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  1. Does any of you guys, who play private league with a friend against AI, get safety car or some crashes made by AI? All we get is a mechanical failure by the AI only sometimes and a couple of VSC. Often even every car finishes the race without mistakes. Our season is almost done and it's soo boring because nothing happens, no action on track.
  2. Malmsteen41

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    Me and my friends always get tired of playing this game after a while, cause there is no action on track. AI hardly makes mistakes, almost no crashes, no safety car... Don't know why Codemasters can't improve that. If you watch an old game like "grand prix 4" there was action, cars turn over, get destroyed in lil pieces. Every year I hope they gonna improve that, but every year is disappointing again
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    Thats obviously multiplayer and the guy in front crashed him on purpose. So whats the point of this thread. Those guys will always exist
  4. Malmsteen41

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Ouch, that would be sad. Also because that should be an easy and quick thing to fix for the team.
  5. Malmsteen41

    Prlblems of the F1 2019 in the PC

    Ye I have to agree, Directx 12 works perfectly here. Even with overlay enabled (make sure to get the latest nvidia driver)
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    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I play a private league with one friend and the AI (50% race length) In Australia we had 1 safety car, which was caused by my friend I guess because he made many mistakes Then nothing until German GP yesterday (3 times VSC)
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    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    hmm ye, in 2017 that worked. Someone replied and said that he passed it to the developers
  8. Malmsteen41

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    I hope this is gonna be fixed with the next update
  9. I also stopped playing because of that. But I'm pretty sure they are gonna do sth about it in one of the next patches.
  10. Malmsteen41

    Patch Notes for 1.04 – Discussion Thread

    No he uses directx 12 with steam overlay disabled
  11. Malmsteen41

    Patch updates

    maybe first sticky thread?
  12. Malmsteen41

    Patch Notes for 1.04 – Discussion Thread

    Friend of mine is playing with a 1070 and he had no single crash in 10 hours of playing. Maybe just reinstall your pc, get fresh new drivers... GTX 1070 is not the problem
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    F1 2019 - No online championship mode

    100% agree
  14. Malmsteen41

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Same here, every year I just buy the game to play a nice co op championship with 1 or more friends. Hope they are gonna fix that asap
  15. Hello Codemasters, I'm playing since 2012 this year that feature is missing. In a private league cars are set to equal performance which you cant change. Also you can't repeat a race, q3 or whatever cause progress does not save. Using not ranked mode is no choice either cause the progress does not save
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    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Creating a private league is what you're looking for FartingTurtle. But I can tell you, if you or your friend crash in race or qualifying and want to restart, you have to play again from the beginning (training). Hope you can maybe pass this to the coders, Faya
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    League progress not saving

    Codemasters, please implement that feature
  18. Malmsteen41

    League progress not saving

    Hi people, I bought this game to play online championship seasons with a friend against the AI. So I set up everything, all good. Problem is, we're both not the very best drivers. So yesterday we started australia. Training, the whole qualifying and then the race. At the start of the race my friend crashed. No problem, in previous f1 games I (the host) just quit to main menu and we could start the race over and over again. But in 2019 we have to start from the beginning again, which means training, qualifying... Anyone knows a workaround for that? If not can you codemsters please make it like in all the previous f1 games? Otherwise this would really be the first f1 game I cant enjoy :( Thanks