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  1. Carystus

    F1 2020 game release date

    Not necessarily. I'd welcome it with open arms. You'd finally get to upgrade a low rank team and know later seasons it wouldn't be undone for nothing. Plus with multiple paths to take in R&D this would mix the grid up further. Rather than the same teams always winning you'd have a much more mixed power to aero advantage so different circuits would produce clearer unique winners. Having all teams closer would also make it more competitive as you wouldn't have a huge gap between teams so winning a race would be tougher as you would have to fight every car equally as competitively rather than easy passing back markers to get a boost up to the faster cars. Or front runners being held up by slower cars after only 15 laps or so. Though I can't see this happening unless its been said already? I'm only just catching up on the great news all tracks will be present.
  2. Carystus

    F1 2020 game release date

    Yes more than ever. No F1 on TV and no F1 game? No F1 period? No thanks. This game will save many a fans sanity!!
  3. Carystus

    Multiplayer Tyre Choice

    Also even not doing quali in multiplayer you can start the race with 12-15% tyre wear already, which is quite significant. I've only noticed this in unranked, in case its not a thing in ranked.
  4. Hi I have an issue that regularly shows up after back to back races, if you use a tyre compound other than the softest available for quali you still start the race on the softest compound, you can't choose to start on the harder on 25% races. Its never been on the first race, normally the 2nd or 3rd it will be an issue, the last time it happened for 4 races then the 5th was okay to choose again. But then it became an issue again. Also even happens when you start quali on say Mediums but retire or DNF, the race still starts with Softs.
  5. So I was hosting an unranked multiplayer lobby, 25% races, but come Spa I have a slip and slide moment of my own doing and damage my front wing, so I pit but I start on Mediums and pit for Softs, thought I'll just have to make them last, but heavenly moment when the Safety Car is announced mid race! I can pit and rejoin the group so I dive in for fresh Softs. As I come out of the pit I see the Safety Car stopped on the track just by the exit so I carry on, staying in the delta time, just after the straight the delta time disappears, I can finally hammer it to the Safety Car queue. Only I find out as shown that there is no Safety Car queue.. The Safety Car is waiting only for me, half way through the circuit, parked a bit weirdly, took me back a bit hence flying passed it.. Then the dreaded message I have to give the place back.. But the SC is not moving.. At all!!! So I try reversing but I know I'll get black flagged, then again I'll get black flagged if I don't get behind the stationary SC? I pretty much got well and truly screwed.. Feel free to check the clip, never had it before.. Sad times..
  6. Carystus

    Why my car crashes without any reason?

    I get it online, maybe 5 or 6 times total, just suddenly out of nowhere I loose total traction and spin wildly off, I've always assumed it was a lag surge because its never happened offline before and I cannot recover for a few seconds however careful I am with the throttle, I just do donuts, on grass, on track makes no difference. It is however always on corners but makes no odds what TC if any I use or touching curbs/grass or not. And on corners I've never made mistakes with offline. I now always race online full traction, though that is in part because of torpedo bombers as I can recover faster, without TC your car can just fly! Its a pain because it is much slower to race but it seems necessary for my experiences online. Your video seems to be on braking though like you'd expect to see with a full lock up with 2 wheels on the grass but without the effects of that. Quite spectacular lol!
  7. Carystus

    Season 2 Rain and Objectives

    That's awesome to hear Chris Groves, thank you for your time replying to all queries and tip regarding 2 wheel challenge 👍
  8. Hi first thanks for the new cars, Vulcan is a beauty! 4 Queries; 1. Is it supposed to be raining heavy almost every race in season 2? Seems a bit extreme and can't really experience the new cars much in the dry, not including free run as the money earned is non-existent. 2. Also in Objectives the Track Day GT Hoarder isn't getting ticked off, I've bought them all, Zonda, FXX, Vulcan and BT62. Though I bought the 599XX and GT Heritage anyway too. 3. How do you get the Two Wheels bonuses for objectives? There are literally no jumps and being aggressive on curbs gives a split second two wheel bonus on screen but for all those I've done I've still not achieved even the 10 second two wheel objective? 4. The big one! Stats page.. Can we please get one, I'm surprised with Racenet its not up there either so no idea why we sign up for that in game? But especially for the trophy around the globe it would be nice to know what mileage I've done, but also how many races I've participated in total, wins, poles, mileage in career/total etc. Stats have always been a big thing in all sports so its odd we don't have it here, please consider this, safe to say we'd all love and appreciate it.
  9. Carystus

    DiRT 4

    Anyone up for the Pro Tour? Looks like we need 8 at a time, only ever got 2 or 3 and no timer it just stays in the start screen, unless this area is dead already?
  10. Hi sorry if this is in other threads but it needs a resolve. Its annoying when others ruin your race on purpose but we are still getting penalties for being smashed into as full speed on corners! You can be as careful and clean as you like but another player decides not to brake at all, plows into you and even if you don't hit another player you can get slapped with a big time penalty!?! This shouldn't be happening, also in the lat 3 times this has happened 2 of these torpedo guys managed to finish the race with NO penalty?? You can literally spear another player and get clean away with it?? On a corner? How does this not register they were going full speed at a corner and hitting other players? And how does it not register when getting hit by another and having no ability to control the car as you go flying get a penalty for it? Its literally a slap in the crotch! Please fix this asap. Also I feel that the achievement of reaching level 50 for a trophy is very high. 25 was high for 2018 simply because online is quite the headache to race well. I have no issue grinding for a game but I prefer offline grinds, not relying so much on needing internet connection or trying to race other players cleanly to get achievements. Please consider for those who love to platinum their favourite games. A perfect example of this is 2011 with "Test Driver", grinding time in Practice sessions etc. Things that get you using all aspects of the game but more so offline.
  11. Carystus

    Update 1.50

    Update 1.50 just rolled out on PS4 but there is literally no info on it? Please can anyone enlighten us to any new stuff? I see there is a new online lobby option but is that it or have there been any additions I can't see yet? Thanks in advance.
  12. Carystus

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    The races for hot hatches wee mostly quite long. Tedious for slow cars but the fun cars like the LMPs (prototypes) and the wild looking Time Attack editions as well as the F1 races are all so short. I see that the best are saved for last. More Hyper cars coming so please throw in a few endurance please or the option to pick lap %? These are the fun races. Powerful and wild. Also big tracks. Most races with powerful cars are on really short tiny tracks. You just don't get to push much. So endurance big circuit power mode please!! 😄 Also maybe more F1 circuits? Or epics like the Okutama are crazy! I love the hillclimb challenges! Sprints are pretty intense. More please!
  13. Carystus

    Grid ultimate edition

    Anyone know if there is a date for season 2 for PS4 (if different from PC Xbox)?
  14. Carystus

    Grid season 1 not working ps4

    I was able to download it only after I completed all the regular career races. Before that it said go to PS Store but couldn't find anything to download. After winning main career mode it showed up and I'm now polishing off those races. Maybe 1% closer to getting the Globe achievement. Only one holding back from a Platinum!
  15. Carystus

    RaceNet No stats

    Why are we able to login to RaceNet for Grid but it has absolutely no stats page for it? It would be nice to track the Around the Globe trophy however ludicrous the demand. I always assumed that was the whole point of joining RaceNet?