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  1. They wiped some leaderboards with the latest patch (1.09): “Please note that with the release of this patch, we’ll be resetting the leaderboards for Brazil, USA, USA Short and Mexico due to slower tyre compounds being available on these tracks. Leaderboards have also been reset on France due to some unattainable times being set as the result of a now fixed exploit.”
  2. Highway61Rev1

    R and D

    There are others having this issue, myself included:
  3. Highway61Rev1

    Nonsense AI R&D developments

    Same issue here: even while doing 3-4 practice programs across all 3 sessions every weekend, level 3 bonus for the contract, getting race bonus’, etc and hardly doing any durability Red Bull (my team) dropped to 5th in the standings by the second season with NO way to catch up with the teams who had driver transfers.