? I did the latest stat update.
  6. I'm really pumped for this. It still frustrates me in WRC that there are so few options and customisation. Something CodeMasters are championing so often. I am picturing random generated stages for a more realistic natural feel that pits the co-driver with more importance. The option to pick a female co-driver like in DiRT4, I loved that. Though DiRT 2.0 missed that trick so please add this for 2023. More cars! WRC 9 added more finally but they still miss the big ones like the Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza, these are the iconic cars I grew up adoring. More options for accessibility. WRC 9 went even more extreme on the wheel support and less again on controller support. Its very hard to handle the cars in any mode other than career and only thanks to R&D and all classics are horrendous to control, and they feel the same, the modern Focus handles just like the Lancia which is crazy! I'm sure the Focus was 4WD too. Anyway I expect wheel and controller users to both be well looked after as in F1 and other titles. So more stability options and sensitivity options that work. Don't get me wrong I love WRC 9 and New Zealand is stunning! But its always been very inconsistent. A lot say its very sim but I still feel its quite arcade like but with very poor handling and really odd crash detection. So I'm looking forward to CodeMasters take on this, as racers go CodeMasters seem to be very consistent on customisation and accessability options. I'm hoping for custom career teams too. I love the unique liveries teams sometimes have. The Paddon i20 looks stunning and the Fnckmatie Fiesta is like a mirror! The standard i20 is stunning of course and though WRC 9 don't do it enough justice by its more vivid colours that look bland in game I still love racing with livery options and feeling like its really MY car not one thats borrowed as in WRC 9 as you can still see the original drivers number and colours rather than your own. Also not ever seen the Paddon or Fnckmatie come up in career offers either. I'd love to see a livery you can keep for any car, say you sign a Monster Energy or Red Bull contract and get the full car livery you can add to any of the cars that will be in 2023. Sign a sponsor then sign a separate manufacturer deal and they combine as your new team. And it continues over the years. Currently in WRC 8 and still in 9 you can stay with the same team but you get the bank reset?? And can still get a different car (number change so replace a different official driver lineup with the same manufacturer). That makes no sense to me. Even if I joined another team why would I loose all my money? Lol! The R&D is good though and they added a new freeroam mode you can just play around in and practice those handbrake turns. Hopefully they stay. They have interesting maintenance events that are similar to DiRTs Joyride playground so I'm well up for that to progress to full DiRT style test sessions for any car. I'm hoping you get a lot of wiggle room to add a lot of fantasy stuff with the official content, any historic rallies not on the official list that year as well as a nice diverse classic car lineup like you have already with DiRT. I'd love to smash a classic car around an official stage as well as official teams around stages that maybe cancelled in rl. Like in WRC 9 I'm really missing Australia a lot! So being able to add those otherwise missed out would be perfection. So most of all career mode, the female co-driver voice option and unique team livery for any car without replacing any of the official lineup, so you are an official addition. And more accessability options than WRC currently have. Basically DiRT already 😂 But official.. Ironic you are already there CodeMasters 👍 Plus CM has a forum.. Seriously if WRC gets an issue (which there are many) its very hard to get it across to them and you get no feedback even from their official Twitter page. I've always had a good experience with bug reporting for F1 here, simple easy to use report system and feedback regarding the issues too. We are kept in the loop here.
  7. Carystus

    Constructors Trophy Career Mode

    I just won my first Constructors Trophy in MyTeam Career mode (PS4) but didn't get a mail for the trophy to add to my licence. As previous years have had it I'm guessing its a bug? Or have codies stopped adding it as a show trophy?
  8. Carystus

    Slow Driver Market

    1st season end Grosjean retired, Russell went to Haas and Matsushita (who's been doing awesome) got signed to Williams. That was it. 2nd season ended and magic happened!! Ricciardo (who is spelled wrong in the interview *PS4 version* btw Codies) got a seat in Merc along side Hamilton! Awesome move! Seb retired, Verstappen went to Ferrari Gasly moved up to RB and Perez also joined him there. Bottas went to Renault. Albon and Räikkönen went to RP. De Vries got signed to Alfa Romeo. Stroll went to AlphaTauri. So that's RB with an even bigger purse.. It was a pretty epic change! Its pretty random. Just like the odd driver will get a sudden boost or fail rate that will effect their seat. Bottas last 3 races got involved in mid field collisions so assume that caused his move and RB were struggling as a team and totally disbanded lol! If you do another career it'll be different again. I'm enjoying the odd random event or abnormal result that effects teams and drivers. I've noticed it fast and directly affects their R&D growth allowing a lower team to rise and higher team to fall randomly. Long as you let it happen. I did get a scenario where Kvyat was qualifying really well, top 10 in bottom 3 team (at the time) but I actually restarted those as I thought it was a bit disrespectful to Gasly and after 3 race weekends of this to get more "normal" results for him without direct intervention it seemed to stop doing it and restored balance to the back of the grid. I allowed (no restarts) Räikkönen to get a flurry of great quali results and now he's in the RP, top 4 car. I really like that evolution. Bit cheeky to be bias to Kvyat but Gasly has had such a stronger last year and still out doing Kvyat so I'd hate to see him rise and gasly stay low down. If you are into these tests I highly recommend you try it out. You can directly or indirectly get involved with it and see realistic results/outcomes by it. Overall a good system in my eyes. I might actualy test it more directly with a set driver just to see if its not a fluke. But if you are having a boring transfer career then why not try to "intervene" a little, help a driver out or back a driver off a bit and see what happens? Its a game afterall, why not have a bit of fun with it?
  9. Yeah I see that too. Its circuits just long enough for the power to win overtakes so the slower AI can't defend so easily and have no choice but to concede. I have put a request through to look into it so hopefully they will find out and get a work around sorted for it 🤞
  10. Carystus

    What does teammate's acclaim actually do?

    Nice info everyone 👍 I'm very interested in all of this. And just suddenly my acclaim %, though states the same number, is suddenly increasing much slower on the bar marker. So a breakdown would really help there for sure. I'm also sticking with my first choice driver. I've got all level 2 2nd driver department unlocked and its really showing in race results. Still no perks showing for her but if they start using their own contract money this would be brilliant! Nearly finished season 2 so see how far I can get with my prize money as I'm on target with all sponsors. But I'm annoyed I still can't choose to offer better or longer contracts. Its still half season only. Wondering if anyone has got different options available to 2nd driver contracts?
  11. Carystus

    Question about F2 2020 and My Team mode

    Not heard any news though the 2019 game the update in drivers came much later on. If I remember right it was toward the end of the F1 season that the update came. I can imagine with enough demand it could come but if they do add 2020 F2 line up then I can only imagine they'd simply add the extra avatars to the roster rather than replace. As if Codies replaced drivers players already picked for my team it would cause a bit of upset. So I wouldn't worry about starting a My Team and getting screwed over. Worst case they do like at the start when they added performance improvements to the drivers and teams and sent a mail like the career trophy mails stating they updated and would you like to implement it to your current career mode (you could accept or decline) or preferably as stated above, they simply add extra drivers to the current career roster for future team negotiations.
  12. Carystus

    What does teammate's acclaim actually do?

    I'm only aware by my own team that 2nd driver adds acclaim to the overall team % so higher level means more % added to overall team acclaim which increases overall income and winnings for main sponsor. Also puzzled me that the 2nd driver has a perk table too but no option to upgrade. But I've not tested if the 2nd driver can become the 1st driver and take over the perk and R&D guidance. Curious if this is an area you tested yet? If the other driver can be put into 1st role by outperforming the player if they take all those bonus extras on board. As it is currently for me 2nd driver can help contribute to all areas. They add R&D points in practice sessions and add to team acclaim but the amount or % is much less. Though my first race I did qualify ahead but added parts penalties so started behind, but then finished the race ahead of my team mate but they actually got more acclaim than me. In fact it took me to race 3 to get ahead of my team mates acclaim income %. This could be to do with starting acclaim level though as I didn't pay much attention to that. Assuming the created player starts at zero. I am happy though that my driver Tatiana Calderón is clean and consistent (not fast though) so the income is consistent in rising as her acclaim level grows. I'm definitely going to pay more attention to it now lol I'm all for trying to perfect my team.
  13. I think Codies have it down really well for tyres as there can be times in dry but cloudy cool conditions where the medium tyre performs better than the softs as happens in real racing. Conditions are key. BUT the AI issue is different. I've noticed an AI out of traffic can go much faster on the right tyre but soon as they get behind someone then they go yellow flag mode. However they do have good attacking aggression. Test holding the AI back or giving them just the slightest of gaps and they'll gun for it. But they don't do this for other AI. Now it could be they are a little TOO intelligent as in they know exactly what corners to defend inside or outside as I've seen plenty of good attempts by faster AI to overtake BUT the defender always wins unless an extreme situation presents itself, rare mechanical issue possibly from pushing too hard too long? Or another AI causes a block or other similar issue to the defending AI. The last 3 races for me have been entirely yellow flag AI bar whoever is 2nd behind my 3 poles in a row. These 3 races I did accurate difficulty to my cars performance, slightly lower and super easy. All three times the 2nd car would do a Need For Speed style "Catch up" where even on super easy they'd fly along with me for the most part of the 1st lap even well ahead of the 3rd place AI. So its not just a case of max fuel and energy use but something in the coding that is screwing up the AI. The worst thing is getting an AI to react or evolve solely around the player. They need to get their independence back like they did so well in 2018. Sure they fought maybe a little too much and sometimes ruined their own races but they at least took each car whether human or AI as equals and had great fights. Its much more staged now to the player. Though the starts are exciting and midfield starts for me are great fun. You can see the issue much clearer up front. The AI are aggressive in the wrong situations and wasteful of their boosts (when not cheating, seemingly limitless ERS etc). Especially the starts. Racing so hard they burn out harder! Bar the "cheating" AI closest to the player who seems to have far longer boosts than the other AI who fall back fast. If they have a catch up system they need to dump that fast. The worst invention in gaming ever! More consistency in pace. Better tyre to situation consistency. And more human style AI overtaking, if the AI always know exactly what to do to defend (ERS perfect timing and perfect lines), and speed and talent mean nothing (yellow flag syndrome), then there will never be a real overtake opportunity. This stands even for the top teams struggling to overtake midfield teams (also regardless of tyre). So to sum up. More consistent pace, more "human" defending. AI treating other AI the same as the player.
  14. Carystus

    I want my money back

    Damn hardcore bug! Luckily not had this on PS4. You on PC?
  15. Carystus

    I want my money back

    That is just the button binding. Unbind the view from the steering in options.