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  1. OneSeventyOut

    Patch Notes for 1.09 – Discussion Thread

    Can CM elaborate on what is meant by " Skill rating rebalancing" Cheers 🙂
  2. OneSeventyOut

    Love the season changes

    I know changes in a season aren't new for F1 games regarding potentially losing upgrade but this year, I decided to do more seasons and it's been so interesting. I'm just starting season 5 and so far; - Vettel is in a Torro Rosso - Leclerc is in a Renault - Verstappen is in a Racing Point who top of the Vehicle Comparison list for Season 5 - Perez is in a McLaren having previously been World Champion; with Haas; Haas took the Constructors that year too - Riccairdo is back in a Red Bull who are at the back of the grid - Mercedes are sandwiched in the middle of the pack and seem to be the only team with the same personnel as Season 1 Probably not realistic but certainly more fun 🙂
  3. OneSeventyOut

    Cannot get into ranked

    When I search for a ranked match, it finds a session but when I ready up, it just sits on black screen saying "please wait" in the top left. Have left this for 10 minutes with no success. Have tried several times with no success. Game: F1 2019 Platform: XBox One
  4. Agreed 🙂 I've had no technical issues with the game thus far, everything has worked, it's been really smooth and I'm having a lot of fun. Maybe I just get lucky 🙂
  5. I thought they said in their recent livestream that whilst AI will race, you can set it so that they don't get points in a league?
  6. OneSeventyOut

    Just my initial thoughts on F1 2019

    I've been doing 25% races so far and whilst I haven't had a full SC, I have had couple of VSC's. My next race is Monaco so if an SC is likely to appear it'll be then lol
  7. So I dived straight into the career mode yesterday for about 7 and a half hours and overall, I had a blast. Whilst the F2 introduction seemed a little "tacked on", the interchanges between your team mate and your rival were fun to see and seeing them come up in the F1 career was a nice touch, especially about what they say about you. All the little additions have added some depth without swamping what I enjoyed about the 2018 game. The new handling took a little getting used to, but that could also have been due to the fact I'd been playing a lot of Forza Horizon recently. The options in the interviews still seem a little limited, would like to be able to say "yeah I struggled" to a question regarding scraping walls as opposed to "I don't know" or blaming a department. Maybe they'll expand as the season progresses and them saying "you were great" when I just limped home in 19th was a bit jarring; could do with more possible intros to the interviews to more accurately reflect the race. A.I is certainly more aggressive again, wasn't going to concede to me in a corner which made things very exciting. Technically, game looks great graphically, was very smooth throughout. Audio seems alot "beefier" (for the want of a better word) and I probably got way too excited at the fact I could hear the change in the wind depending on if my DRS was open or not lol It's not a dramatic leap from 2018, some of the issues above occured then too but I think also works to its advantage in a way. 2018 was a great game, I had a lot of fun playing it and this is another refinement further of that. They haven't changed what works and as I said at the start, I had a blast playing it and that's what is important in a game. Well done CodeMasters, another great F1 game for me 🙂