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  1. italianred

    Question about online racing

    its eaqual cars on ,all assists off
  2. italianred

    F1 2014 - Game Restarting

    got the same problem, I think is had to do something with our video driver
  3. I've  got a problem and it seems some of people got the same problem online. When we are playing a race and and laptimes are like 1 13 for example  . The next race : same track, same setup ,from lap 1 my car has no grip and its like I'm driving on ice. My race pace is 2 sec slower then the race before. Can somone tell me what the problem can be ,some guys dont have this problem at all. And some players got the same experience like me. tyres are fresh ,tyres are normal green. Is this a bug . If you know  how to fix this problem or you think you know what the reason can be ,pls some good answers :) ps wheel player G 27
  4. italianred

    Patch confirmation?

    Thank you. I just go on my experience, if I had a lawsuit for everything I did wrong at my workplace I'd be in jail o:) Everyone makes mistakes, after all we're only human. I'm sure a patch will come, what Hatta (probably) meant was that he hasn't had confirmation of a patch hence saying potential. He can't say anything else as that would be misinformation. I'm sure there'll be a patch, people just need a little patience. If people don't like that then never buy a game when it's just been released, as every game needs them. Bugs will always be found as they aren't going to hire a few hundred thousand people just to test. When you have so many people buying games these days bugs will always be found that weren't picked up on when developing it ;) this is bullshit what your saying,for some people is 50 euro alot of money,and if I go to buy shoes I dont expect that 1 shoe is different then the other one. F1 from codemasters is a good game but since the F1 game 2010 the game bacame worst in bugs.This is already the 4th F1 game since then, and still the same mistakes.You expect evrey year that the next game will be better. but its not. I got no problem with this game ,I like it but I see the same faillures every year.
  5. italianred

    BUG Tires Qualyifing and Race! F1 2014 PS3

    I also noticed when I start a online race after qualy  ,that sudenly my tyre has  no grip anymore after 1 lap ,Its like im driving on Ice ,and sudenly I'm 2 sec slower on the same track then the race before where my grip was better. Can somone confirm , and yes my tyres where full green and tyres where 100% fresh :)
  6. Is it not possible when people create a game to make a option in the assist list where you can choose "only steering drivers"  "only gamepad" "only keybord" "off" :)  so evryone is happy and evryone is competitive in there own catergorie It should be possible.